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YouTube Channel Promotion as an Addition to SEO

Quite often, owners of sites that want to promote their brainchild, after using all the SEO technologies known and available to them, come to the conclusion that the results achieved are still not at that level, which they would like.

Today we will talk about one of the reasons for this development of events - many forget (and some do not know) about progress in YouTube. Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly. More precisely, we are talking about promoting the YouTube channel.

After all This is not just a popular video hosting. This is also a search engine.. And very serious - not in vain does she have 2 place in the world in terms of traffic. Therefore, you simply cannot ignore it.

We suggest you focus on the question: "How to promote the channel on YouTube. We promise that towards the end of reading this article, you will receive an answer to it.

Why do you need promotion in YouTube

Perhaps now you are wondering if you need to specifically promote the YouTube channel. After all, most likely you have no channel at the moment. And to create and promote it is long and quite difficult, you will have to study another new technology for promotion with a whole bunch of nuances.

Besides, You are most likely simply unsure that your potential customers may find among the users of this video hosting.

Let's not rush about everything in order.

Your customers there definitely are, because the videos on this video hosting monthly are watched by more 1 billion people. Think for yourself - even with the most unsuccessful development of events, statistics will do their job and among the subscribers of the channel that has been stolen as a result of promotion in YouTube, there will definitely be those who want to “buy windows”, “work on the Internet”, “Building a sandbox with your own hands”, etc., etc.

In addition, in our time, more and more Internet users prefer to absorb information through watching video, rather than reading text.

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Where to start promoting the YouTube channel

Fortunately, the first steps that will allow you to promote the YouTube channel are not so complicated. To start you just need to create a channel and upload several first clips to it. Moreover, with the registration and creation of their channel, problems should not arise even in those who consider themselves an “Internet teapot”.


 To create the first videos, even a smartphone is suitable, the camera of which allows more or less high-quality video recording.

Well, and over time, when you see the benefits and the first results of promoting the channel on Youtube, you can think about acquiring a more professional video recording device and / or cooperation with a video operator.

As for the direct promotion of YouTube videos, there will also be nothing difficult for those who have already familiarized themselves with SEO technologies. To promote the YouTube channel, you will need almost the same knowledge.

Take chores generalized in categories search ranking factors (among YouTube-published videos):

  1.  Internal roller optimization.
  2.  Their external optimization.
  3.  Availability and quality indicators social signals.
  4.  Behavioral factors.

As you can see, all these concepts are already known to you from SEO theory. By the way, in this case you need to be prepared to receive results only in the future. Like search engine optimization, promoting YouTube videos is also a rather leisurely process.

Next you need to decide which types of videos upload to the channel and further promote. We already talked about this in a separate article.

Back to Google

The next step will be the analysis of the semantic core of the web resource to which your channel will be dedicated, and the choice of requests from it, according to which Google in the first 3 –10 search results already gives out videos from YouTube (naturally, not yours yet).

It is on these keywords that it makes sense to move forward, because the search engine has already considered someone’s video more relevant

To your requests than regular pages with textual content. And this means that someone who has a website of topics similar to yours has already been able to successfully implement the channel’s progress on YouTube. Therefore, you will succeed!

Write down the selected queries with a separate list and use as guides when choosing topics for video filming and further optimizing descriptions and headers in the process of promoting YouTube videos.

Upon receipt of a certain number of channel subscribers and views, as well as achieving the proper level of social. signals and behavioral indicators, your videos will be able to squeeze in the Google issues of competitors discovered during this test.



Why is it just about Google? The thing is that Yandex pays much less attention to videos, unlike his direct competitor. In his speeches they meet much less often.

Several recommendations for external roller optimization

As for external optimization, everything is simple here - to promote the channel on YouTube you need to place as many links to the videos you published on the Internet as possible.

These may be links from social. networks and with various web resources. Of course, as with the reference mass of the promoted site, the external links of the channel and the clips should be as natural as possible, i.e. advisory.

To simplify and increase the efficiency of this process, you can use services like Kwork. It is important not to forget that all links must be unlawfully.

The most important thing is ahead

Remember, at the beginning of this article we promised that at the end of its reading you will probably know how to promote the channel on YouTube?

So - we are forced to admit that we cannot fully fulfill this promise. The material has already turned out quite a lot in volume. It would be more rational to give you time to take a break, during which it will be possible to learn the information received.

Since the most important thing is yet to come, we must give you quite a few recommendations on the internal optimization of the videos necessary for their successful promotion in YouTube.

Therefore, when you are ready to absorb about the same amount of information, you can begin to study the material “Promotion of the channel on YouTube. Part 2. In the meantime, ask your questions on this article (if they appeared) in the comment block below it.

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