By launching the YouTube channel, everyone has a certain supply of ideas for video in the near future. But when the pre-compiled content plan comes to an end, many begin to worry, and wonder: where to find new topics? After all, you can only regularly shoot interesting videos.

In this article you will find a list of sources from which you can draw topics for shooting YouTube. 


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Nearby sources of ideas for YouTube video

If you need to come up with another topic to shoot a new video, you don’t always have to go far. You can connect your internal reserves, or search for ideas directly on YouTube:

  1. Own fantasy
    Try to imagine what drives your target audience when looking for goods or services, how you can interest it and push to buy. Mentally putting yourself in the place of potential customers, you can come up with ideas for video on YouTube. And to reveal your offer from the most advantageous side.
  2. Real customer issues
    Remember what visitors asked you before you buy goods or order a service. Perhaps there were objections to the price or they did not understand the benefits and benefits of the proposal.

    See feedback from those who have already taken advantage of the offer. They could also have some difficulties. For example: not everything is clear in the instructions for the product or in the process of its use additional questions appeared.

    You can take this for an idea and open it in your YouTube video.
  3. Channels of colleagues and competitors
    Watch out on YouTube for new videos on your topic regularly. Look among them for something that you have not yet told on your channel. Based on the content of competitors and colleagues, you can come up with ideas for shooting your videos. But at the same time, change the way of presenting information and strengthen its significance with interesting facts.

    Пример источника вдохновения для видео
    Subscribers and just viewers of your channel should have an incentive to leave their comments. Feedback is important not only to improve the quality of content and loyalty to your business. By logging in with users, you will learn better about what interests them and you can find an idea for YouTube videos. Moreover, you can take new topics from comments on the channels of competitors.

    поиск идей для видео в комментариях пример
  5. Own archives
    Among your old YouTube videos, there may be those that should be updated. By supplementing them with other facts, you can come up with a fundamentally new idea of presenting information, and create an interesting video.

How to find a theme for YouTube videos on third-party resources

If you do not limit yourself only to YouTube, and expand the search, you can find even more original topics for the video. We list the main places where it is worth taking ideas:

  1. Thematic discussions
    By visiting blogs, conferences or forums on social networks that discuss the topic you need, you can find interesting questions for users. If they are not yet covered on your YouTube channel, boldly take the idea and come up with a video script on it.
  2. Foreign colleagues
    Sites, blogs, and channels that publish their materials in English can be a great source of ideas for YouTube videos. If you do not speak foreign languages, do not spare time, and use the free translation services. It is possible that foreign developments are more progressive. And then you will be the first to cover this topic in Russian.
  3. Request Selection Services
    The last on our list, but by no means the last in importance, is the source of ideas for video in YouTube. With these request selection services you can understand what really interests users:

It’s quite difficult to come up with an idea for new videos on YouTube, especially when there are already a lot of them on the channel. But if you use the listed sources, it will be much easier for you to find new topics for the development of your project.

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