Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract potential customers to your website.. But in order for the content to live up to your expectations, it is not enough just to regularly post new articles on the site or blog, it is still necessary to constantly analyze their effectiveness.

Check if users really read your content, and, most importantly, do they respond to it exactly as you intended, special tools for analytics will help you. Let's figure out which metrics you will need to analyze first of all in order to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your content marketing.


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What content performance indicators are key

A significant percentage of users, before buying a product or ordering a service, read articles on this topic in order to ultimately choose exactly what suits them best. Therefore, each commercial site pays due attention to the placement of textual content. And many companies start their own blogs, in which they share their achievements, tell interesting stories related to their product, give tips on use, and cover all emerging new products, as well as their proposals and ongoing actions.

Your task is to give people high-quality content., in which useful information will be combined with simplicity of presentation, an interesting and easily readable writing style. Ultimately, reading it should increase their loyalty and lead to a decision to acquire something from you.

I.e key content performance indicators are as follows:

  • What traffic generates your content.
  • How blogs or individual articles increase user interest in your offers.
  • What part of the visitors, thanks to reading the information you provided, became customers.

All this data is very important for the proper construction of an effective content marketing strategy, and you must constantly monitor metrics that reflect their changes in order to respond on time and adjust in your favor.

Let's see what tools and metrics will help you track and evaluate the effectiveness of your content.

Tools and metrics to help evaluate content marketing performance

The main, most convenient and popular tools for tracking on sites important for promoting parameters today are Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. In addition, tools such as Click, Matomo, Woopra, Mixpanel, Amplitude and other services with paid and free versions are in demand.

Despite the differences in the interface and set of functions, almost all of these tools make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of your content and content marketing in general by viewing important metrics.

Metrics most important for analyzing content marketing performance, which should be analyzed first:

  • Number of views. First of all, you need to know how many users your blog or article reads. For this, the “Placeability” metric is suitable, the reports in which you can configure by blog or a separate page with an article. Fluctuations in this indicator will show you the degree of content efficiency. Comparing traffic for certain periods, you can determine the interest of users in the information you provide.

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  • Sources of call. Be sure to see metrics for traffic sources. Pay particular attention to the 2 indicator: search traffic, which will show you how effectively keywords are used in articles. And a reference one, saying that the content seemed to readers how interestingly written and useful that they decided to share it.

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  • Scroll depth. A very important metric that will demonstrate to you the quality of each of your articles. This option is best displayed heat cards scrolling, or scrolling. Heat Card Tool can be found in Yandex Metric, as well as in services such as Plerdy, HotJar, Crazyegg and Inspectlet. A scrolling heat map will help track if your content is being finalized. By determining at what stage users interrupt reading, you can strengthen your content by fueling the interest of readers.

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  • Refusals. Various services analysts refuse sites in different ways. For example, for Yandex Metric, this is the user leaving the site page before the expiration of 15 seconds, and for Google Analytics - viewing no more than 1 page. Anyway, it’s important for you to know reasons for failures, to eliminate them, and make your content more interesting and effective for attracting users.
  • Primary and repeated visits. If your site has high traffic, but only at the expense of people who came to you for the first time, and subsequently do not return, then you will get a little benefit from this. But too high a share of regular visitors with a small percentage of new ones is a signal that you have problems attracting customers. Therefore, monitor the balance of this data using metrics that display the loyalty of the audience, and align them in the desired proportion using more efficient content.
  • User activity. Metrics reflecting user activity will help you realistically evaluate the quality of the content. If the articles on the blog cause them sincere interest, then they will certainly will put likes and write comments. Considering using tools for web analytics which articles respond most violently and which remain unresponsive to the audience, it will be easy for you to find the weak and strong sides of your content from the point of view of users.

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  • Conversion. And finally, the most important metric for evaluating the effectiveness of content marketing in general is conversion. This parameter should be considered as a percentage, given the share of real customers in the total mass of visitors. It is clear that the more users who read your content have reached the final goals, the more efficient the built content marketing system works. If the existing situation does not suit you, then it is time to change the strategy, and look for new ways to strengthen it.

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In order to develop the most effective plan for promoting the site, find the time to evaluate not only your own content, but also articles on competitors' blogs. This can be done with tools such as Serpstat or Similarweb. After analyzing the main parameters that show the effectiveness of competitor content marketing, you will receive more information to optimize your own content.

To make it easier for you to understand all the terminology and tools needed for analysis, we developed course "Web analytics for business". Here you can in practice fully analyze your site and, based on data, find new growth points. And for those who will inform when buying “Content-19-05” promotional code, we will make an additional pleasant bonus.