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Add social network buttons to the site - quickly and easily!

Recently, the optimization of search engines websites has become an increasingly complex process combining many nuances. For example, website promotion on social networks (SMM and SMO), although highlighted as a separate type of promotion, it still works more efficiently in conjunction with SEO, the branch of which it is in fact. Work with social networks is very important, since search engines are increasingly willing to take into account the signals received from them when ranking.

In order to form and strengthen social signals, The first thing you need to add social network buttons to the pages of your website. 

If at the same time you started to get nervous, we hasten to calm you down - for this, you do not need to seek help from programmers or be an HTML coding icon yourself. In this article, we will consider how to add social network buttons to the site, as well as several simplified options. 

Set the “Like” buttons from social networks

The most unobtrusive and most importantly, familiar to visitors to any website are the elements with which the same social gives rise. signals - “Like” buttons of social networks. Their presence under articles on web information resources is almost mandatory. 

Everyone has long been used to “batching” in social. networks, therefore, even after reading interesting content on the website, visitors will often press the usual “I Like” on the machine. The result will be a link to the “cross-cutting” page in the news feeds of friends of visitors who committed this action.

To get links to social network buttons for subsequent installation on the site, you can use the tools they provide. All of them contain the necessary elements for detailed configuration of the functioning and display of buttons. The resulting codes will need to be inserted into the appropriate place in the HTML code of the web page or template to ensure that the buttons are immediately present on all pages.

Describe all the details of the settings to obtain the treasured code in each social. we will not network, since this process is intuitive for everyone. To make sure of this, we give examples of screenshots (with the URL of the necessary tools) from several popular social. networks:

a) Vkontakte offers to install a button for "likes" to visit section for developers (developers) and generate the widget of the social network button by specifying the address of the website, choosing its type, size and name:

Установка кнопки лайков Вконтакте

b) Facebook there is a similar functionality for developers, which indicates all the necessary parameters for the picture of the social network button and generates code for subsequent insertion to the web page.

Добавление кнопки Нравится для Facebook
c) "My world" not as popular as the previous ones, and social. signals from it are not so important, but installing its button will still be useful.
Добавление кнопки для "Мой мир"

d) As with all previous options button "+ 1" (the “Like” analogue in Google+) is configured in just a few clicks:

Добавление кнопки "+1" для сайта от Google+


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It’s also easy to install the “Sharing on Social Networks” buttons

Installing widgets of social network buttons on the site that allow reposts of widgets on the site is also an important point in its promotion. They provide an opportunity for visitors not only to send the information they like to the news feeds in the appropriate social. networks (as was the case with the “Like” button), but also publish it on the walls of their accounts, groups, communities, etc., which will significantly contribute to the popularization of the site.

Given that the procedure for obtaining links to the buttons of social networks for reposts is quite similar to the methods described above for installing the “Like” button, we will not paint everything in detail. Therefore - briefly for each social. networks with illustrations:

a) In VKontakte it is possible to obtain not only the widget of the social network button in the form of a script, but also a direct link to post on the website without JavaScript support. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that these links do not open in the same window, thereby removing valuable visitors from the web resource, but in the new one. To do this, they must have an attribute: target = "_ blank".

Установка кнопки "Поделится" от Вконтакте
b) In the relevant section "facebook for developers" you need to complete the minimum number of settings and click "Get Code:

Конфигуратор кнопки Поделится от Facebook
c) On Google+, the + 1 button has a dual function “like + repost”. How to install it, see above (paragraph d from the previous subsection).

d) To place under article Twitter button, clicking on which will lead to the tab from the account of the visitor of the tweet with reference to it, you need to go to the address on the screenshot, select the required type of button and copy the code to paste onto the website.

Установка кнопки выкладки твита от Twitter
e) In one of his Yandex Services offers the option of obtaining code for social buttons. networks on the principle of "one fell swoop:
Добавление всех кнопок соц сетей через сервис Яндекса

f) Similar opportunities are provided by many online services. For example, UpToLike offers to receive in the form of a common code not only the “Share on social networks” button, but also “Likes”, as well as “Subscribe”.

Сервис по добавлению всех кнопок соц сетей


Social Network Button Widgets for Subscription 

This is another popular SMM tool that makes it possible to replenish the dedicated group and community site in social. networks by its visitors. The subscription involves the possibility of tracking activity in such groups and timely notification of the publication of new materials on the website.

The screenshots below show the button settings for:

  1. Google+:

    Добавление виджета сайта для Google+
  2. Vkontakte:

    Создание виджета на сайт для Вконтакте
  3. Facebook:

    Кнопка подписаться для Facebook
  4. Twitter ("Follow button" on the screenshot from paragraph d in the previous subsection).

Installing social media buttons on a teapot site

Simplified options - specialized plugins - will suit those who do not want to delve into the manual setting of widgets of social network buttons and delve into HTML code. For almost all popular CMSs, there are ready-made solutions that are set in a few clicks.

For example, in WordPress, you just need to enter something like social like in the search bar on the page for adding plugins and dozens of options will become available for your eyes, after installation, settings and activation of which on all (or separately specified) pages interactive pictures of social network buttons will appear.

Плагин для WordPress для добавления кнопок соц сетей

Now you have buttons

As you can see, adding social network buttons to the pages of your site is not at all difficult, especially since the options are different - for those who are used to doing everything with their own hands, for beginner webmasters, not yet delved into the basics of working with HTML codes, as well as for lovers of simplifying the implementation of such processes using ready-made software solutions. 

After that, quite soon it will be possible to observe an increase in the number of visitors to the website and an increase in its position in the search by improving social. signals.