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Quality Content on the pages of the website is the key to the success of activities to promote it in search engines. We constantly mention this in our articles. But, as it turned out, not everyone knows where to get this very content, and even the proper level of quality.

For this purpose, the etxt service is great for how to work with which we will tell in detail in this review.

So, “etxt” (or a Russified “getext”) is a copywriting exchange that has gained very wide popularity both among freelancers and among customers, in whose roles are most often webmasters, optimizers and content managers.

Types of tasks that the authors of the exchange etxt can perform for you:

a) Copywriting - Creation of unique materials based on the number of sources required by the customer. 

b) SEO copywriting, implying the same actions + optimization of created texts by given key requests.

c) Text Wright, for example, to reproduce it in the required number of copies.

d) Translation textual content from foreign languages.

e) Editing ready texts, implying the finding and correction of all kinds of errors - from spelling to stylistic.

As you can see, the choice is quite wide. In addition, thanks to the opportunities provided by, you can order the text taking into account the wishes regarding the level of skill of the future artist (more about this - further in the text), which is undoubtedly an additional point in favor of choosing this particular service.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Etxt - how to work with the service

To order text on, you need to go through a registration procedure similar to the thousands of others that you performed earlier. The main thing in this case is pay attention to the line "Status" and select the option "Customer" in it.

Окно регистрации заказчика на 

After activating the newly created account by clicking on the link in the letter sent to you, you can start working with Moreover you should have enough funds in your account to pay for the services of a future performer. Therefore, before the first order, you should replenish the account for the required amount using the "Balance Replenishment" menu.

This can be done using a bank card, WebMoney or one of the other popular electronic payment systems (Qiwi, Yandex.Money, etc.). 

When replenishing, it is worth considering that the etxt commission is 10 % of the order value, which are divided equally between the customer and the contractor. Therefore, if it is planned to set the price for the task, for example, 100 rubles, you need to put 105 on the account. There is also a small service fee, which the system itself will inform you when preparing the replenishment.

Пополнение счета заказчика на
Etext - copywriting exchange, on which you can purchase an already prepared article in its respective catalog section. Everything is simple there - come in, find, choose, check for compliance with your requirements the specified text parameters and press “Buy” if everything suits you. In principle, there is nothing complicated about this.

Покупка уже готовой статьи на
In more detail, we will consider another option for obtaining content on - how to order text that the exchange performers will write in person for you. - how to order text on the stock exchange

The process of obtaining the necessary textual content on this copywriting exchange for the customer can be divided into several stages:

  1. Direct order creation. To start working with etxt as a customer, you need to use the “Dispose order” function in your office.

    Инструкция по составлению заказа на etxt
    In the window that opens, you will need to form TK for copywriter by filling in the fields provided for this:

    - enter the name of the created task;

    - indicate the desired type of work (copyright, translation, rewright, SEO-copywriting);

    - select the category to which the subject of the order belongs;

    - compile a description of the essence of the task;

    Пример создания заказа на бирже етекст
    - list key queries, indicating their number in the text at the output;

    - determine the deadlines;

    - choose the level of difficulty in order to limit the filing of applications by performers who do not comply with it and to protect themselves from the possibility of a response, for example, a illiterate beginner;

    Элементы создания заказа
    - indicate the price (for 1000 cm or for the entire text), the number of characters and the required level of uniqueness;

    - if necessary, attach a file that complements the task. 

    After saving the order, it will appear in the tape of tasks available to the executors (subject to the availability of funds necessary for paying it in your account).

    Публикация заказа на etxt
  2. Receiving applications from those wishing to complete your task and considering candidates for final approval of the performer. At this stage, work with etxt should be done by viewing the profiles of each of the who left the application. In this case, you need to take into account the rating indicated in them, portfolio, reviews, number of previously performed works, availability of customers in white and black lists, etc. The most competent, in your opinion, candidate should be entrusted with the execution of the order.

    Как выбрать исполнителя на etxt
  3. Obtaining a completed order for verification. As soon as the copywriter sends the completed scan task from his office, it will be displayed in the corresponding menu in your account. Of course, this will happen if the system checks the result of its work and confirms the compliance of the text parameters with the requirements specified in the original task - volume, absence of errors, frequency of keywords and uniqueness. 

    By the way, the text is a copywriting exchange, which has not only an online tool for verifying uniqueness, but also its own software, which is installed on a local computer. Moreover, in terms of quality, it is no worse than that of service advego, or maybe even better, given the number of settings for personalizing the functions provided.

    Проверка уникальности на
  4. Checking and sending the contractor for revision if necessary. After checking the sent text for its compliance with the requirements indicated when creating the order, and finding serious flaws, you should send it to the contractor for corrections, indicating your wishes.

    It is quite safe to work with etxt, because if the contractor refuses to make changes and insists on accepting the order in a form that does not suit you, it is possible to contact the Arbitration, who will consider mutual claims and make a fair decision.
  5. Acceptance of order follows the check, after which you will be satisfied with the result of the copywriter.
  6. Write-off of funds from the customer’s account. It occurs automatically at the time of acceptance of the order.

In addition to the described option, it is also possible to find the artist who meets your criteria on his own - by searching the database of registered authors who have expressed a desire to work on etxt.

Поиск исполнителя на etxt
In the process of passing the listed stages, you will need to work with etxt by managing the created orders in your office. There will be visible:

  • the number of tasks that await applications;
  • applications from performers themselves;
  • orders in work;
  • tasks that the performers indicated as completed, pending verification;
  • completed orders, etc.

Управление заказа на etxt 

Choosing the exchange for the first time to create content - the instructions for customers from this review should be at your fingertips, otherwise you can easily get confused in an not entirely friendly interface, that in fact is its only significant minus. Although you can get used to it literally after a couple of orders.

The rest of the benefits of this service, such as adequate prices and a system for testing performers to determine their literacy level, clearly hint that working with is profitable and safe.