If you are working on several projects, and the list of tasks for them is constantly growing, you can’t do with a simple diary and reminders on the phone. Even in a small team, so much information accumulates over time that it’s not easy to keep track of everything. Task management programs will help in organizing the work process.

In this review, we have compiled a list of simple and reliable project planners that suitable for both personal and command use.


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Task Planning Service: How to Choose the Best Option

The seriousness of the planning problem and the distribution of the load made many developers think about what needs to be included in the task management service. Some emphasized simplicity and convenience. Others - on the number of functional solutions. So there were many Task managers who, despite the common task, differ from each other.

There is no universal solution for everyone. It’s also difficult to name the best option. It all depends on the specifics of the project, the size of the team, the interaction features of its participants and other parameters. 

Let's try to determine main functions of the task scheduler for the company:

  • remote access;
  • distribution of responsibilities between employees;
  • fixing completed tasks;
  • control of the timing of their implementation.

This is the basic functionality. The remaining parameters when choosing Task Trackers will be exclusively individual.

TOP- 6 programs for managing tasks and projects

For convenience, we will begin our review with simpler solutions in terms of use and functionality and gradually move on to more complex options.


A minimalist tool for setting tasks and monitoring their implementation in Russian. Suitable for small teams and freelancers. There is a free version.

Todoist allows you to create tasks and subtasks, sort them into sections and projects, and prioritize. Reminders, tags and filters, comments and file downloads will be available with paid subscription. 


  • easy to use;
  • display is available as a list or board;
  • there is a separation of tasks by project;
  • access to the to-do list can be opened to other users;
  • the ability to track work productivity.



  • no time tracking function;
  • not suitable for complex projects;
  • to configure task reminders, filters, comments, you need to pay for the subscription.


система управления задачами Todoist


Canban's online version of the classic board - a set of cards that characterize individual tasks within the framework of the project. Trello can be called a conditionally free control system. The main difference of the paid version is the ability to work in a team with an unlimited number of projects and cards.

The Task Manager is easy to use and has all the necessary tools for implementing simple projects. On the board, each employee can be assigned his own column, and the tasks can be divided into stages of execution. Trello is suitable for both planning a personal work week and organizing collective tasks with monitoring progress and deadlines.

If you have never used a task scheduler before, we recommend starting with this particular program. It does not require specific knowledge and skills, is very easy to use, convenient and understandable. There is a Russian version.

Useful service tools

  • custom access to task cards;
  • installation of work phase tags; 
  • appointment of those responsible at any stage;
  • email notifications of changes;
  • cloud storage of files that are loaded to individual tasks;
  • integration with external services and much more.


Trello Cons:

  • no ability to track time spent;
  • the system is not suitable for complex projects in which tasks go inconsistently and require detail;
  • To use the Gantt chart, which visualizes the project execution process, you will have to additionally install the glider for Trello Planyway.


программа для постановки задач Trello

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The functional task management system is somewhat reminiscent of the Trello boards. Tasks on the Asana desktop can be tagged, prioritized, and comments added during the work process.

This Task Scheduler is suitable for conducting large-scale projects, the implementation of which involves specialists of different levels and directions. However, it can be used in a small team.

Asana Pluses:

  • successful design;
  • available free of charge for teams of 15 or less;
  • the ability to prioritize tasks;
  • integration with various cloud storage.


Service Cons:

  • no Russian version of the program;
  • it is not possible to set one task for several employees at once;
  • you can not track the time spent;
  • users note the slow operation of the program.


планировщик проектов Asana


A popular task manager for a team of specialists, which allows you to split all the directions of the project into performers and at any time check the work of each of them individually.

The program has several space levels, available to users:

  • a list of cases is a section in which a particular performer sees current tasks and can clarify information on each of them;
  • message boards - a section of interaction with other performers and the project manager;
  • storage where available files are presented;
  • graphs with fixing the dates and events of the project;
  • chat team members for convenient communication.

Basacamp is suitable for any project, it can be comfortably used by both large companies and small working groups.

Most often highlighted as benefits:

  • convenient interface;
  • creation of reports for each employee and a separate project;
  • the ability to track changes in downloaded files;
  • simple search by system and individual sections;
  • integration with many external services.


Basecamp Minuses:

  • lack of a Russian-language version;
  • there is no way to configure the system for your style;
  • it takes time to study the features of the program and its tools;
  • an excessively large set of functions for small teams;
  • there is no report on the implementation of the whole project: for a one-time viewing, only certain stages and sections are available.


онлайн трекер задач Basecamp


One of the most popular task management systems that usually choose large companies with a large number of diverse projects. This full-fledged electronic control center can combine all the processes of the company: from product development to the functioning of client services and a warehouse.

Bitrix24 is likely to be uncomfortable with teams that are working on a couple of projects. Although developers call the system universal, it is still a multifunctional program for large companies with a large flow of information and various activities. 

Bitrix24 Pluses:

  • the principle of "one window", which allows you to combine the work of all departments and divisions;
  • it is possible to set the status of the task; 
  • use of end-to-end analytics system;
  • individual sales funnel settings;
  • integration with other Bitrix products;
  • convenient communication system between team members;
  • connection to company online store;
  • creation of project templates;
  • there is a time tracking by tasks.


System Minuses

This project and process management system within the company is not the best solution for small teams and freelancers who risk spending more resources on studying and setting up the system than on implementing the projects themselves.

Users note other program flaws.:

  • the heavyweight system often moves, interfering with the implementation of current processes;
  • full-fledged training of personnel with the involvement of a Bitrix specialist is required;
  • the interface and features of interaction with the system are specific and not convenient for everyone, which can distract from work.


таск менеджер Битрикс24


Another multifunctional system that allows within a single software solution manage all business processes. Here you can:

  • online distribute tasks between the team; 
  • configure notifications of overdue cases and planned events;
  • track the time spent on the job;
  • correspond with colleagues and much more.

Megaplan is suitable for companies with two or more functional departments. The main target audience of the product is small and medium-sized businesses of various directions, the needs of which are no longer met by simple planners.

Megaplan's Pros:

  • integration with telephony, in mailboxes, server storage, 1C, etc.;
  • intuitive interface: designers maximally brought the appearance of system elements closer to familiar notebooks and notebooks;
  • accounting of financial flows;
  • convenient tools for monitoring completed tasks for the project: graphs, Ganta diagram, reports;
  • a complete communication system between company employees.


  • complex initial setting;
  • there are complaints about the work of technical support;
  • no mobile version of the service.


сервис планирования задач Мегаплан


The best project management program is one that suits your team and is able to quickly and most effectively fulfill the tasks facing it. The presence of unnecessary functions as well as the lack of necessary tools can harm the whole work. Therefore, when choosing, focus solely on your needs and the nature of the business.

If you have not yet had experience with the control system, we recommend starting with the most affordable solution - Trello. By completing several typical tasks for your company, you can understand what functions you need, what is missing, and what is completely optional. Having mastered the work with canban boards, you can try more complex and functional services.
And what planners do you use in your work? 

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