Feedback on goods or services is content from users who already had the opportunity to test the company's offer in action and add up their opinion about its quality. They can be positive and negative, useful and “about nothing”. In the latter case, both the author and readers risk wasting their time writing and studying accordingly. 

We have prepared a number of tips and examples that will help you create really useful and interesting feedback on working with the company.


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5 reasons why people write reviews

The benefits of feedback for business owners are obvious. But what is the use for their authors?

They have the opportunity:

  • thank the company and help its development if the experience was positive;
  • express your dissatisfaction and warn others from cooperation if experience was negative;
  • affect the quality of goods / services / services;
  • receive a gift or discount if the company has bonuses for this;
  • make money.

These benefits can be obtained if you know how to create truly good reviews, and not just short prints like “all is good” or “just horror”. Let's figure out how to write reviews correctly so that they help users, companies and you personally.

How to write reviews that will benefit

There is no universal pattern for writing feedback about a person, product or company. It all depends on the specifics of the business, market features, target audience, product characteristics and many other factors. The process of describing the author’s experience can be compared with writing a school essay - a story about one’s own feelings and perception on a given topic. But, as with the essay, there are some rules that will help prepare feedback.

Own opinion

Good feedback, positive or negative, is always based on personal experience. His task is to talk about sensations. in the process of using goods / services or interacting with a person / company.

The stories of other buyers, expert assessments and other third-party information that is not relevant to the author’s opinion are not needed in the reviews. Its presence is mistrusted by readers, and such texts are more like an advertising post.

положительный отзыв о компании пример

Numeric parameters

If you don’t know how to write a review about the product, just list the characteristics that can be measured. Typically, such information is much more valuable and more useful than subjective estimates. 

Often in product descriptions omit information about the parameters of the item, and it is always important for making a decision on the purchase. Reviews containing data on length, width, height, compliance with the declared size and other physical characteristics are always popular and highly appreciated by users.

Nuances and details

The more details indicated in the review, the more informative it is. They are especially important when it comes not to goods. Nuances help to a greater extent evaluate the quality of the service or the level of service of the company. For example, in the hotel description, it is advisable to clarify whether the room was booked in advance or could / could not provide without reservation, a check-in time that could affect the speed of service, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

These items are already available on call sites and most online shopping facilities. With their help you can summarize the main pros and cons of goods, services or companies. We recommend that you always fill them out, and in case of absence, independently specify in a few words what you liked and what not.

Most often, any object has both pros and cons. Mentioning them, you will help other users determine what is more important for them and whether they are ready to accept the shortcomings due to the merits of the proposal.

как написать отзыв о товаре

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Clear structure and sequence

Structured text is easier and more pleasant to read.. Before creating a review, outline the text plan, breaking it into sections: date of purchase / circulation, term of use, external parameters, personal sensations, etc. Such a plan will allow you not to miss anything important of what you want to tell, will help readers better imagine the object, and also increase their confidence in the author.

Volume of information

When it comes to good recall, it’s better not to skimp on words. Some sites limit the minimum size of comments. about products or companies. For example, Yandex Market will not publish an estimate, the volume of which is less than 300 characters, considering it uninformative.

On the other hand, you do not need to write about what is not directly related to the object of recall. Minor or redundant information will force users to quit reading in half-word or may mislead readers and completely confuse. 

Photo and video

Visualization not always appropriate, but in most cases it helps to talk about goods much more. If you use reference items for a more accurate assessment of the external parameters of the object, you can significantly increase the degree of information content of the recall. 

отзыв об организации образец


Whenever possible, sign your reviews. This is necessary for:

  • increasing the degree of user confidence in the information provided;
  • dialogue with readers;
  • feedback from the seller / manufacturer / company (if provided by the site);
  • registration of a return or solution to a problem in another way (if provided).

Most often, sites provide the ability to leave not only a name, but also contact coordinates that will be available only to admins, web resource managers and companies.

Respectful attitude

Censorship is available on almost all sites, comments containing profanity are screened out by moderators. But, in addition to obscene language, a description of personal experience may also contain other forms of insult and disrespectful attitude to the company, seller or manufacturer. No matter how negative the experience of buying or communicating, do not recommend speaking in harsh form, especially to switch to personality. This negatively affects the assessment of the identity of the author himself and his trust in him.


It is unpleasant, and sometimes even impossible, to read the text with errors. There are special spelling and punctuation verification services. So if you are not sure about the correctness of the spelling, it is better to use them before publishing the review.

Description of personal experience as a means of earning

There are three options for earning as an “ratinger”:

  • custom reviews;
  • bonuses or discounts from retail space;
  • payment for publications on recall sites.

Some manufacturers and sellers are willing to pay for the honest valuation of their products or services. To do this, they hire "secret buyers" or testers. The publication of reviews (more often positive) is a prerequisite for agreement. Also, custom reviews are possible on special exchanges such as QComment.

сайт где пишут отзывы за деньги

Large trading floors are interested in a large number of comments. They are ready to provide special conditions to those buyers who leave feedback on purchased goods or services.

Special web resources created to publish personal opinions about products are gaining popularity. The most famous sites where they write reviews for money are and Here you can make money by leaving an honest, detailed description of the experience of using the purchased product or the ordered service. It is profitable if you decide to seriously earn using comments and are ready to regularly spend some time on it. 

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