The success of your YouTube business channel directly depends on the number of users interested in the information you provide. And it is precisely interested, since simply curious, random spectators will not bring you profit.

And they can come to you from several sources, one of which is a section of the video recommended by YouTube itself. Why it is so important to get into this section, and what factors influence YouTube’s choice, we will consider in this article.


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Why is it important for you to get to YouTube in the recommended videos

If YouTube users are not your subscribers, do not watch your channel regularly and do not receive notifications about new content, then they have there is only 3 options for you to get:

  • Through a search engine or YouTube search.
  • In similar videos that are displayed after viewing.
  • On the main page of YouTube, in the "Recommended" section.

Как попасть в рекомендации на youtube пример
Moreover, if you analyze the video traffic that hit point No. 3, then you will see that thanks to the YouTube recommendation, almost half of all users came to you from here! And almost all of them are your potential customers, since they deliberately searched for information about your brand, similar products or services.

Why is this happening? First, users know that YouTube takes his reputation very seriously, and carefully selects video for recommendations. And secondly, these videos are the first to catch their eye when they enter their account, and they are selected in accordance with their interests.

Users do not need to spend their time searching for the necessary information, and they trust the choice of YouTube. Therefore, getting into YouTube recommended videos is a great way to promote your channel.

Now let's look at what factors influence YouTube’s choice, and how you can get into his recommendations.

YouTube Recommended Video Selection Factors

YouTube refers to the selection of recommended videos with all severity, and in order for the choice to fall on your video, it must meet special requirements. Yours the video will be evaluated by many parameters, and the main factors affecting YouTube choices are:

  • Video evaluation
    First of all, YouTube will evaluate the video itself in order to understand how seriously you took its creation and registration:
    • Theme, suitable for viewing by any audience and the absence of expressions prohibited on YouTube in the video and texts, its accompanying. For example, YouTube will not recommend content from the 18+ sections, with obscene vocabulary or violent scenes.
    • Header Compliance and descriptions of the content of the video. Do not try to create spectacular but not reflecting the essence of the description and headings in order to impress users. When viewing, they will immediately notice a fraud, they may complain about you, and this will ruin your reputation and significantly reduce the chances of getting into the recommended YouTube.
    • Effective preview, with a clinginging text and a quality image, clearly visible on any device - is also an undeniable argument in your favor. And users intrigued by the icon will more willingly open and watch your video. 
    • Keyword Optimization and clearly registered tags, facilitating the search on the required topic is necessarily taken into account when selecting recommended. 
    • Avatar of the channel, visible when watching a video, will not only increase the recognition and popularization of your brand, but will also become a testament to YouTube of your serious attitude to the channel. And this will be another positive factor for adding video to the recommended ones.
    • Enabling monetization. YouTube more often recommends those videos on which it can make money. But it can only be connected if you are a member of the affiliate program.
  • Behavioral factors.
    In addition to evaluating the video itself, YouTube traces how users respond to it:
    • Views. It is not the total number of viewers that are taken into account, but only those users who have watched it to the end. This suggests that your video is really interesting and valuable to people.
    • Markings "Lose weight" and "I did not like it", or likes and dizlays, are measured by quantity and percentage. If the greater number of users who checked in under your video were satisfied with it, then your chance to get into the recommended YouTube increases.
    • Comments and reviews - A very important factor for the assessment. The desire to discuss the viewed content speaks of its interest, and this will be taken into account. So encourage users to engage in discussions and provoke them to express their opinions. You can even initiate a conversation by writing the first comment.
    • Desire to share your video, arising from a significant number of users, attracts traffic to the channel and in addition gives new viewers to YouTube, so it is one of the reasons to get into the recommended ones.

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The number of subscribers is important for your channel, but not for YouTube - to him more important that the videos are in demand, and their subscribers or ordinary users look, they will not affect the choice of recommended ones.

As you understand, getting into the recommended YouTube videos is not particularly easy, but there is nothing impossible in it. Create good videos, draw them up according to all the rules, interact with your audience, and YouTube will begin to promote your videos by posting them among those recommended for viewing.

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