One of the first reasons users stop watching YouTube is bad sound. Even with an interesting plot and a clear image, the inattentive speech of the announcer, oversaturated with extraneous noise, very quickly begins to annoy, and the viewer is likely to choose a better-designed video on the same topic.

Therefore, if you decide to shoot a video for a YouTube channel on your own, without involving professional operators, then you will definitely need a good microphone for recording sound. The list of microphone models for recording video is very impressive, and in order not to waste time watching everything in a row, it is better to orient in advance what you will look for. Read in the article what requirements a good microphone for YouTube should meet, and how to choose the best option.


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What microphones are needed for YouTube

Microphones can vary in many ways, and far from all of them are suitable for recording YouTube videos. So let's first decide, what characteristics should an ideal microphone have for recording YouTube videos:

  • Minimally respond to extraneous sounds, and give a clean voice recording of the announcer without interference.
  • Have a reliable and not particularly costly power source.
  • Do not distract the announcer and do not limit its movements if you have to record dynamic video for YouTube.
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Types of microphones for recording video

By their device, microphones for recording videos on YouTube divided by:

  • Desktop. They are a stand with a microphone mounted on it. Most often used to record interviews or podcasts, where participants can for a long time be in the same position with the same distance to it, in other cases the sound can be uneven.
  • Loops. They are attached to clothes due to a small clothespin. Very compact, convenient and almost imperceptible. They can be either wired or wireless.
  • Garnitura. This is a design that consists of a microphone and headphones connected together. Most often, this option is used for videos, where sound recording is separate from the video.

какой микрофон подойдет для записи видео

And now, based on the requirements described above, let's deal with the types of microphones for recording video - it will be easier for you to understand which one is better to choose for YouTube.

  • Wired microphone. Clenches interference and extraneous noise, does not require expensive food sources. It is well suited for recording video on YouTube, where it is not provided for moving the announcer in the frame, otherwise the wire will interfere with its free movement. High-quality models of wired microphones can cost quite inexpensively, so this option is considered the most popular.
  • Radio microphone. When recording a video in which actors will have to move a lot, it is best to use a radiomicrophone. It does not have a cable that can get confused or prevent you from moving the right distance. A very compact and convenient model is a radio. It can be attached to clothes, and used to record YouTube videos both indoors and outdoors. From minuses - in some cases there may be interference, you will have to monitor the timely charging or replacement of batteries, as well as a relatively high price.
  • Built into the camera. Such a microphone works well only in close proximity to the camera, and at a greater distance in recording sound to the video there will be a lot of noise that is difficult to process. Therefore, this option is not the best for YouTube.

In addition to these parameters, you should refer to the characteristics of the microphone for YouTube in direction, that is by his ability to capture and record sounds from different sides:

  • All-directed. It records sounds from all sides at the same time. It is best to choose this microphone option if you make a video for YouTube in rooms with good acoustics.
  • Unilateral (cardioid). Sensitive to sounds heard only on one side, side noise fixes very weakly, and practically does not catch those who come out from behind. It is good if you need to highlight the speech of one person, and remove the background sounds.
  • Bilateral (eight). Writes the sounds that are heard in front of him and behind, leaving the "dead zone" on the sides. Suitable for recording dialogs and interviewing YouTube videos.
направленность микрофонов для съемки видео


The best microphones for recording YouTube videos - a brief overview

Choosing a good microphone for recording video is to provide almost half the success of your content. Along with an interesting script and clear coverage of the topic, high-quality sound will bring success to your YouTube videos and will contribute channel promotion.

We have prepared TOP- 3 the best microphones, in our opinion, to record a video on YouTube:

  • Boya BY-M1. The best budget wire loop for YouTube with a directional microphone. Despite the cheap price compared to other companies, Boya BY-M1 is really records good and clean sound. 6 -and the meter wire makes it possible to quite freely switch to small distances, and special wind protection allows you to make a high-quality recording in the open. It works on the LR44 battery, which lasts approximately 4 - 6 months - depending on how often you use it. The minus of this microphone can be considered the absence of an indicator showing whether it is turned on or not. So when shooting a video for YouTube, you need to carefully monitor whether the recording of sound is going on.

    Boya BY-M1 для записи видео на youtube
  • Sennheiser EW 112P G4.  The microphones of this German company are designed for professional journalists who have to report in all conditions. Therefore, the sound quality of the Sennheiser EW 112P G4 wireless radio. It is ideal for recording video for YouTube, and shooting can be done anywhere - wireless microphone will not interfere with movement, and can cut off even a raised noise background. Transmits a signal within a radius of 100 m and holds the charge until 8 hours. You can distinguish a few more loops manufactured by this company that are well suited for YouTube: ME 2 -II, ME 4 -N. MKE 40-EW, MKE 2 -EW Gold. But such models are quite expensive.

    микрофон Sennheiser для съемки на youtube
  • Rode wireless go.  Although this model of wireless digital microphone was recently released, many professionals have already appreciated it. Indeed, the Rode Wireless GO is the perfect option for recording YouTube videos.  It is worth choosing such a microphone for many reasons: the miniature system is automatically configured, and allows you to get a crystal clear sound, bypassing radio interference and extraneous noise. It can be put in your pocket, attached to clothes or directly to the camera - this will practically not affect the quality of the recording. The battery is designed for continuous operation within 7 hours, after which it can be easily charged via USB. Wireless GO's price is also relatively high, but still lower than the microphones from Sennheiser.

    Rode Wireless GO микрофон для ютуба


And finally, one useful tip for those who are just about to start their YouTube channel - do not save on the microphone and use the one that is embedded in the camera to record the video. Even the inexpensive Boya BY-M1 loop will give a high-quality sound.

In YouTube very it’s important to make a good impression initially to users, and therefore your very first videos should already be of good quality. Try not to disappoint the users on whom the success of your YouTube channel will depend, and choose the best microphone to record the video from all possible options.

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