Doing business on the network can bring good income when properly organizing the business. In addition to the main site, it is important to use other sources of traffic. For example, create own YouTube channel, to attract even more potential customers using videos.

Sometimes it may be necessary to combine content with both resources, that is add video from your YouTube channel to the site. Let's look at why you may need this, and how to do it if necessary.


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Why add YouTube videos to the site

The owners must pay close attention to the design and content of their site. It certainly contains all the necessary information about goods or services, special offers and loyalty programs. But if you constantly update articles and photographs covering all the topics that users need in order to push them to choose and turn them from potential customers into real ones, why add more YouTube videos here?

There are several important reasons for this:

  • Behavioral Improvement. Not all people like to read texts from the monitor. As statistics show, many users prefer video content. Thus, if you add YouTube videos to the page, you will increase your audience and the duration of the views - a person who would not read the article will be happy to watch the video on this topic. Or he will watch the video and read the article.
  • Additional information. Using a short video, you can give users much more information than using a long article. By adding YouTube videos to the site, you can demonstrate your products or services in action, teach people how to use them, or show what benefits they will receive from their acquisition.

    Зачем на сайте добавлять видео пример
  • Improving user loyalty. Many factors can influence the choice of users, for example: the availability of product reviews, video reviews of other users, videos where you personally answer questions or talk about the company's achievements. This will significantly increase the level of trust in your business., since people always appreciate live communication.

As you can see, if you post YouTube videos on the site, it will bring you solid pluses. Let's see how to add it there.

How to embed YouTube videos on the site

There are several ways to add YouTube videos to the site. But let's dwell on the easiest and most understandable, basic way. It is simple enough, does not take much time, and even inexperienced newcomers will easily understand it.

So, to download YouTube videos to the site, you need to perform these actions:

  1. Find and open the selected video to add to YouTube.
  2. In the settings block, which is under the video, click on the "Share" inscription.

    как добавить видео с ютуба на сайт шаг 1
  3. A number of icons of various social networks will open in front of you, and the most extreme left will be the icon with the same image “< >”, signed by “Embed. Click on it.

    встроить видео на сайт шаг 2

    If you want to slightly reduce this process, you can simply open the video, right-click on it and click “Copy HTML code.

    копировать html-код видео с youtube картинка
  4. YouTube will generate and give you the finished HTML code on its own. If you wish, you can configure:
    • from what point will the play begin, adding the code after the URL of the video with a fragment ?start = and the number of seconds from the beginning;
    • auto-play by writing & autoplay = 1
    • subtitles using the &cc_load_policy = 1
    • indicate whether the player panel will be displayed.

      html-код видео на ютубе пример
  5. Copy the HTML code and paste it into the source code on the desired page of your site. Depending on where you want to place it on the site, you can do it through admin or ftp.

пример как разместить видео с youtube на сайте

You can connect YouTube videos to the site in minutes, and it’s not at all difficult to do. And users will definitely celebrate this innovation and appreciate your concern for them.

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