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Linkpad - how to use the service

In many articles, we often mention the online service linkpad ru, but we didn’t tell how to work with it. As it turned out, not all of our readers were able to master it on their own. Therefore, it was decided to write a review about linkpad - how to use it and what its functions are most useful for webmasters and optimizers.

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About linkpad features

According to the data provided on the official website, linkpad has its own search bots that collect information, access to which can be obtained by any user who has used the services of the service. His database is as close to search engine databases as possible.

Until recently, the data in linkpad was not displayed correctly when trying to check sites operating on HTTPS protocol - almost always indicated about 143 thousand inverse links. But now this bug has been eliminated and the service shows adequate information on web resources on this protocol.

The service offers a wide range of services (mainly paid), using which you can significantly accelerate the progress of the site and improve the efficiency of this process. In this review, we will talk about the most useful of the free linkpad features available to everyone - “reference checking”. 

Why about her? The thing is that the linkpad link check provided by the service will come in handy to execute competitor analysis, more precisely, the external reference mass of their sites. The detailed linkpad instructions below will help you verify the ease of use and indispensability of this tool.

In addition, almost all the information on the network about linkpad (reviews, reviews) confirms its positive reputation as an assistant service when promoting sites.

Linkpad Instructions

  1. Getting the right data in linkpad is very simple. Straight on the main page of the service is the search form, by entering the address of any website, you will receive all the information about its reference mass. 

    It is recommended to start your own account in order to access all sections of the report provided as a result.
  2. After clicking the search update button in linkpad ru, it is very easy to work - you just need to correctly interpret the results in the displayed report. The first thing that will be available to your eyes is linkpad data in the form of a schedule for changing the number of donors and feedback on the website being tested over the past year.

    График динамики количества доноров и обратных ссылок
  3. Next, you can find the general statistics. linkpad:

    - the number of backlinks;

    - percentage expression of the number of indexed and unzancorated links;

    - the number of referenced IP addresses;

    - approximate cost of placing detected links;

    - segmented percentage display of donors from certain domain zones;

    - target pages and requests.

    Сводные статистические данные linkpad
  4. The next tab information block contains detailed data. linkpad, how to use which we describe in more detail:

    a) The default is the first to display the tab "External links", in which you can find out the URL of each of them, level of nesting (UV) and anchor. In this case, it is possible to go to each address found and familiarize yourself with the contents of the page on which the link to the website of your competitor is posted.

    Таблица внешних ссылок сайта

    b) Further, you can view all other available tabs in order. The topmost displays the number of pages in the index, a list of their headers, addresses and UVs. 

    Отчет о страницах в индексе

    c) The next tab will show the number of websites posted along with the one IP analyzed, as well as their addresses, information by links and donors.

    Список сайтов на одном IP

    d) The “Donors” tab contains a detailed list of websites that provide feedback links to the study resource. Here you can see their URL, the number of external links, nesting levels, anchors.

    Список ссылающихся сайтов доноров

    e) “Receipers” is a subsection in which the addresses of sites to which the analyzed web resource from its pages are referenced are visible.

    Получатели ссылок

    f) The next tab makes it possible to familiarize yourself with the list of outgoing links of the checked site, their HC, anchors and addresses of the acceptors.

    Отчет о ссылках на сайте

    g) The Ankor tab contains a list of incoming anchors and the number of donors referring to them.

    Список входящих анкоров

    h) Outgoing anchors are displayed on the penultimate tab below.

    Список исходящих анкоров

    i) Some of the data in linkpad cannot be understood without further explanation. For example, is iGood indicator, which shows the ratio of the number of sites that refer to the donor to the number of acceptors to which he himself refers. 

    Показатель iGood
  5. Linkpad data from each tab can be exported to an Excel file for local saving and further study using the "Export to CSV" button.

    Экспорт данных в CSV

As you can see, the linkpad instruction is quite simple. It is only worth a few times to go through the above points and in the future you can easily check the links of competitive and other websites of interest to you that are not your owner using linkpad.

Linkpad Data Accuracy

The linkpad data provided in the reports do not contain all the relevant links and therefore cannot qualify for the title 100 % of the faithful. But today it is the best solution for studying the reference mass of competitors. 

Yes, the information received will be approximate. But on the other hand, more accurate data can only be found in the relevant services from Google and Yandex, which in fact is impossible if you do not have access to the admin panel of managing the competitor's website. 

Therefore The linkpad link checker is great for studying the general statistics of competitors' reference profiles with the goal of further building up your own.

If you have any questions about this review, leave them in the comments below so that we can answer them.