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Advego - instructions for use

Among webmasters filling their websites with content purchased, there are hardly any who have not heard of Advego. This content exchange is widely known for its special approach to organizing interaction between customers and work performers, as well as the quality of the material they create. 

But there is another remarkable point regarding Advego - far from everyone knows how to use additional tools of the service. What to use there! Some do not even suspect their existence!

That is why in this review we will describe a powerful online tool for SEO analysis of text on Advego. And also talk about the Advego Plagiatus program and how to use it to check uniqueness of text

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Details on SEO analysis of text on Advego

One of the most useful services of Advego is the CEO analysis of text online. In order to use the instructions on Advue, everything is simple enough - paste the checked text into the corresponding field on the page of this function and click “Check”.

Семантический SEO анализ текста
After that, you will have access to detailed information about the analyzed text content:

  1. General statistics on the number of words, symbols with and without spaces, stop words, grammatical errors etc. 

    Also AEO analysis of the text of Advego in this section includes the calculation of the value of the indicator of the wateriness of the text, characterizing the significance of its contents in percentage terms of the ratio of insignificant words to their total number.

    The last two indicators relate to document nausea (academic and classical), by comparing the values of which with the optimal (border), one can judge the degree of spameness of the text.

    Общая статистика текста
  2. Determining the number of the most common words in the “Semantic Core” section makes it possible to highlight key requests, under which was performed text optimization. We remind you that the frequency indicator (%) of keyboards should not exceed 3.5– 4 %.

    Частотность ключевых слов
  3. The “Words” block also displays the quantity and frequency, but not only keywords, and each individual word found in the text. The non-key word should also not exceed the frequency value in 4 %, otherwise the search engines will consider the text relevant to it, and not to the request for which you tried to optimize it.

    Частотность и количество по словам
  4. The latest section of the SEO analysis of the text on Advego contains list of stop tables (unions and pretexts that are ignored by search engines) also indicating their quantity and frequency.

    Частотность и количество стоп-слов

Thus, on the Advego SEO analysis provides all the necessary information on the text being checked, which can and should be used to bring it into the optimal state for promotion in search engines.

Advego Plagiatus - how to use the program

Unlike SEO analysis of text on Advego, this software is not executed online on the service website, but only after downloading and installing it on a local computer. 

Скачивание Advego Plagiatus
Initially, this software was created solely to verify the uniqueness of the texts created by the authors of the content exchange. But then it was put in free access and is now used by thousands of freelancers involved in copying and re-rating, as well as everyone else who may be worried about the uniqueness of textual content.

After installing it on the Advego Plagiatus computer, you can use it immediately by inserting the desired text in the scan field or entering the web page URL in the Address string, the uniqueness of which must be evaluated. In this case, you can specify the domain program that you need to ignore when checking.

Выполнение проверки уникальности текста
As a result of the program checking the uniqueness of the text, the results are displayed in percent recorded through the fractional line. Moreover the first value displays the calculated degree of uniqueness of the text, based on the assessment of its fragments of a certain length of entry of phrases already encountered in other web documents on the network. This indicator is considered the main one.

The second concerns the uniqueness in terms of the probability of a rerite and is calculated for the entire text at once, and not for individual fragments. At values less than 70 % (even if the first indicator is 100 %), the program issues a verdict “Maybe a rewright”.

Проверка текста на рерайт на Адвего Плагиатус
At this stage, it is important to correctly interpret in the results given by Advego Plagiatus, which means the colors by which fragments of text can be highlighted. So remember:

  1. In yellow, frankly uninvited phrases stand out, which the program considers plagiarism. The more such emissions, the less the percentage of uniqueness as a result.
  2. Blue (blue) color signals that the selected fragment is non-original, that is, possibly cut off. The second indicator directly depends on its quantity (after the fractional line).

If you navigate Advego Plagiatus, which means colors, you can work out selected moments to increase their uniqueness, thereby improving the overall results of checking the text.

Also if there are unsubstantiated moments in the text, the program issues a list of addresses that it considers to be sources of plagiarism. Moreover, before each of them, the percentages of matches with the checked text are indicated. 

Список источников плагиата

More advanced users can go to the search settings and change the default values (shout size, search phrase, which search engines to use, etc.). In the same window, it is possible to specify the decaptor service, with which antibot-caps will be entered, which are issued by search engines when often accessed.  

Настройки парсинга Адвего Плагиатус

Use or not?

A SEO analysis of the text on Advego is a fairly powerful tool, the analogues of which, of course, are available, but are inferior to it in many ways. Therefore, when writing SEO texts, this service is simply irreplaceable.

But about Advego Plagiatus (to use or not), we cannot give unambiguous recommendations. On the one hand, software that is installed on a computer and has the ability to configure to meet user requirements is more convenient than similar web services. And the quality of the verification carried out by this program is quite high. 

But at the same time, with its frequent use, you can notice the issuance of radically different results when checking the same text after some time. This feature casts doubt on the abilities of Advego Plagiatus and the desire to use it may disappear. 

Therefore, it is best to play it safe and perform additional uniqueness checks using alternative software and / or online services (etxt, content-watch, etc.).