Feedback is essential for development. The negative comments and ratings published on the Web deserve special attention. They are left more often, read with great interest, they can work both to the detriment and benefit of the company.

Work with those reviews that able to increase user confidence. Estimates that may result in serious reputation risks must be removed. The main thing is not to forget to timely monitor information affecting the image of the company and the choice of potential customers. 

Let's figure out how best to deal with criticism and how to remove negative reviews about the company that impede development.


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Negative comments: delete or not?

Criticism can and should work for the benefit of business.. Without negative comments, creating a positive image of a company with which you want to cooperate is almost impossible. Therefore, before asking how to remove negative feedback on the Internet, you need to understand whether this will be beneficial for development.

Most winning to build trust rating of 4.2–4.7 points. That is, the presence of a small negativity or neutrality is normal. After all, it is impossible to provide a service that absolutely everyone will be happy with.

What negative reviews cannot be deleted:

  • The score is uncritical
    The degree of negativity can be different, as well as the seriousness of the problem. The buyer may be dissatisfied with the packaging or the fact that delivery on weekdays does not personally suit him. Such reviews are hardly capable of spoiling the reputation. But the presence of a positive response can be very productive for development.
  • Comment is true and reflects reality
    Removing such a comment can turn even a fairly harmless situation into a real scandal and select important company reputation points. The user is likely to spread the news of a violation throughout the Internet, adding misconduct to the main problem and trying to hide the truth. In addition, it is almost impossible to delete such reviews on external sources without the consent of the author.

    Sometimes it is possible to negotiate with the author and solve the problem in exchange for deleting the comment. But in any case, such reviews require careful and responsible work. They must be noted and corrected by reporting this to a displeased client and other users. Such an approach to work always causes sympathy among potential customers: mistakes are made by everything, but only the best correct them.

    In the article "How to work with bad reviews"you will learn how to respond correctly to customer negativity and level it. 
  • User complaint repeated
    The situation when, in response to the first negative review, the company took measures to eliminate the problem, in itself proves that it is customer-oriented and deserves attention and trust. The fact that the user was again unhappy often speaks of his qualities, and not about the company's error. And that is a plus.

    Even if the client again encountered an error, you should not deal with the recall, but with your own shortcomings. And such a struggle must be shown.

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What negative reviews need to be deleted:

  • Erroneous comment
    The author could confuse the name of the company, leaving a negative comment on an external web resource. In this case, you must contact the site administration and provide evidence of misunderstanding. 

    Another solution to the problem is to try contacting the user who left the review and ask to correct the error.
  • Comment without specificity and meaning
    Such comments also negatively affect sales. and the image of the company. Removing negative reviews from external sites that are meaningless or do not contain any specific data is usually very difficult. 

    The problem may be solved by requesting clarification data or documentary evidence. If no response follows for a long time, the review will receive dubious status, some sites will remove them. If the client is ready to clarify the situation, you need to try to solve the problem and change its rating for the better.
  • Comment contains false information
    For example, feedback is ordered by a competitor or the company's client distorted the situation.

    In both cases, a reputation can be seriously damaged without the fault of the company itself. They must be cleaned up not only on their own website. Whenever it is possible to prove your case, you should do it and remove slander from the Web. 

How to remove bad reviews about the company on the Internet

By removing the fake comment from the site, you can not be afraid that the author will take any retaliatory measures. But if the review is posted on an external web resource, removing it will be much more difficult.

There is only 5 the ability to get rid of a comment containing false information on a third-party site.

  1. Make contact with the author of the review and agree on a solution to the problem
    An ideal option that allows not only to get rid of the negative assessment on the Web, but also to turn a displeased client into a loyal one. You can make a replacement or return, arrange a discount or gift, etc. In response, the author may delete or modify his comment. This method works extremely rarely, because it can be difficult to identify the author at external sources.
  2. Send a request to the site moderator who published the review
    It will work if there is strong evidence that the comment was created on request and has no basis. Most often, such reviews are published from recently registered accounts that have not previously left messages without providing contact details. The front review itself is often unfounded and does not contain specificity confirming documents or photographs. Many custom comments are alike.

    Not always reviews are ready to independently understand the accuracy of the posted information. In this case, you can try to answer the negative first and ask for additional data to solve the problem. If no response follows, this can also be used as evidence.

    Alternatively, a paid removal of a clearly dubious assessment may be suggested. Most often, such a solution is inappropriate: pay once, the site itself will publish another 10 negative reviews and require money again. Many reviews earn just that.

    как удалить плохие отзывы в интернете
  3. Leave a complaint on the site
    On web resources created to publish reviews, it is possible to send a complaint to the author of the comment. It is not a fact that the administrators will take the side of the company and decide to delete information, but in any case they will receive a signal and, most likely, try to figure it out. Otherwise, it will be possible to complain to the site itself, which does not respond to the request of the company and does not want to be responsible for the accuracy of the published data.
  4. Google request to remove the page from the search issue
    In this way, you will not be able to remove bad feedback about the company from the site, but reduce the likelihood that your future customers will see it when searching for information on the Internet. You must file a DMCA complaint through a special Google form. But they will approve it only if there is disputed content that violates the rules of the search engine.
  5. Go to court
    The legislation of most countries provides for punishment for defamation not only in the form of public censure, but also a large fine. Moreover, as a defendant, you can immediately attract two parties - the author of the publication and the site on which it is located without proper verification. If the company's reputation has suffered significant damage, we recommend that you pay attention to this, legal, solution to the problem.

    Serious preparation is required to file an application. The help of a professional lawyer may be required.

There is another way to reduce the percentage of negative on the net about your brand - increase the number of positive feedback. Read about how to do this in the article “How to motivate customers to leave feedback.