Email mailings allow not only to confirm the order, but also to establish a strong connection with current and potential customers. The main goal of this tool is increasing user loyalty and sales growth.

The effectiveness of email marketing depends on many factors. Collecting them all together and saving time, effort and money help special services. This article will deal specifically with them.


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How to choose a service for sending letters

There are no and cannot be completely universal programs that would satisfy the needs of absolutely all users in the market. It is important for someone to have at hand the entire arsenal of functions, someone needs ease of use, and someone is very limited in the budget, and does not plan to make mailing the main marketing tool. Therefore, when choosing a service for mailing emails, focus on your own preferences and opportunities, business features and development plans.

In our review, we will not present a rating, but consider the characteristics of the best marketing services mailing lists. By weighing everything for and against and “trying” the pros and cons of these solutions on yourself, you can choose the best tool for your business.

Review of marketing tools for email mailing letters


Included in TOP services for mailing in the CIS countries among small and medium-sized companies. 

There is a training program, developers are ready to help with the launch of the project, the turnkey mailing setup and even fully take on the solution of tasks by email marketing. You can order separately the creation and updating of the base, the development of a sales funnel and other services for a fee.

Service Benefits:

  • a simple and understandable interface that even a beginner can handle;
  • a funny animated assistant - a dog named Gudba - will help new users understand;
  • the ability to organize mailings through SMS, social networks and messenger specialists;
  • creation of capture forms and chat bots;
  • a large set of additional services - from performing individual tasks to fully conducting email marketing;
  • availability of a free version (up to 1,500 mailings for a maximum of 100 recipients).

UniSender Disadvantages:

  • confusing billing system that complicates the cost planning process;
  • monotonous patterns, the design of which many experts recognize as obsolete;
  • it’s not easy to cope with many functions without additional paid assistance;
  • poorly developed functionality, which will definitely not be enough to solve all the tasks associated with mailing of large companies.

UniSender в топе лучших email сервисов

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A multifunctional platform in Russian that allows you to send letters not only by email, but also using SMS, Viber and push notifications. In addition to the web version, the developers have provided a convenient mobile application. 

SendPulse is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses, and for larger projects.


  • attractive pricing policy: one of the most budgetary decisions;
  • simple and convenient letter designer;
  • ready-made templates for various business topics: education, online stores, tourism, restaurants, etc.;
  • there are email scenarios for online stores, educational and travel companies;
  • creation capture forms for the site;
  • various types of mailings (email, push, Viber, social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki);
  • chat bots in FB, VK and Telegram;
  • automatic mailing lists that can be configured using the Automation 360 tool; 
  • A / B testing of various letter options;
  • round-the-clock technical support in 6 languages (including Russian and Ukrainian);
  • availability of a free version (up to 1,500 letters, up to 500 recipients).


  • in some cases, letters may be blocked without explanation. 
  • using various types of mailings, you will have to configure each separately, it is impossible to include them in one scenario;
  • limited opportunities in the issue of segmentation;
  • users often complain about periodic failures in the service.

SendPulse маркетинговая платформа

Carrot quest

Marketing automation service aimed at efficient work with the lids. He begins to collect information about each user from the moment of the first visit, forming individual cards. 

Carrot Quest acts as an agent that monitors site visitors, collects information about them and stores the entire history of contact with each individual unique user. In the future, he uses the collected data to effectively establish relationships with each user, motivating him to perform targeted actions again and again.


  • convenient and very informative user cards with constantly accumulating information;
  • detailed segmentation on various grounds;
  • versatile and easy to learn analytics;
  • script templates and custom automation;
  • introduction of capture forms with the ability to choose a design;
  • A / B testing of auto messages;
  • responsive support and availability of training materials;
  • There is a trial period - 14 days.

Service Cons:

  • high cost, which depends on the amount of traffic on the site;
  • additional features (for example, chat bots, disconnection of the Carrot Quest brand in letters, dialogue statistics, etc.) are paid separately;
  • it’s not easy to deal with segmentation settings and some automation processes;
  • implementation complexity;
  • lack of design solutions.

Carrot Quest can be a profitable tool for online stores and information resources. The service is mainly focused on working with medium and large businesses. It will most likely not be easy for small companies to deal with the functionality and implement this solution at home.

CarrotQuest инструмент массовой рассылки


It is one of the best services for sending letters in the west. Each declared tool is worked out to the smallest detail and operates without failures.

A free package with basic capabilities can be used without time limits, which is very convenient for small companies that rarely send letters to their subscribers (up to 2000 users).

Strengths MailChimp:

  • integration with the majority CRM systems;
  • very easy to use;
  • the ability to constantly use a free package if its functionality is enough to achieve your goals;
  • a lot of opportunities for individual capture form settings on the site;
  • practical editor for creating email mailings;
  • use of landing pages inside messages;
  • convenient and useful analytics.

Service Disadvantages:

  • an expensive solution if you choose a PRO tariff with maximum functionality;
  • the same user who is on different lists is counted each time as unique, which can increase the cost of a tariff depending on the number of subscribers;
  • not all processes can be automated.

MailChimp is a simple and convenient tool for email mailing. But for large projects that seek to use all the features of email marketing, it will be poor. Despite the huge popularity among Western users, we would still not recommend this service to representatives of medium and large businesses, especially commercial projects.

MailChimp инструмент для отправки писем


It has a number of effective marketing solutions. As part of the email mailing, you can create lendings, organize webinars and form surveys.

Another unique feature of GetResponse that distinguishes it from other mailing services is its own CRM, which is automatically filled with user data. If you want to combine these two solutions - CRM and email marketing - the choice in favor of GetResponse will be justified.

GetResponse Benefits:

  • CRM, newsletters and other useful marketing tools in one service;
  • creating a personal office and arranging a desktop for yourself;
  • mass of patterns, various designs;
  • clear and easy to manage block message editor;
  • convenient analytics and the formation of various reports;
  • “Perfect time”: GetResponse adjusts the mailing time, focusing on your audience;
  • many ready-made mailing scenarios, among which there will probably be suitable for almost every project;
  • exceptionally friendly interface and excellent support;
  • trial 30-day period.

GetResponse Minuses:

  • the price may be high enough for small companies with a limited budget;
  • at first, difficulties and questions on implementation may arise, but over time they come to naught.

GetResponse is not just a mailing service. With it, you can build an effective system of working with lids and customers, and a variety of templates and additional features will significantly simplify the life of the client service.

For our projects, we choose this particular service..

GetResponse лучший сервис email-рассылок


Each service for sending letters has a number of features and a set of unique chips. Outline the list of the main tasks and goals of email marketing and compare them with the possibilities that a particular solution offers. So you can choose the best option for yourself.

How do you currently work with email mailings?

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