About the YouTube Channel - a great way to attract customers to business, you know not only you. Therefore, it will be pointless to expect that your suggestions will be one of a kind, and, you just have to post attractive videos with entertaining stories on the topic, all users will immediately rush to you.

It’s not a fact that the video from your channel will occupy the leading positions in the rating without additional efforts to get into the TOP search on YouTube. Let's figure out what it is and by what principle the TOP is compiled on YouTube, and what needs to be done so that your videos can get there.


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What is YouTube TOP and why do you need to get there

The word TOP, like many modern terms, is taken from English. Literally, it translates as "upper, highest. That is, the TOP search on YouTube is a list of videos that occupy the most leading position in the ranking on extradition.

If you know how to get into the TOP and follow these recommendations, the service will appreciate your efforts and will offer your videos for viewing in the forefront.

что такое топ youtube пример

And the more users come to see the videos you have proposed, the more the popularity of the YouTube channel will increase, and, accordingly, interest in your business will increase. A lot of targeted visitors will reach you who are interested in your offers, and many of them will join the ranks of real customers, increasing your profits.

In addition, getting videos on the TOP YouTube Search is pretty much reduces advertising costs due to increasing quantities of organic views.

So how to get into YouTube favorites so that he helps your video rise in search and promote them to a leading place in the TOP? To do this, you do not need to perform any supernatural actions and efforts that exceed your capabilities - just systematically follow the rules listed below.

10 steps on which you can quickly raise your videos in your YouTube search

YouTube primarily cares about its reputation and the convenience of viewers, and therefore promotes only quality rollers in TOP, which may be useful and interesting to viewers. Along with this, video hosting provides a lot of opportunities and channel owners, giving them useful tools and original chips with which you can make your videos worthy of, to get into the TOP search. 

YouTube does not advertise the criteria for its choice and does not give recommendations how to display video in TOP. But experts studied about one and a half million YouTube videos, and determined, that combines videos that the service considers worthy of attention, and promotes in the search. 

Here are 10 main factors, or 10 steps that will help you get into the TOP search on YouTube:

  1. Title. In addition to uniqueness, the video title should be clickable, selling, and contain the highest frequency requests on the topic. Best option - start it with a key, and end with the name of your brand or channel. But not worth in video title use common keys on the channel, select only those that relate to the theme of the video itself. 

    заголовок нужен чтобы попасть в топ ютуба
  2. Description. If in a brief description you state the essence of the video as accurately and relevantly as possible, correctly supplementing it 3 - 5 key requests, YouTube will definitely appreciate it and promote the search video.
  3. Depth of view. In order for your video to quickly get into the TOP search on YouTube, it’s not as important as the quantity as viewing quality video. If your content is not fully inspected, but turned off in the first seconds of viewing - this is a signal for the service that users are not interested in it. Therefore, try to increase the interest of the audience, and make really good videos.

    от глубины просмотра зависит поиск видео в ютуб
  4. Duration. Before shooting a video on a particular topic, analyze the TOP YouTube, check what is the average duration of the video in the highest positions. See also analytics of your channel and choose the best time. The previous indicator - the depth of view also depends on this.
  5. Tags. Correctly written tags - Another step to promoting on YouTube. If you enter them, starting with a listing of the most important requests on the topic, this will improve your position and increase the prospects for quickly displaying videos in the TOP. 

    теги помогают поднять видео в поиске на youtube
  6. User activity. Try to interact with the audience and involve them in the discussion of your videos. A large number of comments and notes “Like” or even “Don't Like” under your video is excellent evidence that he is interested in him, and this will certainly be counted on YouTube when selecting in TOP.
  7. Screensaver. The initial cover created and drawn up according to all the rules stimulates users and makes them want to watch the video, as well as affects CTR and helps you go up on YouTube. In addition to a clear attractive picture, it should have an original title that does not duplicate the name of the video itself, and a maximum of 3 description lines. In this text too be sure to use keywords or phrases.

    значок к ролику поможет вывести видео в топ
  8. Quality. In order for YouTube to decide that your video is worth getting into the TOP, the quality of the script, picture and sound in it should be at its best. You won’t succeed in searching for a video shot as it hit, even on a popular topic, since someone is unlikely to watch such a video.
  9. First watch. The number of real views of your video in the very first hours after posting on YouTube significantly affects its further progress. Therefore, attract viewers in all available ways, and put it at the most convenient time for your target audience.
  10. Compliance with the rules. Never try to trick the service and act against the rules set on YouTube. Using special algorithms, video hosting will surely detect violations, and impose certain restrictions on the channel or even completely block it. And then your plans to quickly get into the TOP will definitely not be justified in the near future.

Display the video on the TOP YouTube search in your interests, and in order to get there, it’s worth listening to specialist advice and try to raise your content to the proper level. Moreover, doing this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

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