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Why do you need brand recognition

Brand is not only the name of the company or manufacturer, but also all associated associative series, arising from a potential client. It can be fully considered one of the characteristics of the product or offer. Often it is he who has the main influence on consumer choice. 

And all because our brain filters information flickering in front of it, paying attention only to certain signals. Having become accustomed to the abundance of banners, many users do not even see them. But those who interest them the brand works, making the offer noticeable.

It turns out that with an increase in recognition:

  • interest appears in the target audience;
  • increased confidence;
  • SEO indicators and advertising efficiency are improving;
  • conversion percentage rises;
  • sales and profits increase.

How to measure the popularity of a brand in search engines

Accurate data on the level of company fame is virtually impossible to determine. But you can evaluate the dynamics of growth of popularity on the network using analysis:

  • requests containing a company name or an promoted name;
  • branded traffic to the site;
  • the number of reviews and references at various thematic sites. 

Accordingly, this can be tracked in:

  • Yandex Wordstat, Google Keyword Planner and others request selection services
    By entering the brand analyzer search bar, you can find out how many times it was used as a key or part of it. Additional information (research period, region, composition of key phrases, type of user device) will help you learn a little more about the changes and understand what influenced them.

    как отследить узнаваемость бренда по запросам
  • Google search console and Yandex Webmaster
    In Search Console, in the “Efficiency > Search Results” section, using filters, you can find out if there were transitions by brand request, when and in what quantity. Similarly, in Webmaster, this is checked in the “Search Requests > Statistics” tab.

    измеряем популярность по брендовому трафику
  • Google alerts
    It is configured so that alerts to the mail come about all company references on the network. Also for this purpose you can use special search operators and perform a manual check.

    отслеживать упоминания о компании в сети картинка

How to make a brand recognizable

What affects brand recognition? Number and quality of company name references, product brands or names where there is a target audience. Therefore, first you need to clearly define all points of contact with potential customers and begin a focused hunt for the interest of users. 

We will analyze the most effective tools that allow increasing brand awareness on the Internet.

SEO promotion

Search engines exist in order to “bring” the target audience with their proposals. Your task is help them find your site using SEO tools.

Brands that have captured the top lines of extradition deserve more trust based on logic - since the search engine considers the offer the most suitable, then the company is really worth the attention.

One more effect of getting into the TOP issue - constant being in the field of view of users. If they don’t go to the site right away, they will quickly remember the name of the brand in relation to their interest.

Get a free consultation from an expert on your project

Publications in external sources

Quality Content works wonders. It not only benefits the target audience, but also is an inexhaustible source of traffic. The publication of interesting articles that can answer user questions and solve their problems positively affects brand recognition and creates the image of an expert for the company.

When choosing a platform for posting articles, it is important to focus on its thematic relevance and reputation.

публикации на информационных порталах пример

Social networks and messengers

Social networks and messenger need not only to increase sales, but also to increase brand awareness.

For this create thoughtful content plan using posts of various types. Publish useful information with high-quality branded images, do contests, bonus offers and subscriber surveys. As a result the account will appear in user feeds more often, making him more recognizable.

Messengers have another tool for growing recognition - stickers. Funny branded characters are used as emoticons, making messages more figurative and colorful. Compliance with the subject of the conversation, humor, pretty symbols are quickly remembered and create pleasant associations.

стикеры для роста узнаваемости бренда

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Famous personalities

The names of bloggers and representatives of the media sphere themselves are brands. With their support, you can increase the fame of your own project by adding a new important characteristic to it - high opinion leader

It is important that your project be covered by a popular person who is knowledgeable in this topic. It is his audience who is able to evaluate the information and become interested in the new brand.

Info guides

The creation of the “movement” is also positively perceived by the audience. Excitement and pleasant bonuses as a result, they fuel interest and facilitate the rapid dissemination of information by users. 

Competitions, shuttles, flash mobs, marathons, quests are an excellent engine of popularity. With their help, informing about a new brand or product is turning from ordinary advertising into a more visible action that increases the loyalty and interest of the target audience.

"Invite a friend"

Using the referral program, many companies realized that such a means of increasing brand awareness is one of the most effective. The whole secret is the trust experienced by the recipient of the invitation. You believe an incomparably more to a friend or acquaintance who personally appreciated the brand’s offers than to any type of advertising. 

A discount, gift or other form of encouragement is a motivation for sending invitations.

повышение сарафанного радио о компании


A thoughtful advertising campaign can serve not only as a source of sales, but also as a tool to increase brand awareness. For this purpose will do contextual advertising in search engines, targeted on social networks and media on thematic sites. 

YouTube Video

YouTube is an ideal platform for promoting the brand. The channel does not have to sell. His task is creating useful videos, who will work for recognition.

The video format is gaining more and more popularity, and over time it will only grow. You can motivate users to subscribe and repost by quality, finding interesting moves in demonstrating information, creating a series of videos that develop a topic that is curious for the target audience. 

популярность бренда в ютуб канале


The image of an expert can be created by issuing electronic and printed books. Focus - Useful Information, interested target audience. Offering e-books and helping users make a choice, do some work, find the right solution, you model the image of an authoritative mentor. This tool will make the brand not just recognizable, but also profitably distinguish it in comparison with competitors.

Электронная книга Павла Шульги о seo-продвижении


A fairly new and not yet very promote format in the CIS countries. And this is its advantage compared to already known and actively used tools for influencing popularity. In most business nish podcasts are not used or poorly developed, by this (bye!) can be used profitably.

Plus podcasts for the target audience - free coverage of a curious topic in a convenient audio format. Very practical, for example, for motorists. In addition, within the framework of podcast, the effect of living personal communication is created.

If you are able to voice interesting and useful content, be sure to invite potential customers to become your listeners. For better memorization of the brand name, we recommend that you come up with and record a sound screen saver: music and rhymed phrases with the name and thematic direction are perfectly stored in memory.


Knowing how to ensure brand recognition, you can significantly affect the success of the entire project. The name should work with benefit, but for this it is necessary to create an image of an expert, a ground for trust and a positive associative series that is directly related to the proposed product. In this case, simply mentioning the goods or services that you are implementing will immediately tell the user who you need to go to.

Do you work on the recognition of your own brand?

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