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Programs and services for checking site positions

How are you usually evaluating the results of applying SEO website promotion measures? Some take into account the change in the amount of traffic received. But it will be much more correct to monitor the change in position in the search on requests from the semantic core of the promoted site.

Of course, doing it manually for too long. For this purpose, it is much more convenient to use ready-made solutions in the form of various services and programs to determine the position of sites. In this review, we will introduce you to those of them who are best able to cope with their task, with the division into categories by type of their execution. 

Most of them are paid, often with the ability to receive a small number of free checks. There are completely free solutions too, but there are only a few of them.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

The best site positioning services

  1. Topvisor - A powerful site position monitoring service with a fairly extensive package of tools for analyzing promotion effectiveness. It is possible to adjust the depth, region, filter by key requests, schedules for performing regular automatic checks, as well as uploading reports to files of several formats. For each request, the service charges a fee.

    Сервис мониторинга позиций Топвизор
  2. - paid service with very rich functionality and the ability to carefully configure the process of removing positions. Payment for checking on one request - from 0.002 $. It offers several additional reports that will also be very useful (for visitors, competitors, snippets, etc.).

    Сервис автоматической проверки позиций сайта
  3. SE Ranking - a service that contains several useful SEO tools, including for checking items. It is possible to track the results of the promotion not only in search engines, but also in YouTube video hosting. You can choose almost any country and region of the world. In addition to tracking the positions of your site, the service allows you to analyze your competitors. By specifying up to 5 competing resources in the project, no additional charge will be charged. 

    You can take advantage of the free 14-day trial period to feel all the benefits of the SE Ranking service. 

    Инструмент SE Ranking для отслеживания позиций

  4. Semrush - A set of tools to increase the efficiency of SEO-promotion and Internet marketing in general. One of the many functions of this service is to check the site’s position in the Google search engine. You can select any countries and cities, track the results on different devices and compare indicators with your competitors.

    сервис проверки позиций Semrush

  5. Serpstat - a multifunctional service with which you can track the position of the site in the TOP-100 organic issuance of search engines in different regions. You will be able to analyze the dynamics of changes in positions for each of the requests, compare the results with your competitors for different periods of time, see the distribution of the share of traffic in the issue and much more. 

    Serpstat provides the opportunity to take advantage of the demo-access at the beginning, and later choose the tariff that suits you.

    Сервис для мониторинга позиций сайта Serpstat

  6. - contains a universal set of tools for analyzing web resources, including for evaluating their positions in search engines. This function is highlighted in a separate panel called "Line. A fee is charged for each check, i.e. no subscription packages. Automatic modes are also absent. It is distinguished among other services for tracking the positions of sites by a sufficiently favorable verification price on one request - only 0.025 rubles.

    Поверка позиций в по целевым запросам сайта
  7. - automated site position monitoring service with a verification cost of one request from 0.06 rubles. It is possible to create projects, carefully configure inspections (depth, targeting), which can be performed with different time periods or with some events (for example, search engine update), as well as integration with data services from Google and Yandex.

    Сервис для отслеживания динамики позиций seobudget
  8. - a fairly convenient paid service for determining the position of the site. Supports the installation of a regular inspection period. One check costs 1 coin - the internal currency of the service. Immediately after registering a new user, 1000 coins are credited to the account, which makes it possible to perform the same number of checks for free. Further - you will have to buy these same coins for real money. 

    In addition to the direct removal of positions, it shows interest statistics on some additional indicators, builds graphs to visually familiarize themselves with the dynamics of changes and issues a list of competitors according to the indicated requests.

    Сервис мониторинга позиций сайта Allpositions
  9. - Another good conditionally free site position check service. “Conditionally” because after registration for the first 14 days, all functions (with slight restrictions) can be used without replenishing the account. Supports 4 search engines, scan depth up to 100 items, targeting and downloading reports.

    Сервис с бесплатным тарифным планом serpseeker

If the above options are not enough for you, this list can be continued and mention also such site position tracking services as:,,,,, Given the fact that they all contain approximately the same opportunities, it makes no sense to describe each of them in this review.  

Programs for determining site positions

  1. Netpeak checker - A unique SEO program that allows you to collect information by keywords from the issuance of search engines, to aggregate data from well-known SEO services, for example, Moz, Ahrefs, Serpstat, SimilarWeb and others for mass analysis. Inside the program there is a “PS Parser” tool with which you can see the positions of your site or URL, as well as the website of competitors → just drive keywords into the program, specify the region and search engine and you will receive a list of all URLs and their positions according to the "keys" and the region in a specific PS. The cost of the program starts from $ 8/ month, but there is a free trial.

    Программа для проверки позиций сайта Netpeak Checker
  2. CS Yazzle - A paid software package from the developers of the aforementioned online service Seobudget, at the time of writing the review, consisting of 27 SEO tools, including for the removal of positions.

    Программа проверки позиций и не только yazzle
  3. Semonitor - A similar paid software product, which provides a wide range of functions for analyzing websites and evaluating activities to promote them. The section of the program for removing the site’s position supports obtaining results not only from the usual Google / Yandex, but also from about 40 other search engines that are popular in the world.
  4. Rank tracker - A paid program for determining the position of the site (and not only) from Belarusian developers. It features a pleasant and convenient interface. It is possible to track changes in positions and compare with the achievements of competitors. You need to pay extra annually for updating the program.

    Программа съема и сравнения позиций Rank tracker
  5. Serpparser - Another noteworthy software product. Naturally paid. It is possible to integrate with the metering services from Google and Yandex. Monitoring positions in several regions at once and analysis of competitors is supported. The Lite version of the program costs about 10 $. To receive an update, you must annually pay 45 % of the cost of the subscription package.

    Срез позиций с помощью Serpparser

As you can see, services for checking the positions of sites and software solutions for this purpose are an area in which competition is quite well developed, which is evidenced by a significant amount of them.  Therefore, choosing an online service or software that is suitable for your requirements and financial capabilities should not be difficult. We hope our review will help you with this.