YouTube is not a trading platform as such. Perhaps that is why so far few companies have used this wonderful point of contact to work with customers - real and potential. And they make a big mistake, losing possible profit.

Today we will tell you how to sell with YouTube - one of the most effective tools for promotion and sales.


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How to turn YouTube Channel into a Sales Tool

Turning YouTube into an online store is, of course, impossible. But can and should be used as a sales tool. Let's take the steps that need to be done.

1. Creating a YouTube Channel

The first step is the real foundation of a future project that needs to be thought out and prepared in advance.

The most important thing at this stage:

  • Learning the target audience
    Viewers of your YouTube channel are future customers. In order for you to get exactly those who are really interested in your offer, you need to know the nature and characteristics of your buyer. 

    It is the target audience that should be dedicated to the YouTube channel, and the recorded videos should solve its pain and problems. You need to understand who you want to sell goods or services to, and why they need them. Therefore, it is so important to focus on the CA just at the stage of creating the channel.
  • Channel name
    If you want to increase sales with YouTube, it’s important to make sure that channel name displayed the nature of your activity and was associated with the company's brand. So users will immediately understand where they got and what can be expected from published videos.

    We recommend creating a combined name in which there is both a brand and a basic request that reveals the essence of the company's offer. 

    пример названия канала на Ютуб для компании

2. Competitor Analysis

Channel analysis competitors and assessment of published videos will allow you:

  • once again make sure that your product or service can be sold through YouTube;
  • find mistakes and avoid them when creating your own video;
  • identify the most popular and cost-effective topics;
  • find ideas and successful techniques that can be implemented on your channel;
  • identify competition-free niches of business.

With the help search inside YouTube define channels, who sell such goods or services on the local market, that is, in your area, and global - in the country and the world. So you will get more information and you can compare the differences of promotion depending on the territorial affiliation of competitors and the target audience.

анализ конкурентов на youtube для повышения продаж

In the process of studying the publications of similar companies, we recommend that you pay attention not only to what is described in the videos, but also how users respond to them. Such an analysis will make it possible to find the most successful and interesting materials from the point of view of the target audience that can be useful and affect the decision to purchase.

3. Work on a content plan and a video script

Now you know how to sell products and services on YouTube to your competitors. Having gathered interesting ideas, you can begin to create an attractive “starting” of your own channel. As for any other type of content, collect suitable requests using special services such as: Yandex Wordstat, Keyword Tool, Serpstat. And based on the list create a content plan for filling the channel.

A video for selling goods or services on YouTube should contain the information you need for users and be truly useful. Your task is to help a potential buyer solve the problem of choice, answer questions important to him, and also inspire confidence in the author and company. To do this, you must create expert video content that is not in doubt.

пример контент плана для продвижения в youtube

Types of videos contributing to sales growth in YouTube:

  • product reviews or services;
  • demonstration of the appearance, functioning or process of use of products;
  • video lessons;
  • “How to ...” (“how to do ...”);
  • comparative analysis of goods of one group;
  • interviews with experts or experienced users;
  • ratings and facts;
  • stories and reviews;
  • useful tips (lifhaki);
  • answers to questions.

The most popular and efficient in terms of sales are usually video reviews. They are allow you to learn as much as possible about products and make the right choice without risking wasting money. When creating a review video, start the story with what this product or service may be of interest to the user, what benefit they will bring to him. After that, you can go to the description of product features and answer the question "How it works. Thus, you will not only talk about the object, but from the first seconds you will attract the attention of the viewer to the video itself.

Take off everything, what might be interesting to your target audience. Most likely you - a professional in your business - will find a lot of the necessary and useful information, a story about which will attract user attention and will motivate them to buy.

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4. Equipment preparation and shooting process

YouTube audience is different from movie viewers. Different are their nature and the requirements for video. The movie requires a good picture, entertainment and a great acting game. From a video on YouTube - accuracy, completeness and accuracy of information. Therefore, the use of professional shooting equipment and the invitation of even the most famous actor to create a video about a product or store will only increase costs. There will be no benefits from this approach.

To prepare a useful product video enough to use the camera of a modern smartphone without special excesses and separately microphone. If they are not there, we recommend not to purchase a professional camera, but to rent them. 

To increase the degree of trust in the store and the information presented in the video, shoot in real conditions - in the store, office of the company - with the participation of company employees, not invited "stars. If you want to invite a specialist, it is better to make a choice in favor of a respected target audience expert in a given field.

5. Site invitation

The YouTube channel is not an online store or even its branch. This is an additional sales tool, the task of which is to provide information, interest and bring to the site to arrange a purchase or place an order. Of course, you can come up with a scheme for receiving orders directly from YouTube, but this is inconvenient for either the company or the client.

How to sell effectively through YouTube? Motivate viewers not only for viewing, commenting and reposting a video, but also for switching to the main site of the company. For this you can use the following simple tricks:

  • indicate the link to the main page of the online store or company website in the channel header;
  • under each video leave a link to the page of the goods / services or product group referred to in the video;
  • When creating a video script, do not forget to include calls to study detailed characteristics, prices or other information on the site. As part of one video, it is better to invite to the site twice. For example, at the beginning of the video, offer to read a detailed description, and at the end - to familiarize yourself with the prices;
  • at connected monetization advise using hints in the video itself and the final screensavers.

как мотивировать зрителей на ютубе переходить на сайт

Task - simplify the process of transition from YouTube to the site and unobtrusively push users to look into the online store or service site.

6. Video optimization

YouTube video should be optimized in order to, so that users have the opportunity to find it, by driving your request into the search bar. In the name of the video file and the video itself, its description, as well as tags it is necessary to indicate those keywords that were collected when drawing up the content plan. 

оптимизация видео для увеличения продаж

If you know your target audience well, understand its pain and correctly compiled a list of key players based on this information, the growth of sales using YouTube videos will not keep you waiting. The main thing, do not forget to optimize each published video, otherwise future buyers will not be able to find it.

7. Advertising and collaboration with bloggers in YouTube

Advertising on YouTube can be a good solution., especially when it comes to a new channel that has not yet managed to gain subscribers and popularity. In the future, when, using the promotion, your channel will be delivered to the TOP of extradition at key requests, it will be possible to refuse it.

The volume of advertising costs on YouTube depends on many indicators and is directly related to the level of competition of the business niche. The higher the competition, the higher the price. The video category and the announcement format also influence the cost of advertising. 

Another option to increase the number of viewers and increase sales is collaboration with bloggers. In this case, it is important to choose those partners among the admirers of which your target audience is definitely there.

Unobtrusive advertising on the channel of a popular blogger related to your theme, not only will allow increase the number of views on YouTube. Such a partnership will help solve tactical problems, for example, to draw attention to the focal product.


Video is one of the most popular formats. obtaining information that users choose more often. This must be used, especially when it comes to a commercial project.  With the help of videos, you have the opportunity to convey more useful information to the target audience, and in the key in which it will be more profitable for both potential customers and you.

If you already have a company website or online store, and you think how to increase sales, pay attention to YouTube. Here you can find new users interested in your offer and get additional profit.

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