Find out how with the help of social networks to attract customers to your site

5 types of content on social networks

Content on social networks is filling out your account (society) with the information you need to promote.

Its most important function is to attract potential customers, so you need it to be sure interesting, useful and unique. Content filling can be compared to building a building of your success, where posts are bricks. The correct selection and laying of brick-posts is a guarantee of your growth, and if you take it carelessly, the building will simply collapse, along with your hopes for success.

Types of content on social networks    

So how and how to post on social networks in order to achieve the desired results? To do this, you need to know what types of content exist.

The main types of posts on social networks are 5. Sometimes there are different names, mixed types, but the main typological features are always observed.

  1. Information (news, reputation) content

    His main task is gain trust. Therefore, this type of post should occupy at least half of all the content and talk about the following things:
    • The stories of your company, its successes and achievements.
    • Qualifications of employees, their trainings and courses, diplomas and certificates.
    • The advantages and usefulness of your product, its main characteristics.
    • Show the process of using your product, useful chips and workshops.
    • Industry news in general, peer reviews, specialist opinions, forecasts, trends and rating reviews.

      Виды контента в соцсетях
  2. Selling content on social networks

    His goal is push a potential buyer to a decision, that your product is exactly what he needs. To do this, the selling post on the social network should be about 30 % of the total and correspond to these parameters:
    • Immediately attract attention with a creative headline.
    • Demonstrate a product or service on the most positive side.
    • Promise the client to solve his problems / goal or pain.
    • Teach you to use the goods provided.
    • Offer original benefits that competitors do not have - discounts, promotions, delivery methods.
    • Describe in detail the prices, the purchase process itself and payment methods.
    • Be sure to use customer reviews that confirm the popularity, purchasing power and demand of your products.
    • And it is imperative to use the call for acquisition and the limitation of the time frame in which the goods can be purchased on the most favorable terms.

      Продающие посты для соцсетей
  3. Educational (training, or useful) content

    Oriented to show, how well you navigate your field and build the trust of subscribers. This includes:
    • Customer-friendly review information articles.
    • Posts that reveal your skills and knowledge, confirming high competence in this field.
    • Online consultations that help customers solve any problems.
    • Attracting third-party experts with a good reputation and fame / recognition or popularity.

      Виды образовательного контента для соцсетей
  4. Communication (driving) content

    It is used as another way to increase the trust of potential customers through such chips:
    • Conduct surveys inviting subscribers to the dialogue.
    • Ask for feedback. Do not be afraid of negative comments, consider them an occasion to improve your service in order to attract new customers.
    • People love it very much when they are interested in their opinion. Therefore, ask them for advice, or ask an interesting topic for a chat conversation. The need for communication is a great incentive to activate subscribers and increase their numbers.

      But there are their own “submarine stones” - these types of posts can be used if you already have a sufficient number of subscribers on social networks. Otherwise, dialogue will not work, and small users will be disappointed with the response silence.

      And the second danger is the possibility of the discussion moving into a scandal. Therefore, such correspondence must be carefully monitored.

      Типы постов соцсетей
  5. Entertainment Content

    These types of posts on social networks will not directly solve your business tasks, but, nevertheless, there should be at least 30 % of the total.

    After all it’s entertainment that is what people on social networks want first of all. By asking subscribers and creating a good mood for them, you can expect that the rest of the information you offer will not be ignored.

    It is appropriate to use it depending on the subject:
    • Beautiful photo collections.
    • Funny and interesting stories.
    • Pictures with funny little animals.
    • A selection of jokes and jokes.
    • Psychological tests and horoscopes.
    • Facts from the sections "In the world of interesting things.
    • Music and clips.
    • Popular movies or new products from the world of cinema.

      In short, everything that, in your opinion, can cause a smile from a person who has come to you, delay his attention for as long as possible and encourage him to read other posts.

      But such content must certainly be original. If you just drag posts from other resources, people will immediately lose interest in you.

      Развлекательный контент для соцсетей

Types of Instagram Posts

Those who believe that the same posts can be placed on different social networks are very mistaken. Although the general types of posts are used everywhere, each social network has its own rules, its own audience.

Instagram should publish posts based on such distinctive requirements:

  • Post at least one publication daily so as not to miss the interest of subscribers. The news should be just news and served as quickly as possible.
  • On weekdays and during working hours - more informational and selling posts, on weekends, holidays and in the evenings - entertaining.
  • Whatever the types of posts published in Instagram - selling, informational or entertaining, the main thing is that they have less text and more images! One of the differences of Instagram is orientation to visual content. Here you can constantly upload more and more photos of your product with brief, capacious descriptions. Photos of people in the process of using the offered products have proven themselves, just beautiful faces, picturesque landscapes. And, of course, everyone’s favorite little animals!
  • The length of the text should not exceed 2 200 characters. Be sure to use emojis and tags. As proven by experts, texts of greater length tire readers and do not keep their attention. So - shorter and brighter!
  • Another important type of content on Instagram is Stories. A feature of such publications is that they are displayed for only 24 hours. It is especially convenient to inform users about any promotions, company news, or to engage in a survey.

    Типы постов в Инстаграм

Types of Facebook Posts

The types of posts on Facebook are aimed at users who are more responsible for the choice of goods and services, and prefer to familiarize themselves with them from all sides.

  • There are no restrictions on the length of texts - lovers of reading gathered here. But the notes must be either very useful or interesting and funny.
  • Just taking photos here is ineffective - a fascinating description of 80-120 characters long should be attached to the photo.
  • More promotions, free consultations, discount information and trial product testing.
  • On the business page you can fix the post at the top of the tape, where you can place any important information about the company, products or services, promotions, etc.

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Summing up

So, now you know what types of content are, how to distribute it as a percentage, and what is better to post on different social networks, focusing on the tastes and needs of users.

And what types of content on social networks do you use? Do you take into account the features of Instagram and Facebook posts? And which posts get the most coverage?