Reputation on the Internet - general opinion about strengths and weaknesses a company or person based on information disseminated on the Web. The opinions of users are influenced by many external and internal factors: fashion and trends in the business niche, personal experience and feedback from third-party users, level of competition, activity and public activity of the company.

In this article you will learn about creating a company's reputation on the Internet: how to form a positive image and not destroy it in the future.


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Why is reputation so important for online business

Formed online reputation directly affects sales. After all, the user must be absolutely sure of the company, which he trusts not only money, but also information related to his personal and financial security.

Negatively, the user's decision on cooperation is affected not only by a negative reputation. The lack of an established opinion and the lack of information about the reliability of the company also impedes development and promotion. Potential clients are scared away by both bad opinion and unknown.

All this proves: preparation for the formation of a positive reputation should begin before the launch of the project. Further work is underway to create and retain or (if necessary) improve it.

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Reputation Methods

Creating a company's reputation on the Internet is a whole range of measures to shape its image. There are several methods of working with public opinion.:

  • Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) - an Internet marketing tool, managing the reputation of an Internet project in the issuance of search engines;
  • Social Media Reputation Management (SMRM) - the formation of a positive image on social networks;
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM) - building the company's reputation on the Internet, including by SERM and SMRM;
  • Hidden Marketing (HM) - marketing measures aimed at creating a positive attitude towards the company by means that are presented as if they come from unrelated persons.

The result of using these methods depends on the measures applied, the thoroughness and regularity of their implementation. It is best to work in all directions and use all available reputation management tools.

Consider how to build a positive project reputation using the example of SERM.

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In what cases is SERM needed

Formation and searchout reputation management always positively affects the development of the project and the profitability of the business. But in some cases, using this Internet marketing tool is simply necessary.

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When SERM can't do without:

  • the company is just starting promotion on the Web, no information is available about it;
  • there are many negative comments about the company on the Internet;
  • competitors attacked the project by posting negative reviews;
  • in the near future it is planned to present a new product, hold an action, organize an event, etc.;
  • before the start of an active search for new partners and investors.

We recommend using SERM funds before any planned changes related to the development of the Internet project. This will set the stage for increasing the efficiency of their implementation and maximizing the benefits.

SERM stages, or how to build a good reputation on the Web

Building a reputation in searchable output is a process consisting of successive steps. From how carefully you approach the implementation of each of them, it will depend on how much your project will appear before users who want to know more about it.

1. Search and assessment of the status of search output: mood monitoring  

At this stage, an analysis of the issue is carried out in response to search queries, including the name of the company / brand / product. First of all, it is necessary monitor company references. To do this, you must enter the request “reviews + [name of company / product, etc.]” into the search bar. Any value reference in TOP-10 (20) requires attention. This is what a potential client or partner learns about you when looking for company information.

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2. Creating a strategy to improve or strengthen reputation
Depending on the information obtained during the analysis of company references in search engine output, at this stage it is required to designate the goals of SERM and consider measures to achieve them.

If the bulk of the reviews are negative, it is necessary to consider a system of measures to correct the situation. With a positive project image on the Internet, it is enough to continue working on maintaining the result.

3. SERM Strategy Implementation
To increase user loyalty help:

  • publication and promotion of useful content on behalf of the company on its own website and third-party resources;
  • response to feedback and comments on the Web; especially important work with negative reviews;
  • motivation of satisfied customers to publish positive reviews;
  • appeal to the admins of web resources on which negative information is posted, clearly of a custom nature and not validated.

The main task is to push out at least from TOP-10 (first page) of search negative, associated with your online project.

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How to create and long consolidate the reputation of a reliable company

It takes months or even years to create a good reputation. But to destroy the good name of the company is quite quickly: to make a couple of fatal mistakes or to miss the attack of an unscrupulous competitor. 

We recommend that you adhere to several rules for the successful formation and preservation of the reputation of a bona fide partner, seller or source of information.

  • Opinion monitoring should be carried out regularly. This will quickly respond to the appearance of any negative and take effective measures to eliminate it. Negative impressions are more willingly shared than praise, and competitors are often ready to go on a clear deception to achieve their goals. Timeliness in creating and maintaining a good image is very important.
  • Motivate customers to share reviews. Positive comments increase the overall rating of the company. Negative - allow you to prove in practice that you respect the opinions of customers and partners and are ready to change for the better, and also help to find your own mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Work constantly on the quality of your online project, product, service. Strive to be better at everything. A good reputation is a consequence of the excellent comprehensive work of the company and each of its employees.

If you stick to these rules, working on the image of your own business, the reputation of your project will be almost impossible to undermine.