In order for your YouTube videos to be popular, not only an interesting idea is important, but also its high-quality embodiment. The perfect video consists of many components that in combination give the desired result, and one of the important components of success is the right background for shooting.

A good background will underline the main picture, and make the plot more memorable and enjoyable to view. Otherwise, it will distract from the idea of the video, or even cause negative emotions in the audience. Therefore, do not rush to shoot where you will have to, not paying attention to the background on which the action unfolds. And we will tell you some ideas: from what and how you can make a background for shooting, and how to choose the best option for your YouTube videos.


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What to make a background to the video - the best ideas

Before choosing which background is best used to shoot your videos, let's see what they are like. Fons can conditionally divided by 2 type natural and artificial. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and is suitable for various purposes.

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  1. Self-made. This includes panels made of fabric, plastic, paper or vinyl, and stretched out of the frame. The easiest and cheapest way to create a background for video if the wall or general atmosphere in the room where the shooting takes place does not suit you.
  2. Photophone. An excellent universal option that can be used to shoot video anywhere. These are special folding screens that are very easy to deploy and cover up all the shortcomings of the background. You can choose any color and screen size to create the right setting.
  3. Marker board (flipchart). To shoot a video, it is better to choose a white or light blue board. It can occupy completely the entire space in the frame, or some part of it.
  4. Chromakey. If you shoot a video against a background of blue or green, then using computer processing, the background can be turned into any picture you want, or transfer the action to any other place. Such a “magic” way is called chromakey, and this technology can be used not only for Hollywood films, but also for shooting YouTube videos.

Artificial background for shooting is good for its simplicity and accessibility, focuses on the announcer, but does not add the video dynamics itself.

Искусственный фон для съемки видео пример


  1. Accommodation. It can be your office, apartment or audience, as well as a conference room where some event related to the goods or services that you cover in the YouTube video is taking place. 
  2. Car. Video taken from a moving car interior is a very popular format for YouTube.
  3. Nature or streets of the city. If you need an external rather than studio shooting, you can conduct it in any interesting place corresponding to the theme of the video. 

Natural background creates a feeling of ease and greater naturalness. But sometimes, to shoot such a video for YouTube, especially in a public place, you have to do a lot of takes. 

естественный фон для записи видео пример

What should be the background for your video

The background is perceived by the audience on a subconscious level, it seems to set the tone and general mood, and to some extent the reaction of YouTube users to your video may depend on its correct choice. To choose the background for your video correctly, it is necessary to take into account its subject and format

  • Training videos. If you want to convey important information to people and teach them something new, you need to choose a background for shooting so that it does not distract attention. In these cases, it is better to choose the option when a one-ton photo phone or a wall with a marker board is located behind the announcer, on which he will make explanatory notes as part of the story.
  • Presentations or reviews. Here it is appropriate to choose the background that is most suitable for your goods or services. Keep in mind where they will be used, in which places they look most advantageous, and only then determine the background of the video. For example, videos about the merits of new makeup products can be removed against the backdrop of a beauty salon, about building materials - buildings under construction or an urban landscape, household appliances - in a home environment.
  • Information. If you want to talk about important events related to your business or about the achievements of your company, it is better to shoot against the background of your office, office or facade with the company logo. 

And more some useful tips regarding the choice of a background for shooting video:

  • You can emphasize and highlight the brightness of the main picture if you select a dark background.
  • Try to control what gets into the frame and do not shoot for YouTube against the background of randomly scattered things, sloppy paper or mixed wires.
  • If YouTube video is being shot in a crowded office, ask employees not to enter the camera coverage area - people flickering in the background distract from what is happening in the frame and create a not very good impression. 
  • In some cases, blurring the background may be appropriate for YouTube videos.
  • If the subject allows, you can choose a single background for all your YouTube videos - so you will increase the recognition of the channel and your brand.

выбор заднего плана для роликов на ютубе

But even the best background for shooting works for you only if you make really useful and interesting YouTube videos. It is created so that shade what is happening in the frame, not replace it. Just because of the beautiful background, no one will watch your videos. Therefore, first of all, work on the content and try to make it as high as possible. 

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