Creating your YouTube channel will bring tangible benefits to your business only if you are actively engaged in its promotion and systematically increase the rating. In this article we will tell you the importance of the number and duration of video views, as well as how they can be effectively and quickly enhanced.


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What affects the depth and number of YouTube video views 

On YouTube, everything is arranged in such a way that at the same time the interests of users and channel owners were respected. That is, if you offer content that is really useful and interesting to people, and work on the quality of each video, YouTube will certainly appreciate it, and will promote them in TOP or add to the recommended. 

How does video hosting determine if your videos are worthy of being in the TOP ratings, because it is impossible to interview millions of viewers to find out their opinion about each video? YouTube does not need this, since there are special counters on the site that take into account the parameters of your video about user interest.

What and why does YouTube take into account in this case:

  • Number of viewers. The more people watch your videos, the higher the chances of breaking into the TOP or YouTube recommendations. Their popularity signals the usefulness of the content, and indicates whether the video is worthy to occupy higher lines in the rating.
  • Depth of views. The most important indicator of the demand level of your video for users on YouTube. What is it? The depth of viewing is the length of time that viewers spend on getting to know your content. Ideal for video - 100 % its duration. The closer to this figure is the depth of views of your videos, the better when promoting on YouTube. 

количество и глубина просмотров видео пример

In addition, thanks to the rating upgrade, you will be able to increase the number of users interested in your offers who are ready to move into the category of customers.

How to attract views and raise a rating on YouTube 

To increase the number and duration of views, both of individual videos and of the entire YouTube channel, you will be helped by observing a number of simple requirements for their design:

  1. Remember that they always meet on clothes. Therefore choose these names and previews to the video on YouTube, so that a person will certainly want to see him and he understood what this video will be about. A bright, attractive icon picture and intriguing will help users attract users short title revealing the idea of video.

    значок влияет на количество просмотров ролика
  2. To increase the viewing depth, don't make too long entries, scattering the attention of users - after a brief introduction to the topic of the video, immediately proceed directly to the presentation of the basic information. And at the end of the video refuse long conclusions or outcomes repeating all the contents.
  3. Keep intrigue and do not immediately give answers to all questions, open them gradually during the roller.
  4. Optimize all text elements in keywords - names, descriptions, subtitles, and be sure to include in tags highest frequency keys. So it will be easier for you to find both the audience on request and YouTube itself, and you can increase the number of views. In addition, choosing keywords in advance, you will know, what topics are interesting to your CA and already shoot video under them.
  5. Increase the total duration of views on the channel will help competently composed thematic playlists YouTube channel. If the user is interested in this topic, then it is likely that he will not stop watching one video, but will stay longer with you.

    время просмотра плейлиста картинка
  6. Display video systematically, at the same time, when the network has the largest number of users belonging to your target audience in order to guarantee their attention.
  7. Promote your videos on external sites and social networks, by posting links and invitations to the channel in YouTube there. The audience that logged in to the links provided is able to increase the number of views and the rating of the channel as a whole.
  8. Increase the duration of YouTube channel views elements like hints, appearing while watching the video, and final screensavers to them. Give them links to your other videos on the same topic, emphasizing that from them the user will be able to learn more about what interests him.
  9. Will well raise your rating and increase channel views installed subtitles. In this case, people who speak other languages and have hearing problems will be able to watch your YouTube videos. It can also be done in places where you can’t turn on the sound, or it is drowned out by an external noise background.
  10. Increase engagement, by encouraging users on YouTube not only to watch the next video, but also to comment. Try to attract viewers to the dialogue, do not ignore the questions asked, and in every possible way encourage the most active users. This will increase the channel rating in the search results and attract even more users.

    как увеличить количество просмотров на youtube пример
  11. Follow quality shooting and recording standards clear sound for the video. You can hardly increase the number of views of videos on YouTube of a dubious level, even if you comply with previous conditions.

By applying all these methods together, or using only some of them as desired, you will be able to quickly increase the number and depth of views, as well as increase the time users are on your YouTube channel. Given that any actions aimed at attracting viewers - this is a contribution to your business, you can’t miss such a chance.

Changing the design of the entire channel and each individual video on YouTube is possible at any time. And for starters, you can try to increase the number and depth of views for new videos or those that were recently displayed, applying the above tips to them. 

Having discovered what changes allow you to increase the interest of users most effectively, you can immediately create and execute YouTube videos so that the duration and number of views are always at your best.

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