In order for your project on Youtube to advance successfully, bring you satisfaction from self-realization and decent income, the ability to create creative and interesting videos is not enough. You still need to know about all the useful tools and chips that YouTube provides and be able to use them.

One of the noteworthy features that you can and should use on Youtube is to make tips for users in your video. Let's talk about what clues in YouTube are, how they can be useful for your channel, what they are and how to add them to the rollers.


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What is it and for what prompts are used on YouTube

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a person who has never watched a video clip from Youtube. And, for sure, everyone remembers the pictures or inscriptions that pop up in the upper right corner of the screen that urge you to click on them and go somewhere. These are the very graphic clickable elements and hints are called.

Что такое подсказка в ютубе картинка

Tips in clips on YouTube can be of several kinds, and each of them is needed to achieve a specific goal:

  • Video (playlist). You add a hint to your video recommending you watch your other individual videos or playlists on the same topic. If users are interested in such a proposal, you will increase the popularity of your channel due to the increased number of views.
  • Channel. By adding a link to another channel with which you want to familiarize your users, you will redirect them to the right place.
  • Poll. Such a hint will be very useful if you need to find out the opinions of users on any issue. By clicking on the pop-up element, they will fill in the column of the questionnaire.
  • Link. If your goal is to promote your business via Youtube, you can add a link to your online store or any other website to the video by reinforcing it with a call to action. This will increase traffic and add potential customers to you. 

According to Youtube rules, in one video you can make up to 5 hints. But you should not overload the video with pop-up advertising pictures and inscriptions, especially if it does not last long in time. 

For greater efficiency, place them this way:

  • You do not need to create a continuous chain of pop-up elements, and place them one after another - pause.
  • Do not distract the audience in the most interesting places, offering to go somewhere else - place your offers closer to the end of the video, when they already saw everything that interested them. 
  • But if you want to sell something, then insert an advertising link to the site immediately after you talk about a product or service in a video - this is how users will react more to the call.

How to add hints in Youtube video

On YouTube exists the only limitation on the placement of hints is child content, that is, in the video intended for viewing by children, you cannot add them. On all other rollers, you can do this very easily using the instructions:

  • When you visit Youtube from your computer, in the Creative Studio find the item "Video.
  • After selecting a video, click the "Change" button. If you are only adding video so far, then after downloading it, a menu for settings will also appear. 

    Пример как добавить рекламные подсказки youtube
  • On the page with the menu you should find the item "Hint.

    Как добавить подсказки на youtube картинка
  • Choose it and you will be offered a “Add Tip” 
  • In the menu that opens, select the type of tooltip, set the desired time for display on the scale, add a text description, if you wish, you can add an image and click "Create.

    Как сделать всплывающие подсказки на youtube

Further you can change the tips yourself, adjust the time of their appearance, add and delete them at your discretion - all these functions will be available to you in the settings menu of your channel on Youtube.

As you can see, adding tips and managing them on YouTube is quite simple, and the benefits of them can be very significant for channel promotion and your business. So try to do it right now, and in the near future you will feel how your project is becoming more and more popular and profitable.

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