There are dozens of services for creating presentations. The first time you select a program that will fully meet the requirements is not easy. We analyzed the most functional platforms and selected 6 the best solutions.


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Presentation Programs: TOP Business Solutions

1. Microsoft PowerPoint

An old, kind, familiar to everyone, but not lost relevance tool for creating presentations. PowerPoint is a leader among similar services. It is difficult to find a person who has not used this program at least once. Until now, millions of users prefer this reliable service, finding in it everything necessary for comfortable work.

PowerPoint Benefits

  • You can open a presentation on almost any computer, smartphone or tablet. So, your document will definitely be seen and appreciated.
  • The presence of all the necessary functions that will not limit the flight of your imagination.
  • Import and export of files of various formats.
  • Relatively low cost and the ability to purchase an unlimited package without the need for a paid extension of the subscription.

Service Disadvantages

  • PowerPoint is not able to work online. The file should be located on the device on which you plan to edit it.
  • Choosing the most popular designer, try to move away from beaten template solutions and look for something more rare or even unique. Otherwise, your project will look "model.


PowerPoint rightfully leads TOP presentation programs. And his age is not the only reason for this. Wide possibilities, a large number of tools, a convenient and familiar interface will allow you to create a high-quality presentation and make your presentation or commercial offer truly noticeable.

Microsoft PowerPoint для создания презентаций

2. Canva

The developers of the service worked hard so that users could make a cool presentation online. Versatility (service supports different languages), continuous work on improvements and additions, wide possibilities of the free version - all this has become a secret to the popularity of the program.

In Canva, you can create almost any object - from a business card to a multi-page presentation with media elements. 

Canva Strengths

  • A simple and convenient interface, including in Russian. Availability of clues and friendly technical support. 
  • Even in the free version, you can choose the right theme. Among more than 8,000 templates, there is probably something you like.
  • A large collection of Cyrillic fonts.
  • Ability to work with any devices.
  • Using corporate-style elements while saving them in the service settings.

Platform Minuses

  • Free version restrictions:
  • Some templates in presentations will be marked Free;
  • The maximum size of the work team is 10 people.
  • High-quality and interesting images are paid.


With Canva, you can create a stylish and functional presentation. The service will go for any business, regardless of its type and direction. When using one of the paid packages for users, there are practically no restrictions.

обзор сервиса Canva картинка

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3. Crello

Originally designed for image processing (both static and animated). Over time, functionality expanded and opportunities for creating more voluminous objects, including presentations, were added.

A variety of patterns divided into thematic categories, allow you to choose a stylish and relevant option for the business of your area.

By choosing a free version of the program, you will have access to more 6 000 templates. True, they may seem rather boring and primitive. But paid subscription will open the way to very interesting design solutions. 

Crello's Pros

  • A solid set of installed Cyrillic fonts and the ability to load your own corporate fonts.
  • In the paid version, you can select any of more than 12,000 templates.
  • Convenient search for images in the platform storage and loading of your own graphic objects.

Crello Minuses

  • Limited possibilities when using the offline version: it only provides editing of text data, work with the selection and configuration of images is possible only on the service website.
  • According to many users, the templates of the free version will not allow you to get an interesting and colorful presentation.


Crello does not have such a wide functionality as Canva. But we included the program in the list of the best services for creating presentations due to the huge library of images and creating interesting objects based on them. In addition, developers regularly supplement the service with new chips and curious solutions.

With Crello, you can prepare a presentation for both the performance and the distribution to customers.

онлайн редактор Crello для презентаций

4. Google slides

If you are a registered Google user, appreciate his products and are used to working with them, this option is quite suitable for creating simple presentations. Yes, the functionality of Google Slides is hard to call wide, but for small and simple projects, that will be understandable and easily accessible to the audience, it is enough.

Features and Benefits of Google Slides

  • A completely free Russian-language online service for creating presentations.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Integration with other Google solutions.
  • It is possible to track the statistics of comments and views.
  • You can work and view the finished document from any type of device.
  • To activate the collaboration function, just share a link with colleagues.
  • Ability to work offline.

Weaknesses of service

  • It will not suit you if the goal is to create a document with a creative design. Users are provided with only three categories of presentations - for education, personal use and business. The set of topics and opportunities is very scarce.
  • As with other Google services, there is no technical support.


Google Slides is a simple option for creating small presentations that do not pretend to be original. We recommend using the service if your target audience is colleagues or close business partners who are important for accuracy and visibility, rather than creativity and functionality.

интерфейс программы Google Slides

5. Piktochart

Service for the creation of presentation materials - posters, infographics, two types of presentations: full and two-page. The developers provided the platform with the ability to download pictures, tables, graphs, diagrams and animated elements.

There is a free limited version, within which you will not be able to use a large number of templates and have up to 5 active projects. If you plan to work at Piktochart regularly, you should think about buying a paid version by choosing the right tariff. This will maximize the diversity of created objects, and remove the watermark.

Advantages and Features

  • A lot of opportunities to create an interesting and memorable presentation.
  • Stylish patterns for any subject are available in the paid version.
  • The ability to create a unique presentation from scratch.
  • Infographics, which can be used as an integral presentation object, allows you to maximize the availability and simply convey even the most difficult information for perception.

Service Disadvantages

  • The platform does not have an offline version, it cannot be installed on the device. Without access to the Internet, working with it will not work.
  • Lack of a Russian-language version.
  • A bit of Cyrillic fonts and the inability to download your own.

Summary is a site for creating beautiful and informative presentations. The platform has many functions, is convenient to use and understandable, despite the absence of a Russian-language version. If you often use “dry” information abounding with digital data, this service will help you illustrate the report or demonstrate all the advantages of products to customers and partners is not boring and understandable.

сервис Piktochart для разработки презентаций

6. Prezi

Among the sites for creating presentations, stands out for its approach. There are no standard slides, instead one animated canvas with a large "map of thoughts" The transition between the constituent elements of the presentation occurs when the cursor is turned or approaching. 

There is a limited free version. For active work, it is still better to choose one of the paid packages with a monthly payment, choosing the right tariff.

Prezi Plus

  • The original presentation of materials will definitely attract the attention of the audience. Here you can create a truly spectacular presentation.
  • The ability to get an analyst by the number and nature of views: which elements attracted more attention, which data users most often return to, are there any blocks that interested the audience the least. The function is available when using a paid subscription.
  • The built-in graphics editor allows you to make changes to the images in the program itself.

Platform flaws

  • Not suitable for sending presentations to customers or partners in isolation from the report.
  • Lack of a Russian-language version.
  • There is no offline version - it is impossible to work and view the presentation without connecting to the Internet.


If you often make presentations where you want to attract maximum audience attention due to non-standard solutions, Prezi is an ideal option. With it, you can make a splash and stand out among competitors. At the same time, for commercial offers, we recommend using a different format: it will be difficult for users to perceive information in isolation from the oral presentation.

оригинальный подход к виду презентаций в Prezi


Presentation has long become an integral element of business. With this tool you can put together and provide the meaning of your offer in an accessible format. 

It depends on the functionality and capabilities of the platform for creating the presentation whether you can convey to users all the most important, fully illustrate your idea and increase the loyalty of the audience. In other words, a quality presentation will strengthen the understanding and effect of the information provided..

All the solutions included in our review of services for creating presentations allow us to achieve good results and without much effort to prepare a document that will help your business. It remains to be determined which of the platforms is more suitable for your purposes, and the availability of free access will allow you to test programs and make the right choice.

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