What is site traffic

Visiting is number of unique users, who went to the site for the selected period of time. This is one of the most important indicators of resource promotion. 

In addition to the number of users who have entered, when analyzing the statistics of attendance of their site, it is important to pay attention to other data., for example, viewing depth, failure percentage, duration of visit, etc.

Что такое посещаемость моего сайта

Why check the attendance of your own site

By looking and analyzing the attendance statistics of your resource, you will understand:

  • What sources and channels of traffic (SEO, SMM, SEA, SMO) most efficiently work and attract more visitors, and what else should be worked on;
  • Which of the pages of your own site are most interesting to users, and to which, on the contrary, are indifferent;
  • Is the structure convenient and on which route they move along the pages;
  • How long have visitors been on the site, whether the texts are read to the end or for some reason leave the resource.

Thus, you can understand the behavior of visitors to your site, improve usability and content may change the promotion strategy. And subsequently increase the number of orders and conversion.

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How to check the attendance of your site

The most reliable services thanks to which you can find out the attendance of your site are specially designed analytics counters from search engines, namely: Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. 

Work with them begins with creating and installing the counter code on your site. Only after that they will begin to collect information about resource attendance.

You can set both counters or select one, depending on the priority search engine and the promotion region. If you put two options, then it is still important to know that the information in them may differ. You can find out more about this in the article “Why is the data in Google Analytics and Yandex. Metric different.

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How to find out the attendance of your own site in Yandex Metric

Yandex.Metric is a service from the Yandex search engine that allows you to see attendance statistics and determine patterns in user behavior. Its counter is installed on the site and the service begins collecting information that the resource owner will be able to see, evaluate and develop a strategy to improve the situation in the future.

He is very simple and intuitive. in use. Almost all indicators have hints that explain the value of this data. Reference materials from Yandex are also available, where you can familiarize yourself with the options and capabilities of the Metric in more detail. 

On the main page of the service are presented most important summary data. Here you can find out: 

  • total number of visitors and separately unique;

    Как узнать посещаемость своего сайта в яндексе
  • viewing depth;
  • time spent on the site;
  • failure percentage;
  • source of traffic;

    Как проверить статистику посещаемости своего сайта в яндекс
  • search queries and visited pages.

If you wish, you can remove some of the reports from the start page or add your own. 
The “Reports” section provides detailed statistics on visitors in the form of tables and diagrams. You can see both standard reports and create your own. Standard information Yandex Metrics provide an opportunity to find out information about attendance, traffic sources, actions and characteristics of users, etc.

Как проверить онлайн посещаемость моего сайта

In addition, a convenient addition is heat cards and webvisor, to help track visitors' actions on the site and find out what difficulties they face. 

How to see your site’s traffic in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool from the Google search engine to track the traffic data of its site. His the interface looks more complicated, compared to Yandex. Metric. But the service offers a lot of information to be studied that will help you understand and effectively analyze the collected statistics. 

Инструкция как и где проверить посещаемость своего сайта

On the Google Analytics homepage you can see summaries of information on:

  • the number of users who have entered the resource for the specified period of time, as well as how many of them are on it right now;
  • number and duration of sessions;
  • percentage of failure;

    Как узнать посещаемость моего сайта в google analytics
  • channels and sources of traffic;
  • how attendance changes over a given time interval and when it was the largest;
  • geography of visitors and type of their device.

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From the main page of the service you can go further and see more detailed reports presented in the form of tables and diagrams. In addition to the originally created reports, it is possible to form your own special for more convenient use. Received data can be exported in formats: PDF, CSV, Excel and Google Tables

What other services can you determine attendance

Google Analytics and Yandex Metric are not the only services where you can check the attendance of your site. There are other counters, but they are less popular and do not have such an extensive list of possibilities. For example, Liveinternet previously it was quite popular, but now it is too outdated.

Как проверить посещаемость моего сайта в счетчиках

There are also special online services, that allow you to find out attendance, but they less reliable. It is still better to use the tools described above to analyze the statistics of your own site. 

Summing up

Knowing how and where you can see the attendance of your own site, you can track the dynamics and find the weaknesses of the resource, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion work and, if necessary, make adjustments.

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