Ignoring feedback can negatively affect both the position of the site and the opinion of potential customers about the company. Therefore, it is important to monitor what is written about you and be able to respond correctly. 


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The impact of reviews on website promotion and company reputation

Reviews affect:

  • Ranking in local search engine output
    When a user searches for information about local companies, Google and Yandex search results often card block displayed. The promotion in local extradition is affected not only by the proximity of the company and the occupancy of the account in Google my business and Yandex Directory, but also reviews. This takes into account not only their number, but also the ratio of positive and negative estimates, as well as their limitation.

    In addition, when users immediately see a good assessment in the search results, they are more likely to go to the company's website and use its services.

    влияние отзывов на продвижение сайта в google
  • Company and brand reputation
    The opinions of people who have previously collaborated with the company often affect the decision of potential customers. It turns out, company or brand reputation depends on feedback, not just on your own efforts in promotion. 
  • Sales volume
    Marketing research shows that most potential buyers (for various sources from 65 % to 90 %) before making a purchase read reviews customers and product users. At the same time, they affect the decision to purchase the vast majority.
  • Site positions in search engine output
    In early August 2020, John Muller of Google said that a large number of bad reviews about the company can be taken into account when ranking the site and adversely affect its position. There was no comment on his part about the impact of positive reviews, but we, in our experience, can say that they are comprehensive and accurately contribute to the promotion of the site.

    So effect achieved by growth external links and company references on the network. As a result, interest from users increases, traffic becomes more diverse and quantity grows transitions by brand request

    If users leave feedback on the pages of your own site, you get:

Search engines positively evaluate such changes. As a result, the rating of the site increases, and its position in the results of the issue grows.

Who needs feedback

Everyone needs calls equally.: customers, potential buyers, business owner and even third-party companies. Let's look at the real benefits they get.


The ability to speak out is one of the main reasons for the popularity of chats, forums, social networks, call sites and any other sites on which you can share your own opinion.

When customers leave feedback and comments:

  • The presence of negative experience
    This is the most common reason that users leave feedback about the company or products. A frustrated person who is sure that he was deceived speaks much more willingly than a satisfied client. Remember this, deciding whether to work with reviews for SEO website promotion.

    Far from always negative estimates reflect reality. Often the buyer himself causes his own discontent. But users reading it are more likely to sympathize with the “affected” client than with the company.

    негативная оценка компании пример
  • Good practice
    The desire to share their own joy about buying or having experience with a company representative arises much less often in people. However, positive reviews are also common on the network. 

    положительная оценка компании пример
  • Desire to Benefit
    Companies motivate users to share their opinions, and in return offer them additional discounts, bonuses or other “plushki”.

    пример мотивации пользователей оставить отзыв
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Future buyers

Shopping on the Internet has its pros and cons. The latter include the need to make almost blind choices. The user does not have the opportunity to feel the goods, to talk face to face with the seller, to form an assessment based on personal presence and the presence of his own experience.

Other user comments help not to make mistakes, not to become a victim of scammers and make the right choice.

Business owners

  • Positive user ratings affect SEO website promotion and help attract new visitors from search engines.
  • Customer reviews are an invaluable source of useful and important information about your products, service, website and company from the hands of a real consumer. Very often it is impossible to notice shortcomings in your own work. Therefore, it is so important to study the opinions of those people who already have experience working with you and are ready to give an assessment from the outside. This approach will improve the project, while not spending money on marketing research or the method of trial and error.
  • The ability to work with reviews on the network can become an effective tool for fighting for customers. Attention, goodwill, the desire to help and become better, the recognition of one’s own mistakes and sincere gratitude in response to even the most negative comment will help to win the favor of current and potential customers.
  • Given that reviews often affect the purchase decision, their availability will be increase sales and profits.

Representatives of third-party companies

Review sites are not just sites that allow anyone to speak out. This is a certain type of business, whose goal is to benefit. Such resources earn not only popularity, high places in search engine output and income by creating advertising space. Many similar sites are ready to remove negative reviews or place “custom” for a fee.

Review Promotion: How to Get the Most Benefit

Feedback greatly affects site promotion. And the success of your campaign to improve your position in search engine output will depend on how correctly you work in this direction.

There are several comment options, each of which has its own goals and objectives. Let's look at them in more detail.

  1. Writing feedback on your products, company, brand
    This method cannot be attributed to “honest” competition. But, before giving it up, see how it can be used without violating any ethical standards.
    • Ordering or self-writing positive feedback from customer faces
      The most common option. The benefits include the fact that you yourself have the opportunity to create an opinion about the company or products on the network. 

      It is important to correctly build a “client” assessment, otherwise you can ruin the reputation of your own company. For example, you need to be able to adjust to the style of the target audience of the company, to restrain yourself in praise, not to write too long or short comments.

      qcomments способ увеличить количество отзывов
    • Creating useful feedback posts for users
      On the one hand, this method also comes down to self-writing positive reviews about your own project. But still, it differs from the previous option in that it is primarily aimed at the benefit for potential buyers.

      Such posts on behalf of customers contain more detailed and valuable information about products that are aimed not at attracting the buyer, but at helping in choosing. By posting additional photos or video materials on which the size, forms and other properties of the product are better visible, you help not only yourself. Users are very trusted in customer reviews, not company representatives.
  2. Competitor Review Writing
    This method does not apply to the promotion of its own project as such. But many allow themselves a similar option to fight competitors. We do not use this means of “provement”, so we will not stop at it.
  3. Work with existing reviews
    Website promotion based on comments and feedback involves careful work. With the right approach, this brings great benefit to the company and allows you to improve your reputation without any special investments. 

    Regularly check for new references about the company and respond to them. So you will show potential customers that you know how to work on mistakes, respect the opinion of each of your customers and therefore deserve attention.

    Read more about, how to respond to negative reviews correctly, You will find out in one of the previously posted articles.
  4. Customer motivation for writing reviews
    Most often, to get a positive review, just ask about it. 

    Satisfied buyers rarely realize the importance of reviews. However, they almost never refuse if you ask to leave a small comment and say where and how to do it.
    • Do not forget teach employees themselves - from a sales manager to a courier - ask for feedback about company or products. 
    • Send automatic letters customers some time after the purchase with a link to the site page where you can share your impressions.

      пример письма с просьбой оставить отзыв
    • Insert a leaflet in the package with such a request. 
    • Offer a discount or bonus points for future purchase for feedback.

      пример как продвигать сайт с помощью отзывов


All this does not require significant costs, but allows you to get positive ratings that help in SEO promote the site and contribute to an increase in sales.


Reviews affect site promotion, so you need to work with them. Monitor the emergence of new references to your company, as well as motivate satisfied customers to share their experience in working with you. 

What comments - positive or negative - do you leave most often and why?

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