Social networks break attendance records. More and more people are pouring here to communicate and receive information. Therefore, it is so important not only to create social networks and company pages, but also connect them with the site. The most convenient way for this - placement of a special widget subscription. So users will not only see that you keep up with the times and are ready to offer them something more, but they will also be able to follow up on current news, become subscribers to the group, and later - customers.

Let's look at how to install a widget from the Instagram “visual” social network on your site and what benefits such functionality will give you.


How to quickly achieve the desired position of the site

How to get a subscription widget on the Instagram page

By adding the Instagram widget to your site, you:


Therefore, we recommend to all companies create your own Instagram page and connect it to the site. But with the latter, many have some difficulty: this social network does not have an official widget like VKontakte or Facebook.

Besides in June 2020 developers changed content access policies and closed base API (Instagram basic API), making the division into:

  1. Instagram basic display API - for limited work with social network capabilities;
  2. Instagram graph API - to create more complex programs using the capabilities of Instagram.


As a result of this update many services, plugins and widgets have ceased to work, and the instructions published up to this point are no longer relevant.

But this does not mean that you cannot create and embed Instagram tape on your site. Our experts tested working methods, and selected the most convenient and functional. We will talk about them below.

Services for creating an Instagram widget in the site

Indicate your site and find out what it lacks for top positions

Elfsight - a service for creating widgets without coding

Elfsight service offers over 60 different widgets for posting on a web resource. To establish a relationship with Instagram used Instagram Feed plugin. Using it, you can quickly link your page on the social network to the site by name, hashtag or any other parameter. You also can choose the appearance widget, for example, place a button on the site with a photo of your profile.

плагин инстаграма для сайта в сервисе Elfsight

Among useful and functional features This Instagram plugin for the site can be distinguished by:

  • the ability to view photos and videos from Instagram in full on the pages of the site;
  • selection of one of six types of display. Most often on sites you can find the first two: in the form of a slider with the ability to view the photo feed without additional information (Slider layout), in the form of a photo grid with customizable parameters (Grid model);

    как добавить ленту инстаграм на сайт
  • "Subscribe" button on Instagram;
  • icons that allow you to share photos from the social network directly from the company's website;
  • creating buttons with call to action;
  • selection of the effect of pointing to the image;

    скрипт instagram для сайта в Elfsight
  • 12 ways to process the appearance of a photo profile on a site to create a single style.


установка кода виджета инстаграм на сайте

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right tariff plan. The basic plan allows you to install a free Instagram widget on one site, but the number of impressions will be limited to 200 per month. This is clearly not enough for almost any resource, so it is better to use paid subscription. 

For $ 5 you will receive up to 5 000 widget displays per month and the ability to connect to 5 sites. For $ 10 - up to 50,000 impressions on any number of sites. For $ 25 - up to 5 000,000 views. The service gives a lot of useful features. But minus is that payment required monthly

цены Elfsight на подключение ленты инсты

LightWidget - Instagram Adaptive Widget Service

The service is not yet in well-deserved popularity, but it is very convenient. For our and client sites, we use it. From minuses can be noted only that lack of Russian version.

сервис LightWidget для создания виджета инстаграма

To register, log in using the data of your account on Instagram. Further move on to choosing settings:

  • the choice presents options for displaying the widget: a static grid or a slider with the ability to flip the photo tape;
  • selection of images in a frame with the installation of its color in accordance with the style of the site;
  • you can specify the number of columns and rows in the grid, the distance between the photo;
  • turning on or off the text of posts;
  • the choice of effect when the user hovering from 9 options (disappearance, increase, overlay of the magnifying glass or Instagram logo, etc.);
  • action after click: go to Instagram profile, go to post or nothing.


Outwardly widgets installed using LightWidget, look very nice and interesting, at the same time give a lot of opportunities and comfort to users.

пример установленной ленты instagram на сайте

The authors of the project added the ability to preview the result of the settings, which is also very useful. HTML code generated after user approval. Further him must be inserted into the source code of the site.

html код для установки instagram на страницу

The pricing policy of service developers can be considered more than loyal to users. There is a free version of Instagram script installation for the site. But this option has one significant drawback: the widget is available only on the unprotected HTTP protocol. 

To protect the personal data of users, the developer offers change the protocol to a safe one - HTTPS. This feature is paid and costs $ 10. In addition to changing the protocol, the buyer receives:

  • widget loading acceleration;
  • updates more than once a day;
  • the ability to make adjustments to widget settings;
  • notification of expired access tokens.


Given that payment is a one-time, the offer can be called very profitable.

цены LightWidget на создание кнопки инстаграм

How to make an Instagram widget for the site for free

Exist free services, with which you can put Instagram tape on your site. For example, Similar widget designers are not much different from each other, they are easy to use and offer limited customization options

Basic and very significant flaw similar services is outdated view widget, which will not attract special attention of users. 

бесплатный instagram виджет для сайта

Also for some CMS systems and designers the developers have created special plugins and modules that allow you to add Instagram feed to the site without third-party services for free. For example, for WordPress can use plugins:

  1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed;
  2. Spotlight - Social Photo Feeds;
  3. Feed Them Social;
  4. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget.


Now you know how to add the Instagram widget to the site after the changes made by the network developers. Even the most successful solutions in terms of opportunities and design are quite inexpensive, while can do a lot of good for your business.

Have you ever interacted with Instagram widgets and other social networks posted on sites you are users of?

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