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Ways to strengthen social signals

Those who know that promoting the site using social networks is a very important stage in the external optimization of any promoted web resource, clearly interested in how to strengthen social signals. After all, it seems that the groups created the buttons they needed, but there is still no expected effect.

What is wrong? Why is the number of visitors in groups not growing? Why does not traffic from social increases. networks?
The reason for this may be that You do not use all possible methods of promoting social signals.

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Improve social signals? Easy!

That is how you will consider if you study and implement all of the following ways to amplify social signals:

  1. Work with groups, public relations, pages. It’s not enough to just create a group, you also need to promote it in every possible way, to lead an “active life” in it. You can amplify social signals using advertising posts or even paid advertising in social. networks.

    This will increase the number of members of the public, which will definitely have a positive effect on social factors. Also do not forget about daily posts with news about events on your web resource (for example, the publication of a new article).

    Help improve social signals and various group contests. Remember to take care of delivering prizes to the winners and ask them to talk about it on their pages. 

  2. Group widgets on site pages, with which its visitors can become members of groups without going anywhere. To do this, just make one click on the widget.
  3. Like buttons help strengthen social signals if placed on each page of the web resource where interesting and useful information is posted. In addition to the placement itself, one must not forget about calls to action, which significantly increase the likelihood of these buttons being pressed.
  4. Repost buttons. With them, everything is similar to the previous paragraph. It is also recommended that appropriate calls for action be used.

  5. Hashtags. Come up with a unique hashtag that you will use in posts, photo signatures and generally wherever possible. Over time, it will become recognizable and will bring new visitors to your groups. 

  6. Share links to your groups with others that can be attributed to one topic in one way or another. This will be a kind of advertisement for your group. The truth about the exchange is mainly agreed by the administrators of groups, who are in popularity at about the same level with you. If their rating is much higher than yours, they will most likely be asked to pay for the placement of such links.  

  7. Quality Content. Post on the pages of your web resource texts, pictures and videos that its visitors can really like. This will help strengthen social signals naturally. If people like it, they press buttons, if not, they don’t press. Everything is extremely simple.


To maximize social signals that will lead to rating your site when ranking search engine output, it is recommended to use all of the above recommendations and take a responsible approach to their implementation. In other words, everything is in your hands!

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