Mind Map - special form of information structuring by type of diagrams or tree pattern. It is also called an intelligent map, a mental map, a communication diagram, a map of thoughts and associations. Each of us met this type of scheme at school, studying the species of animals in a biology lesson or making a genealogical tree. 

The effectiveness of smart cards is convenient sequential location of the entire information flow regarding the main topic. Thus, you can logically decompose all the ideas with the resulting subparagraphs, which helps you immediately see the whole picture. For example, connection diagrams are used in SEO for building site structures and elaboration of content topics for each section.

For mindmapping, you can take a regular sheet of paper or a board and a felt-tip pen. But this option is suitable only for small projects that you are working on alone or in a small team. For large and complex projects, it is better to use programs to build Mind Map. They will be discussed in this article.


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Services for creating Mind Map: rating of the most popular programs

Coggle - a kind of design, ease of use and rich functionality

The main feature of this service, which immediately catches your eye, - his design. Not everyone likes him, but you definitely can’t call him boring. Managing lines and flowers is easy. And if something went wrong, you can always use the hints of the system.

There is a free package and two tariff plans. You can try the main features of this service to create Mind Map by choosing the “Free” tariff. He will allow:

  • draw up to 3 -x cards;
  • use saved chart templates and more than 1600 icons;
  • upload pictures;
  • track the history of adjustments;
  • export in image format, PDF, Visio, text or .mm (intelligent card format).

If you drew the trial connection diagrams available in the free version and you are completely arranged by Coggle, choose the most suitable tariff for further use. Tools will be available to you.:

  • unlimited number of Mind Map own templates;
  • line style settings;
  • preservation of the history of chat;
  • teamwork and access by link;
  • branding diagrams (for the "Organization" tariff).

The cost of packages is $ 5 (“Cutting”) and $ 8 (“Organization”) per month.

сервис Coggle для создания mind map

AYIA (iMindMap) - the widest functionality with incredible ease of use

According to our experts, this is the best program for creating Mind Map. Even in the free version, many useful tools and opportunities are available that will simplify the work on any project. AYOA is ideal for both personal use and teamwork. 

Basic features of AYOA:

  • development of up to 5 mental cards;
  • free access for team members;
  • use of chat and commenting function;
  • personalized task scheduler with the ability to set the time for their implementation and control the stages of work;
  • online access from a computer or mobile device;
  • spell check;
  • many icons from different fields;
  • various types and modes: intellect cards, time maps, radial diagrams, brainstorming, etc.;
  • unlimited number of branches from the main theme;
  • notifications for project participants about changes and much more.

Advanced features in paid packages:

  • unlimited number of active boards;
  • priority support;
  • archiving and data storage;
  • use of map of thoughts;
  • adding various types of files to the board up to 60 MB in size;
  • use of tags;
  • filtering settings;
  • individual access settings;
  • integration with Google calendar;
  • team taskmanager with a Gantt timeline;
  • integration with Zoom and video conferencing.

Additional plus - interesting design and comfortable simple management.

Free service can be used in test mode for 30 days. The cost of paid tariffs depends on the scope and number of users. There is a special discount program for students and teachers (up to 35 %).

онлайн сервис AYIA для интеллект карт

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XMind is a simple solution for work

The main disadvantage of the service is XMind smart cards do not have an online format. They are available only for download on a computer or mobile device. Otherwise, users of the program will not experience any flaws. 

Strict design will not distract from work, the logical construction of branches will allow you to quickly delve into and understand the structure of the project. Even an inexperienced user can make a mental map in XMind. 

XMind users get:

  • synchronization with cloud storage Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive;
  • clear user interface;
  • simple management of the style of lines and blocks;
  • the presence of thoughtful patterns: 
    • intelligence cards, 
    • logical, tree and chronological schemes, 
    • matrices, 
    • Ishikawa diagrams;
  • export to various formats;
  • the ability to create presentation materials.

There is a free test version of the program for compiling Mind Map with limited functionality and a watermark. The cost and full functionality of the service depend on the selected package and the period of use. For participants in educational programs, discounts are provided.

программа XMind для составления ментальных карт

MindManager (MindJet) - informative smart cards with many functions

Mindmanager offers a lot of thoughtful and practical templates, which are easy to choose from their range of tasks by categorizing: meeting, meeting, flowchart, personal productivity, etc. The developers prepared a clear menu in Russian and training materials on available tools of the program.

The service is more suitable for individual use. He does not have an online version, and is intended for personal computers.

The MindManager functionality allows you to:

  • select the appropriate template for smart cards or diagrams according to the type of task;
  • build Ganta diagrams reflecting the degree of completion of tasks;
  • insert pictograms for more comfortable data learning;
  • add files of various formats;
  • use formatting and labeling of texts;
  • integrate created cards with MSOffice;
  • export the mintmap to various formats;
  • use cloud storage.

You can test the program for free within one month. The license is unlimited. Subsequent updates are set with a 50 % discount on the base cost. 

инструмент MindManager для рисования майндмэп

Diagrams.net (Draw.io) is a completely free mental card service

This Mind Map building tool allows you to use all the functionality without payment. Diagram.net is suitable for comfortable work with almost any projects and tasks.

Service Features:

  • work both offline and online using open code;
  • integration with various cloud storage;
  • interaction with Microsoft office tools;
  • the presence of templates for various categories of maps, diagrams and diagrams;
  • integration with Trello and Jira;
  • design of model pages;
  • great opportunities for designing boards.

сервис Diagrams чтобы составить майнд карту

SimpleMind - a platform for creating intelligent maps with many years of history

This service is difficult to call a leader in functionality, but there is everything you need to work on a different set of tasks. Most significant SimpleMind deficiency - no online version. Otherwise, this program is suitable for developing more projects.

Of the distinctive features, it is worth noting:

  • practical, not distracting design;
  • selection of color and forms of map elements;
  • the ability to number blocks and tasks for a more understandable structure;
  • use of links to external objects or other blocks;
  • unlimited board size;
  • synchronization with cloud storage Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • export to mental card format, JPG and PDF;
  • use of pictograms.

Part of the functions is available only in the paid version.. Compared to most other Mind Map programs, SimpleMind has a completely free package that is valid without a time limit. But it is available only for mobile devices. 

If you wish, within 30 days you can try the possibility of a paid tariff. The cost depends on the operating system used, the type of device and the number of users. The license is acquired once and does not require additional payments.

SimpleMind платформа для диаграмм связей


Smart Card Software is a Great Solution allows you to significantly reduce possible errors and omissions in the project implementation process. With their help, you can distribute tasks, perform continuous monitoring of their implementation and make timely adjustments. 

Using such services, especially for the first time, it is worth understanding that it will take some time to familiarize yourself with all the functions and build the Mind Card branches. But as a result, the speed of tasks will increase. 

Do you use tools to build mental cards in your work? And if so, which ones?

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