Semantic core - one of the first and main tasks in promoting the site. This file should consist of many key phrases with which users can find your company's offer. 

Special services will help you not only identify all possible combinations of search queries, but also find out their frequency

In this article we will talk about the most popular keyword search and analysis programs for the site so that you find the most convenient and suitable option for yourself.


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Free Keyword Search Services

Google AdWords Keyword Scheduler

Keyword Planner Tool available for all users of Google Advertising. To start the search, in the upper panel of the personal account we click on the “Tools” menu, then select “Keyword Scheduler” and the “Search for New Key Words” subsection.

как открыть google keyword planner картинка

In the window that appears, you must specify the input data on the basis of which the selection will be carried out. Among them is a product / service, category, region, language, minus words and others. After filling, click on the “Get Options” button.

google keyword planner для анализа ключевиков

The scheduler shows the frequency of requests using the entered word in Google-search for a month, evaluates the level of competition and the approximate cost of one click. Below you can find the list of synonymous key phrases with the same parameters. All data received can be downloaded to a table format or CSV.

Google’s query service supports 44 languages in the world, so it can be used not only for Russian-language sites

The main minus is the frequency indicated here in a fairly wide range, so the data obtained can only be considered indicative.

инструмент планировщик ключевых слов

Yandex Wordstat

This free query selection program is very simple and convenient. For start using it just log in to your Yandex account and enter the original key phrase in the search bar. Then you will see all the query options using these words.

wordstat онлайн сервис для подбора запросов

Yandex Wordstat supports operators to clarify the results. With their help you can:

  • exclude non-targeted promotional requests;
  • select keywords using unions and prepositions;
  • fix the word form;
  • see the frequency of a particular phrase;
  • fix the order of words;
  • find options with combined conditions.

условия поиска ключевиков в яндекс вордстате

If necessary, you can ask a search regarding the region and user device. 

Also available checking request history, that can be useful for a seasonal business.

история показов фразы в яндексе картинка

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A very simple free program for selecting key requests, which draws information from Yandex statistics.

Available two information windows: report and analysis, switching between which is carried out by clicking on the corresponding button in the right upper part of the screen. The report provides general information on variants of phrases indicating the frequency in the world (accurate coincidence and various variations of declination).

отчет по поисковым запросам в буквариксе

In the analysis window, you can find a list of options for using the phrase with additional words.

инструмент анализа ключевых слов в буквариксе

Paid Key Request Selection Programs


Multifunctional platform for SEO professionals, among the tools of which there is the ability to select and analyze search queries. 

serpstat для подбора запросов в google и яндекс

B Serpstat You can see statistics on Yandex or Google by selecting a promotion country and search engine. In addition to the variety of similar keyboards and numerical data about them, here you can find out what requests competitors use.

поиск запросов конкурентов в сервисе серпстат

The service allows you to get information by region, domain and individual page. Received reports are available for unloading in various formats.

The disadvantages of the service include an error in the data on the frequency of requests, which is associated with frequent updating of the platform databases. At present, information is not provided for all countries and not for all languages.

Ahrefs keyword generator

Paid keyword selection service working with databases Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon with the choice of the country of search. 

программа для анализа ключевых фраз пример

The program provides data on the frequency of the key phrase in a given form, in various variants of declination and similar in value requests. When entering data, minus words and phrases that will not be taken into account in the report can be noted. 

There is information about key players asked in the form of a question. They also need to be taken into account and further used as ideas for content on the site.

поисковые вопросы в Ahrefs Keyword Generator

In the sampling parameters, you can specify data on the limitation of the search area in order to obtain statistics only for the region you are interested in.


To attract even more interested customers to your business, you need to regularly select and analyze keywords. Using different services for this, you will create the most complete picture and better understand the interests of your target audience.

What tools do you use to search for requests?

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