Music will increase the recognition of your YouTube videos, fill in pauses, set the mood and make viewing more interesting. But from her there may be a completely opposite effect, eg ban or even channel lock due to copyright infringement.

While you are just downloading your favorite music for personal use, you can not even think that it belongs to someone. But choosing it for your videos, you need to be extremely careful. YouTube is scrupulous about respecting copyrights, and violating them can bring a lot of penalties on you. 

In this article you will find out what copyrights are, what threatens their violation, and where to take music that YouTube does not block.


How to make users find your video

Copyright for music and penalties for violating on YouTube 

Copyright is protected by law, and it comes into force immediately after writing the work. After all, the melody does not appear on its own, it is the result of the composer's work. And only he can decide how to dispose of it. In addition to the author, the rights to the music he created may be held by official heirs or recording studios. In order not to cause trouble, all this must be clarified even before you decide to take it for video in YouTube.

The use of other people's music without the permission of the author, in fact, is a theft of intellectual property. Like any theft, it is punishable. We will not touch on legal subtleties and copyright laws. Let us dwell on what threatens you to use other people's music in YouTube videos.

Video hosting developers provided for users 2 ways to protect your copyrights: Content ID application and complaint. In the first case the offending channel most often does not receive bans and strikes, and right holder takes measure of punishment. It may be:

  • Complete roller blocking in all countries or only in some;
  • Play content without sound;
  • Monetization: advertising will be built into the video. The author of the song, whose rights you violated, will receive income from it.

пример нарушения авторских прав на ютубе

In case of complaint the video is removed from YouTube, and channel receives warning. For the first misconduct, you may lose the right to monetize or conduct live broadcasts on 3 a month. If you receive 3 such warnings, then:

  • All videos will be deleted from your YouTube channel;
  • Video hosting will block your account and all related channels;
  • You will be banned from creating new channels on YouTube.

In the classic version of “Creative Studio” on YouTube, you could easily find out which music can be freely used without violating copyright. But in the new version of this function is not. Search for the owner through third-party resources or create a new channel and launch a trial video with the selected music, waiting for YouTube to react to it for a long time and troublesome.

Therefore, when recording a video, it is better to immediately find the music allowed for use. So you definitely will not violate anyone's copyrights, and there will be no risk of getting a ban from YouTube.

Where to find music that YouTube does not block

You can take music for which YouTube definitely won't amuse your video from different sources. The simplest and most affordable of them:

  • Folk art - songs whose author is unknown, and cannot claim their rights to them.
  • The hymns of all states.
  • Music, the validity of copyright for which has expired. These are mainly classical works, the authors of which died more than 70 years ago.

But if you want take for your YouTube videos something original, better to use other options:

  • Find young beginner composers on social networks, and order music for YouTube from them. Depending on the agreement, they can write a track for you for a small fee, or allow you to use ready-made melodies with the mention of authorship for free, in order to spread their creativity. It is best to document the transaction - if the author suddenly becomes famous, he can subsequently claim his rights and present you an impressive account.
  • Take advantage of special services for downloading licensed music for YouTube. They can be both paid and free, and offer various license formats. Be sure to pay attention to the type of license, since the rules for using music for video on YouTube vary from them.

7 popular services where you can take music for video

  1. YouTube
    You can start the search directly on YouTube. There is a great photo library here, where you can take music for free to use for your videos. In addition to filtering by genre, there is a choice in duration, tool, and even the mood of the composition.

    музыкальная фонотека YouTube скриншот
  2. Ccmixter
    Free English-language catalog with tracks without copyrights. It has a detailed description of each composition and type of license for it.

    сервис CcMixter с музыкой без авторских прав
  3. Audionautix
    The service has a special arrangement with YouTube. You don’t have to pay for using tracks, and video hosting does not exactly block video for using them.

    вариант где брать песни к роликам на YouTube
  4. Free music archive
    One of the largest free phonotecs is more than 125,000 compositions owned by WFMU from the USA. Music for YouTube here can be searched by genre, album or song titles, artist names and license types, and used without copyright infringement.

    Free Music Archive для музыки на Ютуб
  5. Epidemicsound
    Here you can take not only music, but also various sound effects for YouTube videos. But after 30 days, they will have to pay for their further use.

    Epidemicsound треки без лицензии для Ютуба
  6. Freesound
    A very extensive database of audio books without copyrights. In addition to the type of license, genre and duration, you can find out how many people have downloaded this tune before you.

    сервис Freesound для скачивания музыки картинка
  7. Musopen
    You will need to register on this service. And after that you will get the opportunity to take up to 5 compositions without copyright for YouTube for free daily.

    Musopen музыка со свободной лицензией картинка

There are plenty of places to take music for YouTube videos without copyrights. You may have to spend more than one hour to listen to all the options and choose the right tune. But it’s worth it - your video will become much more attractive, and you will be sure that YouTube will not block it.

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