Site prototype acts as a preliminary layout of the future web resource. With its help, even before the start of work of programmers and designers, you can approve the main points regarding the appearance and functionality of the elements of the Internet project. As a result performers will accurately understand their tasks, and the customer will be able to inform all your wishes and at the exit get exactly what you wanted.

In this article, we will consider popular programs and online services for developing a prototype site. Both beginners and advanced specialists will be able to choose the option that is suitable for themselves.


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Where to make a prototype site: select the optimal service

Wireframe: sketch album

This online program for creating a prototype site most resembles an electronic version of a sheet of paper. There are no interactive elements, templates, icons and buttons here. The main feature of the service is laconicism and simplicity, available even to the child. Interface language is English.

In the free version of the possibilities layout author is offered:

  • creation of simple graphic objects in the form of geometric shapes, demonstrating the outlines, dimensions and location of the future page element;
  • use of a color palette to paint the background and details;
  • adding text blocks and annotations.

Wireframe для разработки макета страницы сайта

Export of files in PDF / PNG format is available only at paid rates. An additional option, which is laid down in the valuation, is the number of editors working on the project. simple features

A simple English-language website for creating a prototype website for beginners and more experienced professionals. Tool suitable for working not only with PCs, but also with mobile devices, which makes it even more comfortable.

At, you can select one or more templates suitable for your purposes. There is a fairly wide library of ready-made solutions developed by the creators of the program and downloaded by users. Suggested Options suitable for an Internet project in almost any direction. More experienced users have the opportunity to create a unique site from scratch using built-in tools.

бесплатный инструмент Figma для прототипирования can be used to create a prototype site online for free to prepare up to 3 layout options for your web resource. At the same time, 3 editors can participate in the development, and the number of process observers is unlimited. The prototype prepared in this way and the history of its changes are stored in the system for 30 days, which is usually enough to create, coordinate and approve the prototype site with the artist.

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The service allows you to create prototypes of single-page and multi-page sites, flowcharts and mental cards (Mind Map) online. There are free trial period for 30 days, which is enough to develop one or even several projects. allows:

  • place texts, headers, images, buttons and other page elements;
  • break the window into sections: header, footer, empty area;
  • add various icons;
  • design pop-ups;
  • fasten the menu when scrolling through the page;
  • create clickable areas, static and dynamic models;
  • set the width of the layout for computers, tablets and mobile devices;
  • open access to the project by reference and download it in PDF, JPG, PNG and HTML formats.

Home feature this prototype site tool - Russian interface language, because of which it will be doubly easier for many to work in it.

Eskone сервис для создания прототипа сайта на русском

InVision: revitalizing the idea

The main feature of this tool for creating a prototype site is the ability turn a static picture into a functional “living” project.

InVision для интерактивных прототипов

The page sketch loaded in InVision turns into an interactive layout that simulates the functioning of elements, allowing you to see in advance the result of future work. Another feature of the service is the combination of mock-ups of several pages with the ability to trace the peculiarity of their interaction after the implementation of the project.

Preview of the finished prototype available from both PC and mobile devices. Thus, you can eliminate any nuances that negatively affect the appearance and comfort of using the page in advance.

A separate advantage is the collaboration procedure at InVision. The author can add editors and observers, discuss online work and create personal chats with one or more participants in the process. All this is possible even in a free version of the service.

заметки и аннотации в программе InVision

Thanks to the convenience and wide prototyping capabilities, InVision is often chosen by design experts, making a paid subscription.

Axure: Professional Functionality

A service for creating a prototype site that is suitable for professional use by UX design specialists. It is convenient, offers many opportunities, but requires the user to have experience and knowledge in such work.

Based on the online service Axure, you can not just figure it out and outline the general view and location of the elements of the future site. The following tools are available here:

  • web application layout designer;
  • modeling of the appearance of widgets;
  • creating folders and individual pages;
  • drawing of graphic objects;
  • development of annotations and specifications;
  • testing site page display when using various types of devices.

A practical editor allows you to get maximum opportunities with a total time savings due to thoughtful functionality.

программа Axure для прототипирования лендинга

Axure suitable for Windows and MAC operating systems.

For new users of the program, a test 30-day period is provided. But creating a prototype site in this online service for free for a beginner is likely to be difficult. Nevertheless, Axure is more suitable for pros who are looking for the most functional solution and are already familiar with such tools.

Marvel: arsenal for pros

Tools for creating a prototype of sites in this service are suitable for professional use by designers and designers. In Marvel, you can create virtually any project with interactive elements regardless of its volume, complexity and subject matter.

Thanks to the ability to work as a team online from anywhere in the world, Marvel does not limit the process to time or space. The developers thought out a communication system to the smallest detail, so the service is especially appreciated by large companies working on joint complex projects.

Marvel для разработки прототипов веб-приложений

Marvel also has mobile application for Android and iOS, where you can quickly create a prototype.

The cost of the package depends on the size of the team. The availability of tools and functionality practically do not affect the price. There is a free version of the program, but it is irrational to consider them as a solution for one-time use when creating a prototype of your own site. Marvel is more complex and functional. Rather, it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the possibilities of the service for future professional work.


When choosing a program for creating a prototype site, you should not look for the best solution. We recommend starting from our own experience and capabilities, as well as tasks that need to be addressed in the prototyping process. 

Complex and multifunctional services are suitable for use as a working tool for specialists in the field of design and design. If your task is to work out the layout of the future web resource one day, we recommend paying attention to less advanced, but more understandable and simple solutions. They will not take much time and will allow to prepare a completely understandable image of the future site.

What service would you choose when preparing a prototype of an Internet project?

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