When using links on social networks or email newsletters many prefer to reduce their size. It helps make their appearance more presentable, hide UTM tags for tracking statistics and save the characters allotted by the messenger for the message.

For a long time, the leader among URL-shortener, or “currictors,” was the free Google link reduction service - goo.gl. But in 2018, his support was stopped, and the Firebase Dynamic Links tool used in mobile applications appeared in return. Thus, through Google, reducing PC links is no longer available.

In recent years, many alternative programs have emerged that solve this problem. Our experts prepared a review of practical services to reduce links and compared them to functionality so that it would be more convenient for you to choose the most suitable one.

7 the best Goo.gl replacement link reduction services:

  1. Clsk.ru
  2. VK.com/cc
  3. Bitly.com
  4. Bit.do
  5. U.to
  6. Is.gd
  7. TinyURL.com

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Developer Link Reduction Service Yandex.

General characteristics:

  • Russification: fully Russian-language interface;
  • Registration: not needed;
  • Cost: free of charge;
  • Statistics: none;
  • Additional features: booklet, automatic reduction URL using API.

Clsk.ru is distinguished by its simplicity of laconic design. To get a short link, just enter the original version of the URL in the search bar and click on the "Click" button. In the process of generating a short address QR code is also created.

It is possible to install a booklet on the browser bookmark panel, which will instantly reduce links by being on any site.

кликер для сокращения ссылок онлайн


The “Reducer” URL from a popular social network was developed specifically for its users who want to share a link to a post or comment. But it can be used outside of communication directly in VK. It works as a regular service with a standard link reduction function.

General characteristics:

  • Russification: originally Russian-speaking network;
  • Registration: the service is available only for authorized users of VKontakte;
  • Cost: free of charge;
  • Statistics: no.

If you often use social network Vkontakte, then this application will be especially convenient for you.

Сокращатель URL от вконтакте картинка


A multifunctional analytical tool, the work of which is built around the optimization of the URL, but is associated not only with it. The company's specialists propose to prepare a unique system of cooperation with each client, up to managing the development of the Internet project.

  • Russification: no;
  • Registration: necessary;
  • Cost: from $ 29, limited link reduction functionality is available free of charge;
  • Statistics: is;
  • Additional features: customization of the URL (there is the ability to independently set the text of the link and its domain), personal manager, management of the Internet project and advanced analytics for owners of paid subscription.

Bitly is a link and business intelligence service that offers a wide range of services. Its use allows you to bring Internet products to a new level of development and promotion. Thanks to the activities of professionals, the service has earned the trust of major players in international business, such as Samsung and Pepsi.

инструмент Bitly для создания коротких ссылок

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The “tooler” of the links, which allows you to set the text of the link yourself and even use your own domain name without mentioning the service in the URL.

General characteristics:

  • Russification: no;
  • Registration: necessary only in case of using a paid subscription;
  • Cost: the basic link reduction function is free, there are paid package offers;
  • Statistics: is;
  • Additional features: creating a shortened URL on your own domain name as part of a paid subscription.

The cost of service services is $ 85 (up to 30,000 transitions per month) or $ 250 (up to 200,000 transitions and additional privileges) per month. Developers are ready to discuss other conditions of cooperation individually. Thus, bit.do can be attributed to full-fledged business tools with advanced functionality.

сервис Bitdo URL Shortener картинка


The interface is automatically adjusted to the language of the country from whose territory the user enters. Currently working with 7 languages - German, English, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

General characteristics:

  • Russification: is;
  • Registration: required if you need to track statistics;
  • Cost: free of charge;
  • Statistics: reports on transitions, their sources, browser and user location.

U.to has one of the most minimalist designs. The registration form is quite simple, filling it takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Uto простой инструмент укорачивания линков


Outwardly seeming very simple, this service, in addition to the main function of reducing links in practice, can provide a lot of information in a convenient format.

  • Russification: no;
  • Registration: not required;
  • Cost: free of charge;
  • Statistics: yes;
  • Additional features: URL customization, graphical display of statistics, automation of the process of reducing links through the API is available.

Link reduction service, combining simplicity with the completeness and convenience of the information provided. The creators have prepared clear and detailed instructions on the operation and capabilities of the program, which can be found in the FAQ section.

пример как сделать длинную ссылку короткой в Isgd


URL reduction service with a rich history and a high degree of reliability. 

  • Russification: no;
  • Registration: not required, but registration is necessary to obtain more information;
  • Cost: free (with advertising), three tariff plans ($ 7.99, $ 29 or $ 199 depending on the possibilities);
  • Statistics: yes, in case of registration on the site;
  • Additional features: customization of the URL, creating a button on the browser taskbar to automatically reduce the link of the current address bar, tag links.

For regular use for corporate purposes, it requires the connection of the Professional package ($ 29) or the business tariff ($ 199), which allows monthly generation and tracking of up to 5 000 or 50,000 links, respectively.

укорачивание линков в TinyURL картинка


Online link reduction services are very convenient. They allow in seconds and in many cases to reduce the URL for free for the convenience of its use in publications and messages. 

The main disadvantages of such services include the appearance of the URLs containing an indication of a third-party resource, and the risk of termination of links in case of blocking or suspension of the source site. The first problem can be solved acquiring a suitable tariff plan, allowing to remove from the link the name of the resource- "receiver. You can minimize the risks of loss of link by doing choosing the most reliable service.

Do you use shortened URLs?

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