The more contact points you manage to create by increasing the number of potential customers who learn about the offer, the more benefits you can get. Besides, SEO-spreading efficiency at creating additional social signals, growth and variety of traffic will also increase. Therefore, we recommend using every opportunity to search for representatives of the target audience.

In this article, we decided to talk about how to create a business account on Instagram and get more customers, orders and benefits.


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Opportunities for business profiles on Instagram: what is the secret of benefit

This social network has already collected a huge number of admirers and continues to build up the user base. Among them, there will certainly be representatives of your target audience who are interested in what you offer. All this indicates the need to create your own account on Instagram without fail.

Many already have personal pages on Inst. Is it possible to offer and promote products with their help? Theoretically, this is possible, but in practice it will not work to get the maximum effect, because this type of page originally has a different purpose.

Instagram developers specifically for business development came up with individual chips that work only when using a business account. Consider what benefits are offered for this.

Business Account Promotion Tools:

  • Statistics
    On Instagram, business profile owners have the opportunity to find out how users respond to publications. These data will allow us to evaluate whether the direction, style, nature of the content is correctly chosen, how interesting is what and how is covered, which material caused the greatest response and attracted more attention.

    статистика в бизнес страницах инстаграма

    Statistics data consist of three main blocks:
    • Overview: number of impressions, interactions with the account and publications, the most popular posts, stories and IGTV videos;
    • Your audience: the number of new subscribers and unsubscribing for the period, location, age, gender, activity time by day and hour;
    • Content: statistics on shows, comments, likes, coverage, etc. for each individual publication, Stories, IGTV video and advertising post.

      From statistics you can find out which publications motivated users to go to the site, call, repost and much more.
  • Promotion tool
    Publications in business accounts and the profile itself can be promoted to Instagram using advertising that targets a specific audience.

    возможность продвижения профиля компании в instagram

    Additionally, it is possible to motivate users to switch from Insta to the website of the Internet project.
  • Profile categories
    Assignment to the profile of the category, which most accurately characterizes the activities of the company / owner or the type of product / service, allows you to attract the attention of representatives of the target audience.

    выбор категории бизнес профиля в инсте
  • Instagram shop
    The latest developer gift that promotes business development on Instagram is the use of Shopping Tags, or product tags. With their help, you can inform users about the price, properties, product description in the photo. If you want to purchase the goods you like, the buyer can make a direct transition to the corresponding page of the site from the social network.

    At the moment, this functionality is not supported in all countries, but in the future the list of regions plans to expand.

    функция инстаграм-магазин для компаний
  • Additional features for potential customers
    The owner of a business account in the profile can place contact details - phone number, email address, actual address of the store / office. All these links can be clickable buttons with which users quickly and without unnecessary trouble call, write or see the route to the company address. This simplifies communication and has a great effect on sales growth.

    причина сделать бизнес страницу в инстаграм
  • Direct Quick Answer Templates
    In Instagram business profiles, it is possible to create saved answers to popular user questions in the Directorate. This will save your own time and energy.

    как создать сохраненные ответы в инстаграме

All of the above confirms: page in Instagram for business is a very effective tool development of a company or a personal brand that allows you to get a lot of benefits, faster promote an online project and increase sales.

Now let's figure out how to make a page on Instagram and start using all the advantages of this social network for business.

How to open a business account on Instagram: step-by-step instructions

Enabling a business profile is very simple. It does not take much effort and time. In general the process consists of 4 steps.

1 stage. Creating an Instagram Account

If you already have a personal page that you want to switch to a business profile, skip this step. If not yet, go to Instagram or official website this social network. Further:

  • Click "Register;

    как зарегистрироваться в instagram картинка
  • Come up with a unique username and reliable password to enter;
  • Indicate the phone number or email;

    создание аккаунта в инстаграме скриншот
  • Enter the confirmation code and complete the registration process.
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2 stage. Creating a company / brand page on Facebook

Although this step is optional, it will allow you to access more functions. Therefore, we recommend that you do not miss it, and get your own business page on Facebook. 

Only registered users can create a community, that is, owners of personal pages in FB. If this is not yet the case, you must register as the owner of a personal account, and then start working on the community.

To register a business page, click on the "Create" icon (value + in the upper right corner of the screen) - Page. In the window that opens, you must fill in the required fields, add an image, contact and other information.

как открыть бизнес страницу в фейсбуке пример

We described this process in detail in the article "How to create and complete a business page on Facebook".

After saving the page in the FB, you can proceed to create a professional profile in Instagram.

3 stage. Transition to Instagram Business Account

To add a page to Instagram from computer you need to go to the company profile on Facebook. On the left side of the screen, select Settings.

настройки страницы в fb картинка

In the new window, also in the left part of the settings menu we find a link to Instagram. Now it remains to click on the "Connect Account" button.

как привязать facebook к instagram

We indicate the login and password to the created profile in Instagram. Next, by clicking three times on the “Continue” button, we go to the Instagram business profile control panel and fill out data about the company.

настройка бизнес профиля инстаграм через компьютер

You can switch to a business page on Instagram from the phone. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. We go to the Instagram application;
  2. We turn the data of the personal account with a click on the right upper icon (three horizontal lines);
  3. We select "Settings" at the bottom of the screen;
  4. We click on the "Account" link;
  5. At the very bottom of the page we go to the link “Switch to a professional account” (or “Add a new professional account” if you want to create a new page in Instagram for business);

    как перейти на бизнес профиль в инстаграм
  6. Click "Continue; 
  7. We select the category that most accurately describes the type of activity, for example: a personal blog, a clothing brand, a restaurant, a bookstore, business services, etc. The category can be changed at any time if you decide to choose a more suitable or change the direction of activity;

    как выбрать business-категорию страницы
  8. We indicate who exactly the profile will represent: company or public person;

    как создать бизнес аккаунт в инстаграм с телефона
  9. Check the contact details and, if necessary, make changes;
  10. We link the account to the business page on Facebook, and complete the process.

    привязка инсты к фейсбуку картинка

4 stage. Filling out the profile and setting up a business account in Instagram

You can supplement or change previously entered company information, by clicking on the "Edit Profile" button in the application. Here can:

  • set a new category;
  • fill out brief information (biography);
  • indicate the address of the site;
  • enter or update contact information: phone number, email, physical address of the store or office;
  • change profile photo (avatarku);
  • add action buttons;
  • configure what data users will see on the page of your business profile.

If it’s more convenient for you to use a computer, go to the Instagram tab on the business page on Facebook and fill out the data there.

редактирование бизнес профиля в instagram с компьютера

This completes the process of opening and setting up a business profile in Instagram. If in the future you want change it to a personal page again or become an author, similarly go to the account settings and click on the "Change account type" button.


A business profile helps you get additional opportunities for the development of a company or brand, as well as the promotion of an Internet project. Given the habits and nature of modern Network users, especially the young, most active and solvent part of them, we recommend that you do not ignore this tool for growing popularity and sales.

Do you already use the Instagram business page to attract customers?

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