Customer opinion about the product has always mattered. Online trading is no exception. Moreover, online sales have one important feature - the user, first purchasing the goods, is not able to make a personal picture of its qualities and properties. There is virtually no way to feel, listen, smell, twist in your hands. Feedback from those who already had experience and are ready to share their impressions comes to the rescue.

In this article, we will consider the results of various studies that make it possible to understand how feedback affects customers and their purchase decisions.

The effect of reviews on sales depending on:

Why reviews are important

Before writing this article, our experts examined the data obtained from an analysis conducted by various research groups around the world. The numbers turned out to be approximately the same.

How reviews affect a purchase decision:

  • more than 90 % respondents confirmed that they are getting acquainted with reviews on the Internet;
  • more than 70 % are not ready to make a purchase before reading the comments of other buyers;
  • up to 97 % (the figure is slightly different depending on the research region) users who are interested in the opinions of buyers acknowledge that the reviews influenced their choice;
  • almost 85 % users do not distinguish between the valuation of goods of familiar and unfamiliar people;
  • the availability of product reviews on the site increases conversion to 4 times.

как отзывы влияют на продажи картинка

These data confirm that the opinion of even strangers is of great importance and can play a decisive role in choosing goods and deciding on the purchase.

How reviews affect sales in different price categories

The degree of risk directly depends not only on the properties of the product, but also on the value of the product. Acquisition of a bad quality phone case is not as critical as spending 1.5– 2 thousand dollars on a smartphone that does not meet the individual requirements of a particular buyer. 

The more expensive the product, the more thorough the users approach the choice. Therefore, the availability of feedback on expensive products affects sales much more significantly than when deciding to purchase low-cost goods. 

The most significant impact of customer comments is on the choice of such products.:

  • mobile gadgets;
  • audio and video equipment;
  • computers;
  • household appliances.

The presence of feedback on products of a high price segment can increase the conversion in 4 - 5 times. Adding comments from buyers of cheaper goods to the site (up to $ 100), we can hope to increase the conversion in 2 - 3 times.

The effect of reviews on the sale of goods of different categories

Users are more attentive to the experience of operation when it comes to the following product categories:

  • safety;
  • medicine and healthcare;
  • products for children;
  • durable goods;
  • technique and electronics.

This increased attention and interest in the opinions of others is explained by the impact of products on life and health, as well as the difficulty in evaluating some characteristics that depend on the personal perception of a person. General information about the parameters and properties of the goods is not enough.

почему отзывы важны для бизнеса

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The impact of the source of information on making a purchase decision

Feedback Sources about buying can be divided into two groups:

  1. own website of the online store;
  2. external sources:
    • recall sites;
    • customer blogs;
    • social networks;
    • competitor sites and Internet trade aggregators.

Marketing research and customer surveys show that source publication does not significantly affect the degree of trust of potential customers to reviews. Therefore, you should not be afraid to fill in the ratings and comments of buyers of the product card of your online store. Potential customers will not be more suspicious than those published on third-party resources.

где пользователи должны оставлять оценки товару

At the same time, the opportunity to get acquainted with information about user experience on the store’s website increases the likelihood of a purchase before 4 -x times. Thus, reviews on the site are an effective tool for increasing sales and conversion.

How negative and positive reviews affect sales

The vast majority of users primarily pays attention to negative reviews. Most often, they contain detailed information about the problem, therefore they are more useful for deciding on a purchase and cause more trust. 

Unlike positive ones, negative comments provide an opportunity fix the situation for the better and increase user loyalty. This can be achieved through the demonstration:

  • increased attention and a high degree of company responsibility;
  • desires to help a displeased client solve the problem;
  • willingness to listen to customer opinions and change for the better.

This effect can be achieved, quality practice negative customer reviews on the site and external sources. 

The only positive feedback is in doubt in their truthfulness and honesty of the web resource as a whole. By removing negative customer ratings and comments from the site, you risk lowering the conversion level and losing potential buyers. 

In order to prevent visitors from suspecting the honesty of the online store, it is not recommended to clean up the estimates of dissatisfied customers. Ideally, positive reviews are diluted with negative ones, but the percentage of the latter should be noticeably lower.

Analyst shows: users more often buy goods whose rating varies within 4 —4.7 stars. Higher product valuation reduces conversion.

какими должны быть отзывы для конверсии

How many reviews affect conversion

One or two comments do not allow a confident decision to purchase. This small number of opinions is too small to affect sales.

65 % users surveyed during marketing research reported that to choose them enough 10 opinions of past customers. This number may vary depending on the characteristics of the product, product category and price group. For some items, the choice of which buyers are more responsible, at least 50 detailed reviews are required, and for some it is enough 5.

On average, the presence of 5 –10 customer comments on the website of the online store allows you to gain firm confidence in the purchase and increase the conversion.

How the feedback format affects the sale of the online store

Detailed reviews are more useful than a point score of the product. In addition, often buyers do not evaluate the product, but the purchase process, which is completely unrelated to the product itself. The assessment without comment does not make it clear what did not suit or, on the contrary, pleased the buyer and correlate this with personal preferences.

Correctly structured comments highlighting common pros and cons and dividing text into semantic paragraphs attract more attention and more convenient to learn. Far from always, buyers can independently write a well-designed review. Therefore, it is recommended to create forms for evaluating goods with the selection of semantic points: main, disadvantages, advantages, detailed commentary, photographs.

пример формы для отзыва на сайте

Photo users increase confidence in their authors and the comment itself. In addition, they are more informative and useful than the text.

Recently, more and more appear video reviews buyers who are very comfortable and indicative. At the moment this is one of the best valuation formats. in terms of efficiency for sales. In our separate article you can find out more, how to motivate customers to leave feedback.


Reviews work and help sell more. Therefore, we recommend establishing feedback with customers and motivating them to share their impressions of the purchase. The value has not only the quantity, but also the quality of the comments that can and should be influenced.

Do not be afraid of negative reviews, they can work for you much more efficiently than praise. The main thing is to turn them into your own marketing tool.

Create an image of an open seller. Help visitors make the right choice.. Bring your own customers to this. Such an approach will increase trust and respect for the online store and significantly increase sales and company benefits.