The form on the site is for registration, authorization, feedback, placing an order, etc. - one of the most effective tools for the functioning of the resource. It allows you to directly contact each individual user and receive information to attract it and maximize the benefits. With its help, we can organize data collection, including contact ones, about site visitors. In addition, having carefully thought out the constituent fields of this element of the site and their wording, we get the opportunity to understand our own target audience as best as possible.

So that this tool works as it should and really benefits, rather than distracting from the target action and does not annoy site visitors, forcing them to close the page, It is important to receive data on the features of using this element by users. To do this, Yandex developers have added a special service. In this article, consider how the form analytics in Metric works. 


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What is form analytics in Yandex Metric

Form Analysis - Yandex Metric Analyzer Service, Helping Understand features of the interaction of users with forms established on the site. Based on this information, you can evaluate how convenient they are from the point of view of resource visitors.

The analyzer provides data in two versions:

  • Form conversion
    Reflects information on absolute (numerical) and relative (in percent) indicators about:
    • visits to the page containing the analyzed element;
    • visitors who left the page without filling out the form;
    • users who have begun filling out;
    • users who did not send data;
    • the number of sent forms;
    • share of conversions.

      Проверка конверсии формы в Яндекс метрике
  • Fields of shape
    Shows data on:
    • the time that users spend when filling out each individual line;
    • fields for which no completion has been carried out;
    • those fields, if necessary, the visitor chose to leave the page.

      Анализ заполнении полей формы на сайте пример


Having considered what is the analysis of forms in Yandex Metric, let's figure out for what purposes we can use it.

Ways to use Yandex Metric form analysis data

Any tool is beneficial only when the master understands why he needs him and for what purpose it must be used. Based on information, obtained thanks to the reports of Metric, we can:

  • evaluate the interest of the target audience in filling out the form we have proposed;
  • understand how understandable and convenient they are for interaction;
  • find out what questions caused difficulty;
  • see the fields that provoke site visitors to leave it;
  • analyze how effective it is to use a specific form to obtain the necessary data;
  • help users take advantage of active interaction with the resource by sending data;
  • increase conversion and generally increase the profitability of the project.

Rules for collecting and storing information in analytics 

The system has restrictions on the amount of processed data - up to 150,000 visits per day. For analysis, only a part of them is collected in random order. 

The service stores information accumulated two weeks before the day of the report formation, and is regularly supplemented by updated data.

Practice shows that the data obtained accurately characterize the assessment and behavior of users, and this data is enough to fully understand the situation.

Examples of using Metric Form Analysis Data

Information from the analyzer allows you to adjust the placed forms or replace them with more familiar ones for users. For examples, show how it works.

  • Yandex Metric data showed that 82 % site visitors left it after they opened the form proposed for filling out.

    Such a high failure rate may indicate that the form we use is inappropriate on the current page. That is, users who have opened the page as a result of the transition are not ready to interact with this element at the moment, and it does not meet their desire to find any information here. In this case, you should try moving it to another place or to another resource page.

    The second possible option is that site visitors did not dare to send data due to the large number of fields or the need to leave information that they consider unnecessary. In this case, you need to experiment with the appearance and wording of the questions, excluding those fields that are not significant for us or that can scare away users.
  • A large number of visitors left the site, reaching a certain question.

    Possible reasons:
    • the visitor does not understand what data should be entered into the line;
    • the user is not ready to share the requested information.

      To correct the situation, you should either remove the problem field or change the wording of the question. Another option that can be a good solution is to add an explanation to the field about what information and for what purposes we need. Maximum openness and detailed explanations often positively affect the growth of trust on the part of users.
  • The percentage of users who have filling in any field took a rather long time.

    Most likely, we are dealing with a question that needs to be reformulated or, as in the previous example, an explanation is required why we requested this information and what benefit the provision of it will bring to the user.

    Also, a similar situation may indicate that the site visitor cannot provide data because he does not know them or does not remember. If you can exclude such a field or add options, be sure to use this. Use every opportunity to make life easier for site visitors by making the data reporting process simple and time-consuming.

When making adjustments, we recommend using the A / B testing capabilities. This will eliminate many errors when introducing innovations on the site. 

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How to add and see data from the form analytics counter in Yandex Metric

Add form analytics to counter settings

Connecting the analyzer does not take much time and usually does not cause difficulties. In order for the service to take into account the data of user interaction with the forms on the site, when the counter is initially configured, you must connect the “Webvisor” option. 

If you have not used this counter before, s features of adding Yandex Metric can be found in one of our recent articles. 

Form analytics connection steps in Metric in an already created counter:

  1. We go to the Metric service under our username and password in Yandex. 
  2. We select the counter of the desired site and click on it.

    Подключение аналитики форм в Метрике картинка
  3. On the counter page, go to the settings by clicking on the gear at the bottom left of the screen.

    Как добавить аналитику форм в Яндекс Метрику
  4. We connect the “Webvizor” option by switching the lever to the ON position. in the corresponding field (located under the clock belt installation string).

    как добавить счетчик аналитики форм в метрике
  5. We save the changes.
  6. After updating the counter settings, its code changes, so you need to update the data on the site by reinstalling it on each page of the resource or by entering Changes to Google Tag Manager Settings, if you use this service when working.

Now these analysts are available to you in Metric reports.

Prerequisites for Proper Data Collection:

  • data transfer is carried out as part of submit events;
  • all fields used in the form are open;
  • you use the UTF- 8 encoding.

Features of working with sites with installed protection of iframe displays

We are talking about resources in the settings of the service of which there is the header X-Frame_Options, which blocks access to data. In this case, you must additionally configure the exclusion of the lock rule for the Web. Use the regular expression ^ https ?: \ / \ / ([^ \ /] + \.)?site \. com 松webvisor \ .com) \ /, replacing the site with the domain of your site, and .com with the domain zone.

We study the data of the analysis of the forms of Yandex Metric

Information collected by the system regarding the interaction of users with the forms posted on the site is available in the data of the counters. To receive the report, you must go to the appropriate counter, on the left side of the screen in the toolbar click on the Map section and select the item of the same name.

как посмотреть аналитику форм в метрике

To generate reporting information, expand the top setup panel. Here you can specify the page, the form of which you want to analyze. To do this, enter the page address in the upper field. You can also clarify the time period of data collection (no more than 15 days before the date of the report) and set the segment, for example, see data on filling out forms by users from a certain region.

Как настроить в метрике аналитику форм

On the right side of the “Analytics of Forms” window, reporting data are displayed in accordance with the specified settings. If several forms are placed on the page under study, here you can select one of them.

In Metric, you can see analytics data on open forms. If you analyze the pop-up form, the system will not see it. To display statistics in this case, click on “Interaction with the site” and open the element for which you want to receive information. Now the data is available for study.


Analysis of the forms you use on your own website - informative and useful tool for promoting. It allows you to follow the features of user interaction with this element of the resource. That is why the analytics of forms in Yandex Metric can serve as the basis for customizing forms, seeking to improve their conversion rate.

Simplicity of settings, ease of use and a comprehensive analysis of the behavior data of site visitors who have opened a page with a form placed on it make this Metric tool accessible and understandable even for beginners.

And how do you evaluate the effectiveness of forms on the site?

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