Get a free consultation from an expert on your project is an indispensable service for checking the site for adaptability

Any web resource promoted in search engines must have a mandatory ability that has a major impact on its position - adaptability. If the site cannot adapt to the screens of various devices with which visitors can access it, you should not count on good behavioral factors.

To make sure that your site displays on gadget screens of different sizes are correctly displayed, you will need to turn to tools for help. Quirktools).

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site Service Features

The functionality that we need to verify adaptability is on the service website in the tab “Tools - Screenfly. To start working with, you only need to enter the URL of the website being checked in the proposed line.

начало проверки сайта в BlueTree ai
 Immediately after that, will become active elements by choosing which you can see how your web resource will look on screens of different sizes:

  1. Computers and laptops;
  2. Tablets;
  3. Mobile phones (smatphones).

проверка адаптивности верстки в Blue Tree

Extra chips

Custom screen button enables manually enter screen resolution, if the desired device was not among the default ones in

выбор размена экрана в сервисе Blue Tree

Using the Rotate function simulate screen rotation on devices supporting this feature.

Имитация поворота экрана в программе

If you want share audit results site for adaptability, the program provides for the "Share" button. Click on it and select the option from the list. 

поделиться результатами проверки адаптивности

Using the listed features of the service, you can not only make sure that your web resource is adequately displayed on screens of various permissions, but also check the performance of menus and navigation elements when working with him on simulated devices, which is also an important point in assessing his adaptability. 

Well, if at some stage of the check there are problems with the display or operation of the elements of the site, you will have the opportunity to correct them before they cause the formation of bad behavior indicators of visitors, faced with them.