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Overview of services for creating thermal maps of the site

In order to achieve efficient operation of the site, regular user analysis on it. For its implementation, there are various tools and services, for example, heat cards of clicks and scrolling. 

We already wrote, what are heat cards and why do they need, in the same article we will analyze with which services you can create it.

1. Yandex.Metrik

Absolutely free software for creating heat cards. It includes various tools for analysis: clique maps, scrolls, links, and form analytics. Clear Russian interface, online support service. It is possible to compare the performance of visitors at different time periods. To work with the service, you just need to install a script on your site.

Of course, Yandex. Metric refers to one of the most convenient and simple in using the user activity service, and also free.

But in Ukraine, where Yandex is blocked, Metric will worsen the speed of loading the site, and in addition, data may not be collected correctly. Therefore, below we consider the analogues of this service for creating heat cards.

Тепловая карта кликов в яндекс метрике

2. Plerdy

Convenient paid service for creating heat cards for clicks and scrolling. The cost of its use starts from 29 $ per month (there is a free version, but with very limited functionality).

Interface available in Russian and Ukrainian, there is online support. 

This service has several advantages:

  • the installed script does not affect the download speed of the site;
  • clicks are displayed immediately after installation;
  • the results are not displayed on the screen image, as in Metric, but in normal mode, which allows you to collect information about user interaction with dynamic objects, such as pop-up windows, banners, open menus;
  • clicks are recorded by the layout elements, and not by the coordinates, so that with maximum accuracy and without offshots;
  • you can track the sequence of clicks - which users click on first;
  • “empty” clicks that were made outside the site’s work area are screened out;
  • there is the possibility of segmentation for various types of devices.

Сервис для тепловых карт plerdy на русском

3. Hotjar

Attractive interface in English. Numerous available analysis tools

  • creation of heat cards (clicks, scrolling, links);
  • video recording of user site view sessions (as Yandex Vebvizor);
  • analysis of the sales funnel. If you build a sequence of actions that the user must perform, you can track at what stage difficulties arise;
  • the function of installing a window for surveys on the site - you can find out directly from visitors what they would like to change on the site.

Information can be filtered out depending on the type of user's device. It is possible to disable certain IPs so as not to observe their actions on the site.

Of the disadvantages of this service should be highlighted:

  • lack of a calendar for analyzing heat cards for a certain period;
  • it is not possible to obtain information about the interaction of users with dynamic elements on the site.

To work with the service, you need to copy the script to the code of your web resource. There is a free test period of 15 days. Price - 29-589 € per month.

hotjar платный сервис карт кликов и скроллинга

4. Crazyegg

Interface in English. A prerequisite for working with this service of visitor behavior is the entry of your bank data (Visa, Mastercard), otherwise you simply will not be able to register. 

Functional Opportunities Crazyegg service:

  • creation of heat cards for clicks and scrolling. 
  • The exclusive “Confetti” tool allows you to view the results for certain segments, for example, analyze the actions of users who came from various sources (networkers, search engines, etc.). 
  • “Overlay” mode displays the number of clicks for each of the site elements separately;
  • filtering indicators for a certain period of time, by the source of traffic and the type of device.

Among the disadvantages of the service Crazyegg should highlight the fact that the information in it is displayed as screen screenshots, which is why clicks on dynamic objects are not tracked. 

During the first month, software can be used for free, then the cost varies from 29 to 249 $ per month.

Инструмент конфетти в crazyegg

5. Inspectlet

The service that allows:

  • form heat cards for clicks and scrolling;
  • record video user sessions;
  • track clicks on both dynamic page elements (truth, with small inaccuracies);
  • filter data by various indicators (device type, traffic source, etc.). There is also a sales funnel analysis tool that allows you to track at what point the user threw the basket.

Information will be display immediately after installation script to the site. There is support by mail and phone for more expensive packages.

There is a free version. Price per month. - 39-499 $.

Фото функций сервиса inspectlet

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6. Mouseflow

Pleasant English interface. Heat maps of clicks and scrolls, analytics of forms, video recording of user sessions with a number of possible filters: by traffic source, screen size, length of stay on the site, etc. There is summary data for each page of the web resource. 

In this service for creating heat cards there is online support, and for more expensive packages, they allocate a personal manager for work. The service does not collect information by clicking on dynamic objects and there may be inaccuracies in displaying user actions from mobile devices.

To connect, you must insert the script into the code of your web resource. Free up to 100100 recorded sessions. Price - 24-299 € per month.

Как выглядит тепловая карта mouseflow

7. Freshmarketer

Clear interface with hints on the functioning of all elements. You can configure A / B testing, information in heat cards is collected in real time taking into account dynamic objects, user sessions are recorded on the site.

It is possible to analyze behavioral factors on service for the selected period.

To work, you need to copy the code to your web resource. Free period for a month. Price - 15-995 $ per month.

Создание тепловых карт с помощью freshworks

8. Monkeytracker

Attractive service interface, but not very convenient. There is a version in English and Czech. Data is not displayed immediately after installation, but after some time, and is updated only once a day. Slow page loading speed.

To connect, you need to place the script on the site. Free 300 thousand clicks per month. Price - 10-50 $ per month.

Стоимость инструмента monkeytracker

9.  Ptengine

The service creates heat cards for clicks and scrolls. Interface in Russian and English. It is possible to segment by geography, type of device, source of traffic, form statistics, calculate conversion. Uncomfortable to look on small screens. Data is quickly updated, but only one click is taken into account from each visitor. Slowly loaded pages.

To work, you need to install a plugin for WordPress or insert a script into the page code. There is a trial free period. Price - from 9 $ per month.

Инструмент ptengine для карт кликов


The interface is not particularly convenient, but after installation, the heat map of the service will be available directly on your site. When registering, a large amount of data is required.

From the functionality there is a heat map of clicks (no scrolling or video recording). Information is going on both static and dynamic objects on the site. No filters by device type and other parameters.

To connect the service, you need to install a plugin on WordPress or paste code on your web resource.

Инструмент heatmapcom для тепловых карт

eleven. Simpleheatmaps

With this service, you can create scrolling heat cards, card clicks and user attention on the site. The interface is convenient and simple enough, but the minus in its work is speed - service is loading for a long time.

To work, you need to insert the code on the site. Test period 1 month for views of no more than 100 thousand. Price - 19-99 $ per month.

создание тепловых картам инструментов simpleheatmaps

12. Feng-gui

This service does not collect user statistics. A specially created robot will analyze your web resource or individual image, then it forms a forecast for the most clickable elements pages and where visitors will concentrate their attention. 

To work, you must specify the page address or download the picture. There is a demo that will analyze part of a page or picture. Price - 25-1250 $ per month.

feng-gui сервис для прогноза поведения пользователей

Summing up

Heatmaps are an important tool that can help improve content and site usability, increase conversion and identify deficiencies.

Having examined various services for tracking user behavior and creating heat cards, you can see that there are very good analogues of Yandex. Metric, which in some cases even surpass its functionality

It is interesting to learn about your experience with services for creating heat cards - share them in the comments.