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How to test site crossbrowser

The optimization process for search engines involves not only work on its contents and external reference mass, but also a responsible approach to the analysis of its technical condition. For example, before the direct start of the promotion, it is necessary to conduct a site test for cross-browser. 

After all, if your web resource does not have a sufficient level, a significant part of visitors will not be able to adequately perceive it, thereby spoiling the indicators of behavioral factors, who with such pleasure take into account search engines when ranking their extraditions.

For those who are not in the know or have forgotten a little: cross-browser site - this is his ability to correctly display (readiness and absence of layout breaks) and work in most modern browsers, including in their versions created for different operating systems.

To test cross-browser, you will need to refer to one of the many online services or local applications. In this review, we will talk about the most convenient of them, both paid and free.

  1. Browsershots

    This online site cross-browser verification service specializes in creating screenshots of the website being tested from different browsers of various versions (including outdated and not very popular), the total number of which exceeds 200 pcs.

    In the free version, requests are queued and screenshots appear on the service page in order of priority as resources are released. This happens quite slowly and can generally take from 5 minutes to several hours. 

    A paid subscription that will increase the priority for you to test the cross-browser of an online site and create screenshots will cost about 30 $ per month.

    You can also select screen resolution, color depth, JavaScript and Flash several versions.

    Cервис проверки кроссбраузерности Browsershots
  2. Browserling

    This cross-browser verification service makes it possible to interact with the test website in a window that is not just emulated, but broadcast from a real browser installed on one of the virtual service machines. 

    Before conducting a cross-browser test directly, you can choose one of the 5 popular browsers (Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE), as well as one of the 5 versions of Windows or 4 versions of Android. It is possible to change the screen resolution and save screenshots.

    All the features of this cross-browser service are available only in paid subscription plans for it. The free version is limited to 3 - minute testing session, screen resolution 1024x768 and the Windows Vista operating system.

    Онлайн тест кроссбраузерности Browserling
  3. CrossBrowserTesting

    A paid service for checking the cross-browser of online sites, supporting many browsers, versions of operating systems, screen permissions and types of mobile devices. By compiling combinations of the available options, you can verify the correctness of the functioning of your website on almost any device with any screen resolution in any browser.

    Crossbrowser Test Options:

    - a “living” test that makes it possible to interact with the site in the browser of a virtual machine with pre-selected parameters and the ability to save screenshots and record video;

    - automatic screen saving mode from different combinations of browsers / OS / devices / screen solutions;

    - Selenium test, which consists in conducting automatic checks on a pre-compiled script with the ability to record results in video files;

    - A local connection during which you can check for not yet published web documents.

    There is a 7-day trial with a limit of 60 minutes to use for a preliminary assessment of service capabilities before deciding to purchase a subscription (from 29 to 200 $ / month). 

    Тестирования кроссбраузерности CrossBrowserTesting
  4. IE NetRender

    A completely free solution for checking cross-browser online. Its peculiarity is that the scan is available only for Internet Explorer (from version 5.5 to 11).

    There are no settings other than choosing the IE version and specifying the address of the website being checked.

    Теста на кроссбраузерность NetRenderer
  5. IE tester

    Another free cross-browser testing solution made in the form of a computer-located application. Also supports only Internet Explorer of various versions. In fact, emulates the work of the selected version of the browser and makes it possible to fully engage in Internet surfing.

    Проверить кроссбраузерность IE Tester
  6. Multibrowser

    Paid cross-browser testing application and site adaptability. Supports several versions of IE, Safari 5.1, all existing assemblies of Chrome and Firefox, as well as emulation of many mobile devices with different screen resolutions. 

    The program can use both browsers already installed on the computer and load the versions necessary for the user.

    A feature is the ability to conduct all tests in computer-installed browsers offline if there are saved web files.

    Several different operating modes allow:

    - interact with the website in the selected browser;

    - carry out automatic screen saving from various devices / screen solutions / browsers;

    - View sites on emulated various mobile devices with the ability to record video.

    A 14-day trial version is also available for installation.

    Тест кроссбраузерности и адаптивности MultiBrowser
  7. Litmus

    A paid service that will help you check the cross-browser of the site online. You can use the first three days for free. Next, you need to pay at least 60 $ per month.

    Supports website validation in most modern browsers and on various mobile devices. He also specializes in testing emails in many email services. 

    Тест кроссбраузерности Litmus
  8. Browserstack

    Another paid service with a 30-minute trial and the ability to install local software for cross-browser testing, supporting 7 popular browsers of various versions and many emulated mobile devices.

    In the window in which you are already working in your browser, a browser selected for verification appears, which makes it possible to fully use the Internet and take screenshots. It sounds confusing, but actually everything is simple.

    Тестирование кроссбраузерности Browserstack
  9. Browser sandbox

    An online cross-browser testing service that supports a lot of both desktop and mobile browser versions. The free version is inferior to paid (from 10 $ / month) only in terms of a smaller amount of cloud data storage and limited access to some verification options, but in most cases its capabilities should be sufficient.

    Сервис для проверки кроссбраузерности Browser Sandbox
  10. Equafy

    A free-paid service that allows you to not only check the cross-browser of the site online, but also takes on the functions of automatically scanning and finding layout breaks when displaying pages in various browsers. 

    The verification process, which can be recorded on video, is preceded by a number of settings in which a poorly versed English user can be somewhat complicated. But in general, if you look, the functionality is quite interesting and, in fact, unique in its kind. Screenshots can be viewed in the list of pages of the compiled report, clicking on the down arrow (Show) in the last column.

    Проверить кроссбраузерность сайта онлайн Equafy
  11. Browsera

    High-quality service for the same verification of cross-browser site online, for the full use of which you will have to purchase a subscription with payment from 39 $ / 14 days. 

    A free version is also present, but it has significant limitations on the number of available browsers and the pages of the website being checked, as well as the quality of the screenshots provided.

    Сервис проверки кроссбраузерности онлайн Browsera
  12. Sauce labs

    In this multifunctional service you can also check the cross-browser of the site online. There is a significantly limited trial version. A paid subscription from 19 $ per month makes it possible to use the automation of checks. The number of supported browsers, screen sizes and devices is satisfactory - about 700 combinations.

    Сервис проверки кроссбраузерности онлайн Browsera
Each of the listed cross-browser testing services has a partially unique functionality that others do not have. Therefore, combining the use of several services at once, you can block their shortcomings and get more reliable and reliable data that will stop doubting the performance of your website.