Monitoring, or tracking, brand references - one of the most effective marketing tools for developing a business project. It allows you to receive the most important information from external sources and make the necessary changes to your work in a timely manner.


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Why track and analyze site references on the network

It allows:

  • find customer / customer reviews at various sites;
  • track criticism and respond to comments to solve possible problems, improve the company's reputation and increase confidence;
  • learn about web resources popular among target audience;
  • use customer criticisms to improve products, service, and change the company;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • find potential customers to attract to your site;
  • timely learn about the ingots of misinformation from competitors;
  • receive data on the activities of competitors in order to use them to improve their own work.

Data obtained by tracking brand mention on the Internet help to better study nature and needs of the target audience, business niche trends, as well adjust product and promotion policy. This tool makes it possible to obtain reliable and relevant analytical information, on the basis of which you can build more accurate forecasts and create a winning business development strategy.

The name of the company, product or brand can be found on call sites, partner sites, marketplay, media, blogs, social networks and other sites. To quickly find all sources of mention of a site, brand or company use special services and search tools. Consider popular effective monitoring tools and their capabilities.

Free brand mention tracking services

To activate information monitoring in services, you must fill out a special form. A request is included in this form, including a brand (name of company, website, name of goods, services, project, name of the head, etc.) and, if necessary, additional words (for example, “review company”). Next, the search parameters offered by the program are selected. As a result, a list of links relevant to the search query is formed.

Yandex. Blogs

Yandex searches not only for pictures and videos. Special Search Service Yandex. Blogs looking for matching request on social networks and blogs. To clarify search details, you can specify the following parameters:

  • region (country, city, district);
  • period (per day, 2 weeks, month);
  • language.

As in others Yandex Search Services, to clarify the request, you can use service search characters ("", +, - etc.).

The issue will provide links to social networks and blogs that meet the query parameters.

поиск упоминаний бренда в Яндекс Блоги

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Google alerts

Functional automated Internet mention monitoring service from Google developers. Keep track of information on social networks, blogs, forums and other sources.

Unlike the Yandex service, Google alert is an automated tool. Here you can adjust the frequency of information: at the time of the mention, once a day or once a week. In addition, you can choose the source of information search: the entire Internet, news, blogs, etc.

You can enter up to 1000 tracked requests into the auto search database and choose which ones are worth attention - all the results or only the best.

google alerts для отслеживания упоминаний в сети


Conditionally free (up to 2 brands, no more than 3000 references each per month) social media monitoring service. To search, you need to enter not only the request, but also indicate the site address and company name. 

The project has not changed much in recent years, the service may seem outdated, but it copes with its key task. The main disadvantage of Babkee is the limited monitoring area. If your interests go beyond social networks, you will have to additionally turn to other services, for example, Brand Analytics Paid Tool.

Система мониторинга социальных медиа babkee

Searchout Monitoring 

You can find all the references to your site or brand on the network that Google or Yandex saw using special search operators - quotation marks and minus. For this enter such a combination in the search bar:
“” Company name ”-site: yoursite.xx”, where yoursite.xx is the address of your site.

как найти упоминания компании в поисковых системах

As a result, you will see all the sites on which your company is mentioned, with the exception of your own web resource.

In addition to this, you can use the search settings and indicate how long you are looking for information: for all time, for the last hour, week, month, etc.


The business owner should know what the public thinks about his company, products and personally about him. These data allow you to control the situation, influence the opinion of the target audience, create a company reputation and influence the level of trust. 

The Internet community uses information monitoring tools to analyze opinions and references. Reference tracking is performed by analyzing searchable output, using the search for social networks, as well as specialized monitoring services.