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How to work with the SimilarWeb service

In the process of promoting the website, it is necessary not only to monitor its positions, but also to regularly conduct competitor analysis to respond promptly to their successes and take corrective measures in relation to their resource. To achieve this goal, not finding a service is better than Similar Web, a review of which will be presented further in the text of the article.

Working with the SimilarWeb service is beneficial primarily because It is a powerful tool for a comprehensive analysis of your site and conducting intelligence on competitors. With its help, you can define the “main players” in the field you are interested in and get acquainted with the channels for their promotion in order to try to adopt the most successful options. All data obtained during the process is displayed in graphical and tabular form with the possibility of subsequent unloading into a file for local use.

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SimilarWeb - Application Guide

In the functionality available directly on the main page of the service, everything is simple and clear. To start using SimilarWeb to analyze the site, simply enter its address and after a few minutes get the desired result.

Начать работать с СимиларВеб

Some inconvenience when working with a service can occur only in those who have an English level below average. But the unconditional plus is that it is possible to use SimilarWeb to analyze sites from around the world.


SimilarWeb works as a parole service. Those. general functionality is free, but for regular access to the tools of detailed analysis SimilarWeb Pro you will need to buy a subscription. By the way, for an ordinary webmaster optimizer, publicly available functions will be quite enough. Now we will tell you how to use the lightweight version of SimilarWeb to analyze the site of a competitor you know.

So, as a result of the analysis of the website you specified, the service will provide a whole mountain of useful information for review:

  1. General traffic data from computers and mobile devices for the last 6 months in the form of a graph. The number of visits during this time and averaged data on the duration of visits, the number of pages viewed and the indicator of failures will also be presented. On the contrary, “Total Visits” is a number and a letter, so K is thousands, and M is millions.

    Общие данные по трафику СимиларВеб
  2. Country Visit Statistics in graphical form (indicating regions on a world map) and as a percentage distribution.

    Статистика посещений по странам СимиларВеб
  3. Traffic sources (direct calls, transitions from sites, from search, from social networks, etc.) in the form of diagrams indicating the percent of each part of the total.

    Анализ источников трафика на СимиларВеб
  4. Details of the sites from which visitors came and went (donors and acceptors).

    Сайты с которых переходили и на которые уходили пользователи
  5. Search Traffic Information indicating the percentage of organic searches and paid, as well as the key requests that visitors came to.

    Переходы из органической выдачи СимиларВеб
  6. Statistics for visitors from social networks.

    Трафик из социальных сетей SimilarWeb
  7. The interests of the audience of the analyzed site and resource addresses that visitors were also interested in.

    Интересы аудитории сайта SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb and analysis of competitors you don't know about

The data listed above is enough to determine the main ways to obtain traffic by your competitor. But this is if you know about him. And if not? In SimilarWeb, competitor analysis can be performed after you identify them using an additional pound of the same service.

The first option is to familiarize yourself with the list obtained through the Rankings / Top Websites menu.

TOP Ranking SimilarWeb
In this case, you can specify the investigated category and country in order to filter out the best of the best in the same niche to which your site belongs. Having received a similar report, you can use SimilarWeb to analyze sites from it using the above method so that as a result you use this data for your own purposes.

Сравнение показателей сайтов конкурентов SimilarWeb
The second option is more complex and requires access to the SimilarWeb PRO toolkit, which is located in the Tools menu (see one screenshot above) and costs at least 200 $ per month. True, from time to time the service makes it possible to work with these tools in demo mode, so to speak, for review.

This section contains features such as:

a) Custom Dashboards, which can be configured for constant daily monitoring of the performance of a particular competitor.

b) Website Analysis is an improved version of the tool for determining and studying the attendance of absolutely any site, a simplified free version of which we considered at the beginning of the article.

Анализ веб-сайта СимиларВеб
c) Industry Analysis will come in handy for those who have not yet decided on the topic for creating a website. With this functionality, you can study the occupancy and competitive situation in a particular business niche of a particular country in order to find out in which area it is profitable to create and promote a web resource.

Анализ тематики - ниши на SimilarWeb
d) Keyword Analysis will help you study data on a specific request:

  • frequency;
  • average click cost;
  • the proportion of organic and prepaid traffic, etc.

Who will approach SimilarWeb to analyze competitors

Select the SimilarWeb service to analyze the competitor’s website, in principle, anyone can. Simply, if we are talking about the owner of a small web resource that does not bring much profit, we can limit ourselves to the possibilities of the free functionality of the service, which allows you to get acquainted in detail with the attendance rates of the studied site.

Well, for owners of medium and large web resources who are able to afford to pay at least the minimum subscription to SimilarWeb Pro, more serious analysis tools that this professional service has will be useful.