YouTube channels constantly struggle for user attention, and by all available means try to attract viewers to their videos. For many users decisive factor for decision making watch your video is the name, therefore, you should write it correctly.

Read in the article how to choose the perfect name for your video, which will help you really attract viewers, provide yourself with a lot of views, and at the same time not break the YouTube rules.


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10 rules for attracting YouTube video title

Of course, to popularize the YouTube channel, the headers of the videos do not play the most crucial role, but about a third of success depends on them, and that’s already a lot. You can create a really interesting and useful video, but cross out its promotion with one short phrase - the wrong name.

Let's look at how to make this not happen, name the video correctly and achieve the desired attention of YouTube viewers.

This is especially important for beginner channels on YouTube - having managed to correctly name the first video, you will immediately get a chance to break into the best positions in the rating.

To begin with coming up with the title is best for the finished video. When writing a script and shooting, you can use the working title, and then when the YouTube video is already mounted, revise it, highlight the most important points, and proceed to the header.

If you want to provide the most YouTube videos, headlines should be made guided by these rules:

  1. Truthfulness. The correct name should reflect the essence of the video, and in it you need to truthfully write exactly what the viewer sees in the video. Inconsistency with content will lead to user dissatisfaction, as well as to the fact that YouTube can push you to the bottom lines of the issue.
  2. Keyword Optimization. To make it easier for users to find your videos on YouTube or search engines, the title must be optimized for keywords. Try to use the main query on the topic of the video in the name 2 and write them as close to the beginning as possible.

    Оптимизация заголовка видео под запросы пример
  3. Informativeness and usefulness. The name should be done so that it is immediately clear to each person what benefit awaits him from watching your YouTube video. For example, you can write in it the words “How to choose”, “How to learn”, “Where to go”, etc.
  4. Emotionality. You do not need to write the title in a too dry language, add epithets to it that cause positive emotions: “Best”, “Unique”, “Simple”, “Effective”.
  5. Intrigue. You should not immediately “disclose all the cards”, leave a small room for imagination, promising to share experience or reveal some secret. This will attract user attention and increase the CTR.
  6. Correctness. Do not use words that may offend users, on YouTube this is not encouraged, and may result in a ban on video.
  7. Uniqueness. For YouTube videos to gain a lot of views, you need to name it uniquely, rather than copy the headers of popular videos. The original phrase is more likely to be remembered by users and will attract their attention.
  8. Using a prefix with the name of the company. At the end of the headlines, it is advisable to prescribe the name of the company in order to call users associations with your brand.

    Приставка с брендом в названии видео картинка
  9. Simplicity. Even if you cover very serious topics on your YouTube channel, try not to write complex terms in the title of the video. Not everyone can understand the expressions that can discourage users from watching it, since they simply will not tell what is at stake.
  10. Shortness. YouTube rules are limited in size - you can write no more than 100 characters here. Therefore, try to make it as concise and concise as possible, putting the most important words at the beginning of the sentence so that they immediately catch the eye.


And another thing in the end - after conducting research, experts found that people attract numbers in headlines, and such videos type on YouTube at 15 % more views than others. Therefore, if possible, you need to make such additions: “5 methods”, “7 rules”, etc. And if you plan to put a series of video materials on YouTube, you must write the serial number of the video in the name.

Цифры в заголовках видео для повышения CTR

Besides, file the video itself is also desirable call according to the heading.

Finding clinginging, attractive names for YouTube videos is a whole art, and it requires no less serious approach than selecting tags, writing scripts and shooting. But, if you take into account the above tips and practice a little, then with time you will fill your hand so that you can create them almost instantly.

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