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What is a CTR site

As you know, the quality and effectiveness of promotion work depends on many indicators and components that can and should be regularly checked. Various methods, tools, services and formulas are used for evaluation. Today we’ll talk about what CTR is, how it is calculated and what its value is considered good.

Cleak Through rate, or CTR, - efficiency analysis method site or its elements by determining the coefficient of clickability. The calculation formula has the form:


CTR = K / P * 100, where K is the number of clicks, P is the number of impressions.


Clearance coefficient measured in percent. The higher the percentage, the better the result. This indicator allows you to measure the degree of attractiveness of a hyperlink, button, banner, snippet or any advertisement.

Using CTR, you can measure the effectiveness of any clickable element of the site and / or advertising, the main requirement is the ability to track the exact number of impressions and clicks.

Что такое коэффициент кликабельности

CTR varieties and how to increase this indicator 

Consider the types of CTR depending on the object of assessment.

Searchability coefficient

To calculate this, a very important indicator in terms of evaluating the effectiveness of promotion in search engines, the number of clicks (transitions) and the total number of impressions in the corresponding PS are taken into account. In other words, in this case we can determine the clickability of the sub-fusion.

In order to determine the coefficient of clickability from Google search engine, can be used by the tool Search console. In the “Efficiency” section, select the page you are interested in, region, device, date and key request, after which data on the average CTR indicator will be available in the upper menu. 

Как узнать ctr своего сайта в Google

Find out this indicator in the Yandex search engine you can use the Webmaster. In the “Search Queries” - “Request Statistics” section, also set the necessary settings and see the data on CTR shows, clicks and interest. 

Как посмотреть ctr страницы в Яндексе

To increase the clickability coefficient from search engines, you need to prescribe attractive meta tags Title and Description, set up micro-label for all pages of the site according to their type. 

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CTR ad

The definition of CTR advertising banner, ad or block cannot talk about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign as a whole. The reason for this is the determination of the purpose of its implementation. The main task marketer placing advertising, is an increase in sales. The number of transitions and clicks in this case cannot help to fully assess the success of the work done. 

On the other hand, usually the more clicks attract the element, the higher the campaign performance in terms of increasing sales. In addition, if CTR advertisements are high and the number of conversions leaves much to be desired, this makes it clear that advertising attracts the attention of users and motivates them to click on the link, but either she is tuned to the wrong target audience, or something is wrong in the proposal itself. 

You can check this indicator Google Ads, Yandex Direct or other advertising sites

To increase the number of ads, we recommend working on the following elements:

  • Image
    A good picture is able to interest and attract the attention of the target audience. The main thing is to understand that it (your Central Asia) is attracted and interested, as well as to know your product perfectly and be able to emphasize its feature with a suitable image.
  • Video and audio
    Dynamic rollers attract attention, highlighting it from static elements on the screen. High-quality sound accompaniment also rarely goes unnoticed.
  • Interactivity
    The ability to participate in a mini-game, influence the result, click on something or otherwise feel like an accomplice to what is happening is always attractive. Creating interactive forms requires certain skills, financial costs and, of course, imagination.
  • Text Content
    Limited banner or snippet do not imply writing long texts. But, making a brief invitation, it is important to be able to reflect the essence of the proposal in it, as well as play on the excitement or curiosity of users, thereby motivating them to transition. The degree of ownership and the ability to use the capabilities of the language will add an announcement of effectiveness.
  • Channel selection
    One of the main factors affecting the success of the advertising campaign and the CTR indicator, respectively. Knowledge of the target audience and its habitat will help here, as well as an understanding of which sites have a high attendance and trust index.

How CTR is calculated: examples and options for use

Above we have given the CTR calculation formula, or the clickability coefficient. Let's look at how this formula is used in practice and how it can help a specialist draw the right conclusions.

  1. The number of impressions and the number of transitions are known.
    The simplest option for calculating CTR, when thanks to analytics tools we know all the variables in advance.

    Suppose we placed a banner on the main page of the site. According to the counter, the page was visited 2428 times in a week, and the transition to the page with the terms of the promotion during the same period was made 957 times. We get the value of the coefficient of clickability:

    CTR = 957/2428 * 100 = 39.41 %.
  2. The number of transitions is known, but there is no information on the number of impressions
    A common situation is when we advertise on third-party resources. From analytics data, we know the number of transitions to a site from a specific traffic channel. Here you must first calculate how many impressions took place to be in the reporting period. To do this, use the CPM calculation formula. Suppose the advertising channel on the external site N brought 6128 visitors to the site, the advertiser was transferred $ 118, according to the tariffs of the CPM site (cost 1000 impressions) is $ 3.75. From the CPM formula (advertising costs * 1000 / impressions), we calculate the number of impressions:

    Showing = 118 / 3.75 * 1000 = 34,467.

    Now you can calculate the coefficient of clickability:

    CTR = 6128/34467 * 100 = 17.78 %.
  3. Calculation of the budget for advertising
    Using the CTR coefficient for the previous period, you can approximately calculate the size of the advertising budget required to obtain the desired number of transitions. For example, last year's seasonal advertising campaign reached 16 % CTR. During the campaign, 912 transitions were made, while the cost of one click in the Yandex Directorate this year is $ 0.12. The task is to find out what budget this year will be needed to achieve those indicators.

    From the CTR calculation formula we get the number of impressions that was required last year to obtain the required results:

    Showing = 912/16 * 100 = 5 700.

    The budget for the advertising campaign in the current period will be: 5700 * 0.12 = $ 684.

    Of course, this is only an approximate calculation, the basis of which is the indicators of the previous period, and, most likely, the expenses of the current year will be slightly different. But this way you can define more or less close numbers. The formula will work if the offer remains the same or does not differ significantly from last year.

какой ctr считается хорошим картинка

Which CTR is considered good?

For different channels and sources of customer attraction, the average rate of clickability will vary. In addition, other factors influence it, such as: business topics, level of competition, seasonality, time for shows, etc.

In the organic issuance of search engines CTR level will depend on the position of the site and indigestion. Accordingly, the higher the position and more attractively condescends, the greater this indicator will be.

Medium CTR for contextual advertising in Google and Yandex for goods and services is considered 5 -10 %, if it is higher than 10 %, this indicates good advertising efficiency. 

In social networks the clickability coefficient of advertising posts is lower, on average - 0.5- 2 %.


We examined how the CTR indicator is calculated and why we need these numbers. Of course, this cannot be the only tool for evaluating results. But this option helps you draw the right conclusions. and on their basis increase the effectiveness of the marketing strategy regarding the choice of traffic channels and tools to attract the target audience. After all, the number of transitions to the site directly affects the number of targeted actions.

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