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The best tools for analyzing the loading speed of the site pages

Site Download Speed  - One of the most important characteristics of his work, which is paid attention not only by visitors, but also by search engines. 

If it is slow, it affects user behavior, increases the failure rate and, as a result, worsens the opinion of search engines about the leisurely work of the website. 

To prevent this, it is required regularly check site page loading speed and timely identify and correct causes, because of which it falls below the recommended values. 

In this review, we will consider 10 services that are excellent in testing the speed of page loading, which in general is their main task.

1. PageSpeed Insights - Google site download speed analysis service

This tool does not show the actual values of the loading speed, but only evaluates it on a 100-point scale. Evaluations are assigned for two situations of viewing the analyzed web resource: from a computer and from a mobile device. Between the results you can switch by clicking on the corresponding tabs.

The service gives out recommendations, by performing which, you can improve the speed of the site. The problems found are indicated by an exclamation mark in the square:

  • red, which means the presence of gross errors that must be corrected, since their influence is significant; 
  • yellow, indicating that the error does not seriously affect the results of testing the page loading speed, but if possible it would still be worth getting rid of.

In addition to superficial recommendations, it is possible to familiarize yourself with specific tips on problem images, scripts and other elements in the code. To do this, click "How to fix it.

Проверка скорости на PageSpeed Insights

2. Webpagetest

Another tool that will help you check the download speed of the pages of any website. In addition to directly specifying the address of the web resource, it is possible to select the browser and location of the computer from which the test is performed.

The results display data on the time of the first and reload, distribution of requests by type of content and other more specialized data.

Проверка скорости на Webpagetest

3. Pingdom Website Speed Test

In addition to the fact that this service can determine the page download speed, it shows:

  • assessment of loading time (similar to the Google tool);
  • percentage of speed advantage over other web resources on the Internet;
  • the size of the downloaded page;
  • number of server requests that are required to complete the download;
  • the location from which the test was conducted (tuned immediately before launch);
  • standard options for improving the site’s loading speed and ratings, showing how well they are embodied;
  • percentage distribution of content weight and requests to it;
  • detailed display in graphical and percentage form of requests to individual code elements, files and scripts.

In general, most of this information is clearly not for an ordinary webmaster. All this needs to be dealt with in order to skillfully use for the benefit of your website.

Проверка скорости загрузки на Pingdom Website Speed Test

4. Gtmetrix

Performs all the same functions as the previous service. Provides the same detailed information only in a slightly more convenient and organized form.

Проверить скорость загрузки страниц на GTmetrix

5. Whichloadsfaster

A service that is used to compare which of the two specified web resources is downloaded faster. 

Проверка скорости загрузки на Whichloadsfaster

6. Load impact

It is used not only to find out the page download speed, but also to determine the ability of the site hosting server to withstand loads while connecting several dozen users. The test result is a speed change graph depending on the number of active connections.

Результаты проверки скорости на Load impact

7. Sitespeed

This service allows you to check the page download speed, using about 30 data centers around the world. Comparing the indicators for each of the tests, we can draw conclusions about the availability of your web resource in one or another part of the globe. At the same time, the best results are highlighted in green, and the worst in red.

Проверить скорость загрузки с помощью Sitespeed

8. PR-CY

PR-CY Service contains a fairly extensive set of tools for the webmaster / optimizer, among which, of course, there is testing the speed of loading the pages of the website. The results are not very detailed - only the server response code, a general percentage speed assessment and verification of the compliance of the characteristics of the website being checked with the recommended one.

Проверить скорость с помощью pr-cy

9. Monitis Tools

Does not show the total loading time of the page, but gives (taking into account requests from three different parts of the planet) the results for each element of the code, file, script, etc. found on it.

Проверка скорости загрузки страниц Monitis Tools

10. Web Page Analyzer

A fairly simple and inconspicuous service for processing, which gives a lot of detailed reports on the loading speed of the site pages in tabular form with the division by the number and duration of requests to styles, scripts, files, etc.

Отчет скорости загрузки на Web Page Analyzer

As you can see, there are quite a few such services and everyone can choose several of them for their taste, depending on the requirements for the interface and the details of the results. 

Of course, these are not all existing services for testing the speed of loading pages, but only the best of those we have tested. Perhaps you have other options? Do not forget to talk about them in the comments!