Having even not too laudatory reviews is more beneficial than their complete absence. The latter is often perceived by customers as evidence of company inexperience or fraud. Therefore, it is so important to know how to collect feedback from customers.

This task has several solutions. In the article, we will analyze how to get an assessment of their work from customers, without causing negative emotions in them.

7 ways to collect customer reviews:

  1. To ask
  2. Call positive emotions
  3. Exchange for bonuses
  4. Organize a contest for the best review
  5. Arrange prize draws among customer reviews who have left feedback
  6. Order product / service testing
  7. Create info guides

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7 ways to collect customer reviews

1. To ask

Often we take something good for granted, without even thinking about what can and should be thanked for it. A regular request can solve this problem..

Options for asking a client to write a review:

  • the manager or courier is personally addressed;
  • in email mailing or SMS with reference to the gratitude page;
  • in a leaflet with a QR code that can be put in a package for the product;
  • through personal messages on social networks.

Here are some good examples of asking to leave feedback.

просьба оставить отзыв с qr-кодом

пример просьбы оставить отзыв в письме

2. Call positive emotions

This way of motivating a client to leave feedback requires training, excellent knowledge of the nature of the target audience and the share of fantasy. The point is that, in addition to the expected result, the buyer receives something else. Unexpected joy and even just a pleasant minor surprise usually causes a desire to share with others.

Strong emotions are the cause of the special popularity of negative reviews. They seem to be tearing us apart and demanding steam. Positive emotions also work. The main thing is to come up with and supplement the order with something else that can emotionally push the client to write a couple of nice words to your address. Unexpected "trouble" improves mood and motivates to do something nice in return.

Positive emotions can be caused without cost. To do this, it is enough to refine the service by doing something beyond the expectations of the buyer.  

3. Exchange for bonuses

You can offer the client to leave a review in return for some gift. It could be discount, bonus points, cashback or present. The conditions for such a mutually beneficial exchange are agreed in advance, most importantly, to inform the client about them.

People are more likely to spend their time on reviews if some, albeit very insignificant, fees are offered for them. At the same time, the opportunity to get something almost “for so” can positively affect the very assessment of a purchase or service.

пример скидки взамен на отзыв

пример как мотивировать клиента оставить отзыв

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4. Organize a contest for the best review

A competitive spirit is present in many people. Azart is a powerful motivator in itself.. This formula works great when answering a question on how to get feedback from a client.

Announce a contest to participate in which you must share your impressions of the previous or new order. The main thing is to make transparent the choice of the winner and not forget to reward him by talking about the results.

Feedback is a multifunctional marketing tool. One of its functions is feedback from real customers. A truly good review is a true assessment that helps you get better. This is important to consider when drawing up competitive rules. 

5. Arrange prize draws among customer reviews who have left feedback

Another option for gambling. Draw or lottery differ from the competition in the presence of the effect of surprise results. As an amplifier, you can use the time factor by slightly increasing the validity of the prize promotion. This will fuel interest and motivate customers to leave not one, but several reviews, each of which will give an additional chance to win.

Such actions often also allow increasing benefits at the expense of increase in the number of purchases / orders during.

розыгрыш между покупателями за отзыв

6. Order product / service testing

A testirovchik or “secret buyer” can be not only a hired specialist. This task is able to accomplish by some buyers. Permanent customers approach this role., who understand the topic and can make a detailed review report on the company's products. In this case, the product or service is provided free of charge, often it is they who are the payment for the assessment.

Before offering the client write a review, It is important to choose the right person. He must really understand the subject and be a real buyer. For example, it is better for a manufacturer of children's goods to seek help from mothers who purchase their products for their kids. They definitely have something to say about the case.

Experienced “ratings” among customers can be find on call sites. To do this, just look for feedback on competitors and invite their author to compare existing experience with the work of your company.

7. Create info guides

People often begin to share their own experiences after they see the right content, which can be supplemented with their impressions. This phenomenon especially noticeable on social networks, where users initially come to talk and share their opinions based on experience.

Publish news, talk about products and partners, announce upcoming events. Some of your customers will be more willing to talk about working with a company under such posts and articles.


Positive feedback is not luck, but the fruit of professional and efficient work.. Use all possible means of collecting comments and ratings, combine, replace one with the other. This will certainly benefit the business and will allow you to get around competitors.