In this article, we will analyze how to make the channel hat on YouTube so that it “works” to the fullest. Here you will learn about the most popular tools for creating this element of video blog.


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Rules for creating and designing a banner on YouTube channel

Designing a YouTube channel cap plays no less important than filling it. The reason is simple: it should attract attention and a desire to look, and not push back or give rise to the question “What am I doing here?”.

Good Banner Features

  • Technical quality: the main elements should be fully and correctly displayed on various types of devices, the texts should be read well;
  • Stylistic brand compliance: colors, fonts and a common design style are suitable for the company's brand book;
  • Design aligned with Channel Theme: the semantic content of the rollers and the banner must correspond to each other;
  • Availability of elements necessary for promoting and presenting the brand: logo, name, contacts, etc., depending on the goals and development strategy;
  • Harmonious and logical arrangement of elements: the logo must be made visible, but it must not close the background image; texts should be readable, calls for clicking on links are located at the bottom of the cap;
  • External attractiveness;
  • Uniqueness.

Some of these characteristics relate exclusively to aesthetic ones, which are felt at the level of a sense of taste and personal preferences.

как оформить баннер youtube канала пример

YouTube Canner Text Filling

The channel cap is a usable area that can be used as an information board. In this case, it will not only attract the attention of users, but will also bring additional benefits to the owner of the channel.

In addition to basic attributes, that are directly related to the brand - channel themes, company logo and slogan, the hat is great for publication:

Banner is also suitable to place a call to action, which in combination with a link will work to increase conversion. 

Cap dimensions for YouTube channel

  • The optimal size of the YouTube channel banner is 2560 * 1440 pixels. Minimum - 2048 * 1152 pixels;
  • The size of the "safe" for the text and images of the area - 1546 * 423 pixels. Without considering it, you risk creating a banner, the informative part of which some users will see circumcised;
  • File size - up to 6 Mb.

какого размера должна быть шапка youtube канала

3 simple ways to create a hat for YouTube channel

There are several options for obtaining a banner for YouTube channel, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Attracting a professional designer 

The advantage of this method is simplicity (because you don’t need to do anything yourself) and high quality. Lack - in the need for financial costs, which in some cases can be quite substantial.

In fact, quality work may not always require significant investment. An alternative to the services of expensive agencies is to hire private designers who can be contacted through the freelance exchange. This option is the best price-quality ratio. 

Popular Freelance Exchanges, on which you can place an order to create a channel hat:

Freelance Exchange Developers Protect User Rights. If the contractor has not sufficiently well completed the task, his work does not correspond to TK and does not meet the needs of the customer, no fee will be charged from it.

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2. Self-rendering in a graphical editor

The most popular program for creating graphic objects is the famous Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to draw almost any image using a huge number of built-in tools.

Benefits of creating a banner for YouTube channel in Photoshop:

  • absolute uniqueness;
  • full compliance with your personal idea of how he should look;
  • if necessary, at any time you can make adjustments yourself.

The disadvantages of working in graphic editors include the fact that far from everyone knows how to work in them.

нарисовать обложку для youtube канала в фотошопе

3. Development of a channel hat in online services

Another independent method of rendering a banner that is ideal for beginner video bloggers and YouTube channel owners.

Benefits of using online services:

  • the ability to rewrite the YouTube channel cap without involving third-party specialists and the availability of work skills in complex graphic programs;
  • cost savings: many services allow you to create a banner for free.

The minuses of this method can be attributed:

  • a limited number of free templates, which is why there is no guarantee that the created layout will be unique;
  • you can’t always find exactly the design solution that you think is best;
  • the impossibility of using many Cyrillic or individual fonts or the need for additional payment when loading them.

Where you can cover for the Youtube channel: a review of free services

On the Web you can find many different services that offer to create graphic objects, including background images to the channel on YouTube. They differ not only in a set of tools, but also in value.

For our review, we have chosen popular services that have sufficient functionality when using the free version of the editor.


One of the most famous services with which you can create a diverse graphic design for social networks, as well as the YouTube channel. There are templates with the right channel to create a badge, thumbnails or banner.

Work in the editor can and completely inexperienced designer. The interface is Russified. In the left part of the working area there is a working toolbar, in the right - the editing zone.

в Canva можно сделать обложку для канала

If necessary, you can use paid templates or download your own picture as the basis for the cover.

The advantages of the service are obvious: quite quickly, even a beginner will be able to create an interesting multilayer cover for the design of the channel header. Minuses include a limited number of free templates for YouTube banner.


Very similar to Canva online service for creating graphic objects for designing social media pages and YouTube video hosting. Even the program interface is almost indistinguishable from a competitor. Working in it is also simple, no difficulties usually arise.

Unlike Canva, Crello has a more modest set of free templates. However, the number of available Cyrillic fonts offers more options for selection.

как создать красивую шапку для ютуб канала в Crello

Templates are divided into topics that simplify and speed up work. The process of selecting individual objects is also simple - icons, figures, illustrations, shapes, masks, frames and stickers.

Registration on the service site will be required only after creating a suitable banner. This feature compares Crello favorably with similar programs.

How to put or replace a channel banner on YouTube

Now that you have created an attractive YouTube channel hat, you need to install it. For this:

  • Go to the Creative Studio;
  • In the right side menu, select “Salit Settings” - “Branding”;
  • Near the inscription “Image of the banner” click on the inscription “Download”;

    как поставить баннер канала в ютубе
  • Add a background image and adjust its appearance. Here you can clarify which part of the banner will be visible on different devices.
  • After setting, click Finish.

If in the future you want to change the YouTube channel hat, do the same.


An attractive hat that emphasizes the subject and discloses the YouTube channel mission works no less efficiently than the correctly selected name and content. This is an important component of the video blog page, because relations with visitors to your video blog begin to line up with it.

Creating a spectacular channel hat is a necessary stage of work. Depending on the expectations, skills and capabilities of the author, you can choose one of the three main methods of rendering.

Have you had the experience of self-creating the cover for the YouTube channel?

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