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Topvisor - how to work with the service

Not so long ago, we presented to your attention a detailed review of the Seolib service, which greatly simplifies the assessment of the results of measures taken to promote the site. But he is not one of a kind. At about the same level in quality and convenience, Topvisor positions can be checked - a review of the service will help you verify this.

So, get to know each other. Topvisor - paid service for monitoring, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of website promotion in search engines.

Given the many settings and functionality of the Topvisor service, a guide to working with it will not be superfluous.

Topvisor Service - checking positions and not only

In order to check the positions on Topvisor, you will need to perform a number of preliminary actions:

  1. Registration. You can register by specifying the address of your inbox, or enter using an account in one of the social networks supported by the service. When registering, a bonus is issued in the form of accrual to an account of 10 rubles, with which you can at least at a minimum figure out how to work with Topvisor and what opportunities it has.

    Как зарегистрироваться в Топвизор
  2. Creation of the first project. To start working with the Topvisor service, you need to create at least one project. To do this, on the panel of functions available for interaction, click the corresponding button and enter in the window that opens the address of the website whose position study is planned.

    Создание нового проекта на Topvisor
  3. Configuring the created project. In order for Topvisor to be able to work and fully use all his capabilities in the created project, you need to make clarifying settings.

    Настройка проекта в Topvisor
    • Search Engine Specification, by which the position will be shot and compared, as well as the choice of region, language and device.

      добавление поисковой системы и региона
    • In the "Checks / Reports" section, you can configure automatic position cut according to the specified schedule. Variability here is quite wide - on the days of the week or month, after the Yandex update or only at the request of the user.

      настройка расписания среза позиций
    • Integration Settings Topvisor with panels for webmasters from Yandex and Google (if used and this function is needed) will help the service collect statistics on request and make the data provided to them more accurate.

      интеграция топвизора с счетчиками аналитики
  4. Adding key requests to the project. To check the position, Topvisor must have access to the list of requests that interest you. In the “Search Queries” section, keyboards are added to groups for the convenience of subsequent position analysis procedures.Добавление ключевых слов в проект для анализа

    Here can use the function keyword selection. This is inexpensive, and the result will be a very impressive list of key players, indicating their cost and frequency. 

    функция подбора запросов в сервисе топвизор

    Function "Check frequency" allows you to get approximate data on the number of impressions per month keyword in question.

    Tool "Query Clustering»will help distribute present in the project keywords by group, which can ultimately be used to optimize individual pages of an promoted website for them. Pleasure is not the cheapest, but very profitable, given the time savings and the quality of clustering performed by specialized service algorithms.

    возможность кластеризации ключевых слов

Topvisor - Position Checker

If the position check has not been performed previously in Topvisor, it should be start using the "Update" button (green square with white looped arrows). For this action, the fee corresponding to the service rates will be charged, after which detailed information on the items will be opened in front of you. Moreover it is possible to use filters choice:

  • one of the search engines or all at once;
  • regions to compare positions;
  • key groups for which analytical data is needed;
  • the period of time for which you need to check the positions in Topvisor.

как проверить позиции в топвизоре


Displayed opposite requests numbers are positions, which the site under review occupies on them. 

The number next to the “%” icon at the head of each column under the verification date shows percentage of site requests for which it is located in TOP10.

пример отчета по позициям в сервисе

Also in Topvisor, position checks can be made for each individual request. To do this, click “Update” opposite the desired key.

Here you can add to the project a list of competing sites. This will be required if you plan to do not only eat positions, but also compare the dynamics of their results with yours. Click on the gear and in the Competitors tab to enter their website addresses.

Добавление сайтов конкурентов для сравнения

To select the option of displaying analytics data in parallel with the positions of competitors, you need press the button with the flag next to their list.

отчет по позициям конкурентов

Another Topvisor feature is to work with the service in verification mode page relevance. The binding is done by entering the URL of the presumably relevant page of the site in the field that appears when you click on the “-” icon before the request in the list.

Привязка релевантной страницы к запросу пример

The fact of perception of the page tied to the request by search engines as relevant to it is displayed as a green checkmark before the request. If an exclamation mark is displayed in a red triangle, then the log page is to it. Therefore, you must either stop taking this request into account and exclude it from the project, or correct the situation and optimize the page for it.

Issued by Topvisor when checking positions report can be saved using the corresponding button as pdf, xlsx, csv or html, to continue working with him outside the service in local mode.

Сохранение отчета проверки позиций в таблицу
Topvisor also offers a wide range of tools for analyzing and optimizing sites (creating a site map, indexation, title, description, snippets, links, content, etc.) how to work with which you will quite understand yourself - in this section everything is intuitive.

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Competitor Analysis - A New Tool in Topvisor Service

At the end of 2020, Topvisor launched a new useful functionality, “Competitors Analysis” in alpha format. With it you can:

At the moment in this tool Topvisor you can choose only one verification region - Russia. Therefore, it will be most relevant for those users who are moving forward in this country. In the future, developers promise to add other regions.
To use the “Competitor Analysis”, log in to the service and click on the link In the window that opens, select the priority search engine (Google or Yandex), specify the address of your site and click on the “Build Report” button.

инструмент анализа конкурентов в топвизоре

Now consider the most interesting functions and features.

Search Queries Tab

Here Topvisor will form query list table, by which you have visibility in the selected search engine. Opposite each of them such data will be indicated:

  • The URL of the page that ranks on it;
  • special elements in extradition: contextual advertising, favorites, videos and other blocks;
  • frequency of the key phrase;
  • position in search results;
  • the traffic that this request brings;
  • Uppet - type of site in search engine output upon request.

раздел поисковые запросы собственного сайта

Using filters you can see which requests:

  • the site is in 11-30 positions, and subsequently refine them;
  • sifted positions, to find possible problems;
  • one specific page is ranked;
  • most traffic comes.

Competitors Tab

On this page, Topvisor displays a number of sites that he considers competitors in the selected search engine, and their parameters. In the block with summary data you you can clearly compare them with your resource by:

  • dynamics of traffic and visibility;
  • the number of optimized requests;
  • middle position.

сравнение трафика своего сайта и конкурентов 
Click in the table to the left of favicon, You can add information on the site to the summary or remove them.

как добавить сайт в сводный отчет

Another interesting feature is competitor request analysis. Click in the table for the number from the column “Unique (organic)”. 

как посмотреть уникальные запросы конкурентов

In the window that opens you will see a list of keywords by which the selected competitor is moving, and you are not. They can be used to expand the semantic core of your site and create new content.

пример отчета по уникальным ключевикам

By clicking on the “General Requests” tab, you can compare SEO-movement results his site and competitor in related keywords.

общие запросы в органической выдаче с конкурентами

Structure Tab

Here Topvisor allows you to filter pages with the most traffic from organic distribution. By clicking on the number from the “Requests” column, you will see list of keywords that bring it.

отчет по структуре сайта в топвизор

Brief results

As you can see, when using the Topvisor service, checking positions and analyzing competitor sites is quite simple. The main thing is to figure out what's what, and then everything will go like clockwork. At the same time, the number of project settings that allow you to personalize the shooting of positions as much as possible, and additional service features allows you to select Topvisor among those like him and think about adding it to your toolbox for promotion.