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Gray SEO as the best option for promoting

In order not to wait too long until your web resource gets to the tops of searchable issues honestly and is not afraid that it will be amused if you use accelerated black promotion methods, you have to find a middle ground, which is commonly called gray SEO.

To date, gray methods for promoting sites are most relevant and widespread among web optimizers. Moreover the most successful option is to combine white SEO (internal site optimization) and gray promotion methods (external optimization) for the purpose of moderate manipulation of search ranking results. 

We emphasize what exactly moderate! If you get carried away and start using too harsh methods, you can step over the “gray SEO” and run into the sanctions of search engines.

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Gray site promotion methods

  1. Purchase of links to reputable sites and proven eternal link exchanges. Using such gray optimization methods, it is important not to forget how to build reference mass, so that this process forms natural reference profile and did not raise unnecessary suspicions from the search engines.
  2. Texts on the verge of "for people / for robots. Gray methods of optimizing textual content suggest that it is created manually to satisfy visitors' requests, but at the same time keyword density should be the maximum allowable, almost crossing the recommended values in 4 - 5 %.

  3. Manual registration in white catalogs. It must be carried out at a certain frequency and stability so that there are no dangerous reference explosions. This gray SEO is useful in that in most cases in directories you can post links for free.
  4. Posting in thematic forums in the form of advisory messages containing links to the pages of an promoted web resource. It is also included in gray promotion methods and with regular execution can significantly improve the volume and naturalness of the reference profile.
  5. Use of satellite sites created manually, whose purpose is to “contain” the main web resource in TOP-10 and oust competitors from it. 

    Such gray methods of promoting sites are characterized by increased complexity due to the need to bring a whole group of satellites to the level of quality at which they will be allowed to the first pages of the outstanding and not cause suspicion from the search engines.

  6. Guest posting. Despite the negative attitude of Google, gray methods of promoting sites allow the placement of guest posts on authoritative thematic blogs in order to obtain high-quality feedbacks that convey a piece of their weight. 

    The main thing in this case is to place posts written manually in which the posted link will look quite natural.
  7. Mutual link exchange - These are gray methods for optimizing the reference mass based on the contractual mutual placement of reference links. At the same time, do not forget about the desirable coincidence of the subject of web resources and that everything outgoing links carry a certain weight with them.

    Therefore, you have to trick and eventually remove them from your site, well, or at least close the attribute rel = ’’nofollow ’’.

  8. Purchase of links in social networks - fairly common gray ways to promote web resources. It is desirable that the condition of the authority of the accounts from which the posts containing links are placed and the regularity of such actions are fulfilled.
  9. Gray methods of promoting sites allow use manual doors, which contain unique more or less high-quality texts optimized for certain requests and transmitting their weight and traffic to the main promoted web resource. 

Obvious result

Using gray methods of promoting sites, you can never be sure of the safety of actions. Therefore, using gray SEO, it is important to always know where the permissible line is and try not to cross it so as not to fall under search engine filters.

In addition, one cannot focus on the constant use of the same scenario. Needed constantly keep abreast of events and show imagination, since more and more search engine algorithms are constantly appearing, designed to combat the influence on search ranking results. It means that the gray methods of promoting sites allowed for today may already be outlawed tomorrow.

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