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PR-CY - site analysis in one click

If you are promoting sites using SEO methods, you cannot do without specialized tools to effectively monitor the dynamics of their development. One of the best options for this purpose is the PR-CY service.

In this review, we will consider only one of the tools of the pr-cy service - “Site Analysis”. This function makes it possible to quickly and easily conduct site audit, to see the overall picture of his condition, so to speak “from the inside” and eliminate all errors affecting his progress in search engines, as well as prevent their occurrence in the future.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

PR-CY Service Instructions

In fact, no instruction is needed here, because on PR-CY site analysis is performed in the most elementary way - to get results you just need to enter the website URL in the corresponding line.

Начало работы с

In just a few seconds, data blocks will be available to you:

  1. General assessment of the web resource, as well as the number of tests, errors and recommendations selected as a result of the analysis.

    Общие данные оценки сайта на pr-cy
  2. Identity Indicators and Indexing Data search engines page.

    Данные авторитетности и индексации поисковиками pr-cy
  3. Information on the sanctions applied and virus detection search engines.

    Данные о санкциях и вирусах pr-cy
  4. Attendance Statistics analyzed website.
  5. Information on the number of pages and domains linking to the web resource.
  6. Social activity (the presence of groups, the number of likes, reposts, etc.).

    Отчет социальной активности сайта pr-cy
  7. Content optimization:
    • headers used on pages;
    • description;
    • nausea;
    • average HTML download speed;
    • number of elements of internal skidening;
    • use of micro-label.
  8. Open server and web resource domain information (IP, location, domain age, end of registration, whether HTTPS protocol etc.).
  9. Characteristics affecting usability and site download speed:
    • availability favicon;
    • response time;
    • use of browser cache;
    • compression of graphic content;
    • problems with CSS and JavaScript.

      Рекомендации по улучшению скорости загрузки от pr-cy
  10. Site adaptability under mobile gadgets.

If free analysis options are few

For cases where more detailed information and effective recommendations are needed, the PR-CY service for site analysis offers additional features that become available when subscribing to paid rates:

  • advanced analysis;
  • periodic auto-update of data;
  • audit of attendance and behavioral indicators;
  • checking inverse and broken links;
  • determining the reasons for getting under the filters of search engines based on the history of events occurring with the site;
  • receiving detailed recommendations regarding the correction of detected errors;
  • generation of reports in PDF format, etc.

Given the amount of free analysis of information issued even in reports, as well as the ability to perform mass checks of several websites at once, the PR-CY service should definitely be in the toolbox of each webmaster / optimizer.