By adding new videos to YouTube, often channel owners fill only the “name” and “description” fields. But the string of “tags” is ignored, considering it optional, or simply not knowing why they are needed. Moreover, YouTube can determine the subject of any video itself.

But is it worth hoping for video hosting, or is it better to fill out this line yourself? To help you deal with this issue, we will tell you what tags in YouTube are, what they influence, and how to add them correctly.


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What do YouTube tags give and what they are

Tags are keywords or phrases that reflect the essence of your video. They are not visible to viewers, and users select to view the video by name, description and badge. However, they are very needed to promote content.

Tags affect your chances of getting into:

They must be prescribed both to the channel and to each individual video.

что такое теги в youtube пример

Consider what types of tags should be used to promote on YouTube:

  • General - describe the subject of the content as a whole. They should be added to channel information.
  • The main - the highest frequency key requests on the topic of a particular video. Usually indicated first.
  • Additional - words that also reveal the content of the video, but are used less frequently. It can be synonyms or more pancake designs.
  • Brand - name of your YouTube channel or companies that only you bet. They are needed to increase brand awareness and facilitate search. Be sure to prescribe them for each video.

Of course, YouTube can independently determine the general theme of the video. But in this case, users who are looking for specific information may not see it. Therefore, you need to fill in the tags yourself. 

This is especially important for beginners on YouTube channels that do not yet have a significant number of subscribers. For them, the correct selection of keywords will largely determine the further development of the project. 

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What and how to write in tags on YouTube

Up to 500 characters can be added to the “tags” line on YouTube. But this does not mean that you must fill it to the end. Quite enough 10-15 keyboards. They must be carefully selected and correctly prescribed. How to do this:

  • Use all kinds of tags, not limited to high frequency keyboards. The more fully you open the content of the video, the more likely it will be found by interested users on YouTube.
  • Choose exclusively relevant video content tags. Do not seek to entice viewers with popular keywords that are not at all relevant to your topic. YouTube can calculate your deception, and issue a warning for trying to mislead, and the video itself - delete. 
  • List first basic and branded requests.
  • Every keyword or phrase write through the comma. Otherwise, YouTube will consider them one long sentence, and will make it difficult to classify your video.

You can find the right tags through Yandex Wordstat, Keyword Tool, Serpstat and other popular query selection services. And also using the prompts in the YouTube search bar, or by spying them in the videos of your competitors.

сервис для сбора запросов к видео

How to write tags on a channel and video on YouTube

The algorithms for adding tags to the video and channel on YouTube are very simple, understandable, and do not take much time. Of course, if you pick them up in advance.

New videos

  • Enter your account in the Creative Studio section.
  • Click on the opened page with the “Create” and “Add Video” buttons.

    загрузка нового видео на youtube картинка
  • By downloading the file, click on the “Other Settings” inscription.
  • Fill in the “Tags” line in the window that opens.

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Uploaded video:

  • Open the Creative Studio from your account.
  • Entering the "Video" section, select the desired video.

    пример как изменить ключевики к ролику
  • Edit it by adding tags. 

    теги в творческой студии ютуба картинка

YouTube channel:

  • Go to the "Settings" section of the Creative Studio.
  • Alternately click on the “Channel” and “Basic Information” items.
  • Below the channel names, find the “Keywords” field and fill it.

    как добавить теги к своему каналу


Now you know what tags are and how to correctly spell them to your video. They help promote the channel on YouTube and attract new viewers. In this case, you will not need any investment in promotion. It is enough to prepare an interesting topic, shoot a video and arrange it using keywords. 

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